12 February 2017


Firstly can I just say, that tofu scramble was honestly delicious so please go and try it! Secondly, as I mentioned in the video please ask me anything in the ...


[Music] good morning everyone so today I'm filming a boy in a day video for you and it is snowing look how pretty is looking at it you can see on this camera but it is night see I've just got a really simple day of work and I just slide film what I'm gonna be eating today for you all so let's start with breakfast so I'm just making my usual porridge just one cup of oats and one nice and red banana and just oh and this is on the side I've got an orange and a Kiwi it's gonna the key will go on top of it along with some berries so then I just fill it up with water as much as I can fit in the bowl good and if you follow me on Instagram you see that I've been loving tumeric and cinnamon oats I put it in today so I just add some tumeric I'm not really that stricted guys everywhere [Music] cinnamon purp and again this goes in the microwave for two and a half minutes to begin with stir and then another minute or so just until it's like a really thick because I hate runny porridge so it should look something like this it's time it's just literally mix it all up masculine these are topics though knees

so there's some blueberries left over and like mixed berries and then some coconut and the Kyuubi - so yeah guys yes so this is the thickness that I like oh and yeah I'm just gonna mix this up again and then top it with my toppings Ted our finished result guys kind of quickly decorated in how much time and yeah hot lemon ginger water [Music] okay so Freud's work I'm just going to quickly prep my lunch and I'm going to use one of these square wraps they're vegan and I'm going to put in some Rhydian peanut butter it has no palm oil in its 100% nuts it is literally just peanuts and a bright banana banana and peanut butter go so well you need to try it guys so this is the food I'm going to take with me to work or prep so that is the rapidly just saw an apple pear plum cucumber celery and some tomatoes all in a little lunch box ready to go and of course I take my water bottle with me staying hydrated hello everyone I'm just back from work now yeah pretty alright shift and yes back home and of course I'm hungry so I'm gonna have probably another wrap because it is so good if you have not

tried when are now with peanut butter there and honestly you need to do so now pause this video go get yourself some banana peanut butter and wrap and enjoy it because it tastes so good oh my joke is the wrong way around it's always happening but I understand how it gets the wrong way around but always does anyway yeah I'm gonna make myself another wrap and that would keep me going until deny hopefully I hope your drink cos if I feel like giving you a thumbs up then please do leave me a comment once you've tried your banana and peanut butter wraps because I want you all to do so and subscribe my channel if you're new because you know you may as well join the lemon em crew the lemon em fam I don't know what to call you guys if you have any names awesome comment down below done literally took like two minutes to make it tastes so good I was gonna say well yeah I'm thinking about when we're doing a Q&A video soon so if you have any on anything at all then please leave them in the comments and I'll try and include them in the Q&A video once I get enough questions kind of make up the

videos worth of you know questions Oh funny bird just hit it on that funny boy they're really hot okay I'm just gonna enjoy this about cheese flashing I have to charge this or do about it because I've got an exciting thing what kind of what makes dinner hopefully it'll go to plan so you better keep watching to see what it is cuz I think it's gonna be good pretty good I know so stay hydrated at all times guys all times okay so for tonight dinner we are experimenting with tofu I'm gonna try and make tofu scramble so I've got popped open there munching and we're gonna use some cumin turmeric and a little bit of chili powder as well personally you won't be too chewy and yes so I'm going to put in some spinach with it and oh there's milk no pus hello good yeah do you want food is that why your beam being on affectionate by the cupboard so yeah we've got some vegetables in here as well from the sides asparagus carrot broccoli um what else is in here how's everything and then have some rice on the side in here so I've just chopped up some onion and garlic ready in the pan and I'm just gonna crumble up the

tofu to make it look like it kinda looks like scrambled egg already but you think about the the texture and everything and then we're gonna also put in some spinach into the pan as well once it's kind of cooked let's give it a bit fresh green colour ah do you think it's gonna be yummy have you just had your dinner yeah you have yeah so that is all grassy scrammed up and will be added to the pan once the onion and garlic is cooked so the onion and garlic I've done I've just added the tofu now and heat is through add some herbs and that should be the end result hopefully spices have just gone in cooking like egg yellow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]