23 July 2019


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS Hello everyone welcome to my new YouTube channel in this video I will be showing you what I eat in a day ...

everyone welcome to my new youtube

channel I did have a previous YouTube channel that decided to set up a new one so I need to set up this YouTube channel just to document my health journey and my spiritual growth journey I'm gonna also talk about other topics such as the low attraction how to change your minds there and also self-love self-care all of those topics so if you're interested in any of those topics please subscribe to my channel as you can tell today's video is away the day video but I just what I would add that into the beginning just so you know that it is a new channel so yeah that's what I thought I'd start off with why eat in the day I also do do intermittent fasting so like I do that through three times about the week and this is one of the days that I do do it so I am going to show you what I do and like to drink water herbal teas and also a powdered probiotic until about 12 5-12 point I'm hungry and then I'll have something to eat so at the moment I'm having I've just filled up this and I've been drinking less and then I'll have a herbal tea and make sure that I stay hydrated because obviously when you're sleeping you're not drinking more and you are dehydrate

it's you're in a state of fasting once you drink the water and you hydrate your body you're in a more clear state and since I have been intermittent fasting i've noticed a major difference in my health I can do a separate topic but intermittent fasting because is an amazing thing to do for your body but yeah if you'd like to see that then comment down below and I will definitely do a video on that as well but yeah let's get into the video guys I'm gonna show you like obviously what I'm eating I'm just thinking what now so it's kind of boring so when I'm going to eat I will show you what I'm eating it's about 12 now so I'm gonna have something to eat I'm gonna have spelt sourdough breads and guys people like when you eat bread this sourdough from Waitrose is so good like I have no problems with it and sourdoughs meant to be really good for digestion so I'm gonna slice of this with an avocado on some fruit so I'll show you that in a second you so this is what I'm having for the first meal of my day guys so itself kado toast with a little bit of lemon on it and some salt and some raspberries and I'm

gonna have a tea with that as well so I'm going to horrible t a little snack now guys so the snack I'm go move today is a chocolate bar it's by the brown conscience and it's gonna clean its Ross I'm going a couple of lots of this also I'm going to have the blow and the beauty powders are with the collagen Beauty boost I didn't have any earlier so I'm gonna have that together now as if you can get your hands on this chocolate please get your hands on it cause it tastes so so good and it's so good for you it's got a note I just lived in it like it's so good I got mine from my local health food shop I'm sure you can get in hand organic and I'm not sure if you can get it online but I will have a look if I can find it I will link it down below but definitely definitely try it out it tastes like just tastes amazing it's my favorite chocolate bar also going to be having this biome l love your guts like live active cultures it tastes so good it's the dark chocolate one and yeah it's packed full of good vitamins and also some digestive enzymes they're got some good good good stuff in there so yeah gonna be having this as well so it's

nice to know guys I've made a chili and I've done it very appetizing but it tastes so good so I've got some boiled rice and in the chili is black beans point lentils orange pepper with some seasoning garlic onions and a veggie stock and I've also got two baby beet roots so that's what I'm gonna be in tonight so it is around half five now and I've had my dinner so I'm gonna have her party now which is the one I showed earlier as a Tulsi so I'm having one of these now and then I'm going to get into the bath and then just have a nice relaxing evening do a bit of reading and yeah and I'll see you guys all in my next video I hope you did enjoy it I might it's my first video and it's a little bit all over the place but yeah make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos and I'll see you soon bye bye