10 June 2019

what I eat in a day in Melbourne | vegan, healthy, simple

Hey guys! I am still in Melbourne and today I wanted to share what I eat in a day with you. We are still traveling and we are staying at an Airbnb. We love staying ...


[Music] good morning welcome back to a new video today is Sunday and I'm still in Melbourne today's video is going to be a day in my life and I'm going to show you what I eat we don't have a lot of plans for today we're just going to the city in half an hour and I'm going to take you guys with me I just had breakfast I also got ready so we are leaving in a few minutes I'm going to pack my stuff now and then go to the bus and we're ready [Music] we went to the shopping center [Music] my go-to order you know with almond milk when it's cooler [Music] we are now at Alexandra Park and we're having lunch here with this beautiful you and I have to this pumpkin bread with hummus and Panem fulfill its lunch for today [Music] you [Music] so we are back in our room and I made myself a cup of tea but this is the shirt that I bought today I really like

the color and the sleeves and the back is also really cool and it was actually on sale so it wasn't expensive at all yeah I'm really happy with this now I'm going to lay in bed and warm up with a cup of tea I have been snacking on this raw not mix but now I'm just going to wait for dinner and I will show you guys later when I'm going to make for dinner as well so righty we just had our dinner I just filmed it quickly because we eat downstairs and our Airbnb hosts were in the other room so I kind of felt awkward feeling all of it but we got some free seasoned tofu with soy sauce and a little bit of a spicy mix it was really good actually I only had to heat it in the microwave and for one minute so super easy and I had some spinach and tomato and cucumber with it and avocado half of an avocado and one piece of toast so it's super easy but we are in an Airbnb so it's kind of hard for us to cook a lot of things we can use the kitchen but we're just trying to make it really easy for ourselves so that was dinner and was really good I'm super full and now I'm I'm actually in David's sweater because it's soft I'm in bed I have another cup of tea of course a

plate I'm still in bed I am just editing a video right now after that I'm going to read I think but I'm not going to doing much more tonight so I'm going to end this feel here if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so I will see you next time [Music]