17 December 2019

What I Eat In A Day | healthy & realistic

Holiday Inspired WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | full day of eating // Food Diary | MENTIONS // Espresso Machine: https://amzn.to/306p27A Milk Frother: ...

alright guys it's currently 9:30 and I

always start my morning with some espresso and I make myself a latte so first things first a lot of you guys ask me where I get my espresso stuff I will leave the espresso machine in the description box it looks a little bit different because they changed the design but it's the same brand and everything and then this they don't sell on Amazon anymore but there's one just like it then I'll leave down below as well this is just like a milk frother or heater if you will I'm gonna start with putting this creamer I always get vanilla and I make sure that it's like a healthier alternative so this natural bliss is a really naturally flavored really good one so this is one that I've been using I'm going to throw a little bit in here this is for no one eyes so it's not all my creamer pop the top on and then we press go and while that heats up I go ahead and grab some espresso so I used the Nespresso pods again I'll leave them linked in the description box but it comes with a like variety pack and I like the black one Noah also likes like this is like the strongest one but it's really good so grab a little coffee mug

like this pop it in and then once it's done you just take a little bit of the creamer throw it into the espresso it's like a really really creamy thick texture and it makes yourself a latte I have one of these like pretty much every morning and then we sit here for about 10 minutes and we enjoy the tree and our espresso all right guys I'm actually going for a run we're gonna be running sprints so before I go I like to make myself something that can kind of like be in my stomach so I don't get sick I'm the type of person that always needs something before I go work out otherwise I just don't feel good so I'm gonna be making myself a nice little shake I'm gonna do half of a banana this is frozen and the reason I do banana is because when you run I don't know what's in here but it makes you not cramp up so if you get cramps a lot try eating a banana before you go run and then I'm going to throw in some frozen kale one scoop of the Vega one all in one chocolate protein powder so this one's really good it has 20 grams of protein a ton of like vitamins and minerals Omega 3 fiber probiotics like anything that you can

think of is in here and there's only one gram of sugar so the ingredients are really nice I feel like this is such a good staple to have in your kitchen it's like a multivitamin but it tastes like a chocolate milkshake so we're gonna throw one scoop of that in there we're gonna do some weight organic cacao nibs to give it some crunch and make it taste like it's like a chocolate chip chocolate milkshake and then we have one ice cube here that's kind of melting and we blend it up and that's gonna be my pre-workout pre-run shake [Music] alright guys it's 12:15 and we just got back from running we're gonna make some turkey meatballs so now I like kind of created this recipe on his own and they're so amazing so we just have some ground turkey we have an onion some shishito peppers garlic tomatoes and then one egg and then as for spices we have some sea salt pepper red chili pepper and some cumin [Music] so we've decided to make some vulgar to go with it vulgar is just a green it's really healthy for you so we're gonna do bulgur

garlic sea salt some olive oil and usually we do tomato juice but we're out so we're gonna just do some marinara sauce alright guys here's the final product it looks like a restaurant-quality meal it is so yummy I highly recommend it we just threw some herbs on top buggers on the bottom I'm gonna dive into this I'm so starving okay guys I'm having one shot of espresso with a little bit of creamer for a little afternoon pick-me-up we got this hallmark thing they're like gummy bears and Zach and I are gonna split it alright guys it is currently 622 we're gonna have some dinner I just picked some stuff up from Publix we have some pearl onions some red skin potatoes sea salt for seasoning some fresh corn olive oil spray and then this chicken is the chicken that we get from Publix and you don't have a Publix I don't really know what you can do I can show you like the ingredients but basically this is already pre-made it's the garlic and red pepper glazed chicken breast you get it from the butcher this is like the most amazing seasoning and the chicken is so tender it's so yummy and then we just basically pop all of this into a pan a

glass pan which I'll show you guys in a second put the oven on 390 and then you just cook it for about 30 minutes so as an appetizer I'm just snacking on some goldfish because YUM I've no eyebrows [Music] this is what it ends up looking like we have the two chicken breasts here some potatoes the onions and then we ended up putting salt and pepper as well and they're just gonna pop it in the microwave or the microwave pop it into the oven for 30 minutes and then we have the corn over here we're boiling some water and we're just going to chuck that corn into the water and then I'll show you guys like what it looks like after we have the chicken potatoes onions and then the corn we actually put it in the oven for 45 minutes instead of 30 so if you guys make it yourselves just FYI all right guys I'm gonna be making my healthy cookies these are gonna be chocolate chip cookies if you guys watch my videos you probably already know the recipe I will pop it in the description box I'm not gonna put it on here I put it in my night routine video and a lot of you guys noticed that I forgot to put like

how long I keep it in the oven for and that is 13 minutes so for anyone that's trying this out it's 13 minutes in the oven that's what I typically do but you can just play around with it if you like it like chewy or more crunchy it's up to you a lot of you guys also ask me about like different flour types I really don't know anything else besides almond flour and I don't really know a replacement for coconut oil either so this is all I know unfortunately on that like a professional Baker but these are guilt-free chocolate chip cookies everything in this is pretty fairly healthy the only thing unhealthy would be like the chocolate chips which it's not that bad honestly so again I will pop the recipe in the description box but you're gonna need some sea salt maple syrup coconut oil almond flour baking soda some vanilla extracts chocolate chips as well as one egg [Music] the Christmas lights feel the city there are people everywhere snow is falling white and pretty as I stroll oh my word

hi [Music] back in now today [Music] Oh [Music] alright guys here's the final look of the healthy cookies I'm probably gonna have one or two of these as my dessert that is my what I eat in a day video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did definitely give it a thumbs up I'll see you guys all in tomorrow's video bye guys [Music]