10 June 2019

What I Eat in a Day | Healthy Simple Meals

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I can confidently say that there's not

many things in this world that compared to the first of a coffee you can almost feel the coffee just going straight into your blood and it's like wow I'm human again first things first we have breakfast so I have all my ingredients laid out right here I am craving like a very cold smoothie Bowl and I've had these in my fridge for honestly a very long time now it's basically just these superfood smoothie cubes you have to use about ten cubes and for ten cubes it's seven 5:27 carbs for fiber and five grams of protein the ingredients are pretty good it's bananas cashew milk spinach roasted peanuts dates cinnamon and then at tons of like probiotics and stuff um it doesn't have any dairy any gluten nothing like that I don't even remember where I got these from to be completely honest but I'm gonna go ahead and try them out and then I'm also going to add the fancy very muddly from Trader Joe's inside the mix with a little bit of unsweetened almond milk and then to top it off I'm gonna use granola hemp seeds and unsweetened coconut [Music] okay I know it's green and it doesn't look too like appetizing but it smells

pretty good and there was a slight change of plans I actually ended up using this entire bag because there was only two servings in here and I wanted like a big bowl like this and then I didn't add the berries into the mix I just did the cubes with almond milk and I just topped it off with berries the granola the coconut flakes and then a whole lot of hemp seeds alright guys just got home from the gym had such a good workout my motivation has been finally like coming back I'm just gonna knock on wood real quick because for a while there it was really gone and motivation is fleeting it's gonna come and go and I'm fully aware of that which is why discipline over motivation any time but it's really nice to Train when you're actually wanna be at the gym and actually you want to be doing what you're doing so I just want to appreciate that real quick but I'm no home I'm starving however before we get into my lunch I just want to say that the day that you guys are watching this video 1 to Monday's crewnecks go live oh I'm so excited the comments on my latest Munchie Monday's I actually brought me to tears I was just sobbing

for a solid 30 might have through through all of them because you guys were so excited they wouldn't return me me so excited so if you want to grab yourself a crewneck you can just click the link in description bar we have three different colors and two different versions a full-length version and then a cropped one as well so if you end up getting one comment below and let me know which option you want with and once you guys do receive them please either tag me on instagram or send me a DM of you wearing it I'm fully prepared to just cry my eyes out all over again and again from the bottom of my heart thank you for your support with this and I hope that you love them as much as I do but yeah with that said I'm gonna get started on some lunch I'm craving something salty so I'm thinking salmon brown rice some asparagus quick easy healthy and it takes like less than 12 minutes in the airfryer it's beautiful [Music] I'm actually starving right now so I ended up making some extra vegetables on the side mr. zucchini and cauliflower I cooked it in olive oil and a little bit of sea salt and then here I have about a

cup of brown rice asparagus and salmon this was cooked in the airfryer and this was just microwaved added sea salt and I think that that's all that needs [Music] there's currently around 7:30 and I've been in the process of making dinner over the last hours so I have had a sweet potato in the oven at 400 degrees for the last hour and then I'm air frying some chicken it's actually probably done I kind of like to put it for a little bit longer for the seasonings I just did Cajun sea salt and a little bit of red pepper and then in just olive oil spray and I had it in here for probably 15 minutes I'm just gonna go ahead and finish off another like two or three just to make sure that it's really done and I'm also going to have the remainder of these tomatoes and some of this avocado and here's science dinner I just kind of throw everything into a bowl but I have my chicken sweet potato with cinnamon and peanut butter if you've never tried that combo highly recommended it's so good it tastes like a dessert and then I have half an avocado and a whole lot of tomatoes so as my final meal of the night I am going

to have a waffle I've been pretty much having this every single night over the last week or so I found this pancake mix at Whole Foods the serving says here it's about 35 grams but I definitely have a lot more than that because I just feel like it doesn't make enough it doesn't fill the whole waffle maker I put probably around 45 to 50 grams of that and then about a serving of this almond milk I almost forgot I also add one organic egg into the mix and then just some of these organic wild blueberries mix it all together use this coconut oil and then put it all into the waffle maker [Music] believe it or not I actually don't put anything on top of it like no honey no syrup just because I feel like the pancake mix is so I hate to use the word moist but it actually is really moist and the blueberries inside are really warm and gooey so it just tastes good together it does not need anything else but you could totally add something on top if you wanted to [Music]