03 June 2019


What I Eat In A Day | HEALTHY SIMPLE MEALS ~LaQuisha Kenyatta~ Hey Guys! For my first video in the "Fitness Journey Series" I wanted to show you all what ...

good morning you guys and welcome back

to the vlog my name is Lucretia if you don't know if you are new here welcome and if you haven't already done so please go ahead and click the subscribe button and make sure you turn on a notification bills that you can notify every time I post a new video so today's vlog is just simply going to be a basic what I eat in a day type video and I'm also going to take you guys with me to the gym tonight because I am working out with my personal trainer I work out with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Sundays as well on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work with out with him at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sundays I work out with him from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. I believe that's the time I have to double check but I just start working out with him on Tuesday and he murdered my body and then gmelin my legs are killing me today so it's gonna be interesting to see how this workout goes but I have to finish getting ready for work I'm already kinda low-key did my face I really don't wear makeup on gym days because I don't want to take it off but I'm not to head into the kitchen and I'm going to start off by making me a protein smoothie because I enjoy eating

where I enjoy having a lot of protein on the days I have to work out for my muscles but if you like these type of videos go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up and make sure you continue to watch through the end so let's go [Music] smoothie is done and I realized after I turned the camera off that I forgot to put my spinach in here but OVA I didn't have time to actually I didn't feel like putting my spinach in there so yeah it is what it is but it's okay it'll taste a little better if I have my honey and it also tastes a little better if I would use actual all real berries instead of frozen bit water real but instead of like fresh berries instead of frozen berries because since they're frozen it kind of adds a little bit more water to the smoothie and as you can see I did put water in the smoothie to loosen it up cuz I didn't want to put more almond milk in there or coconut almond milk because it just adds more calories and I didn't want more calories anyway I have my gym clothes laid out on my bed and I'm just not to show you guys what I throw in my gym bag so I'm working out a trainer

I don't need my headphones I always have headphones and my purse so anyway I'm gonna show you guys what I pack in my gym bag when I have to go to work and change it work to get ready for the gym oh and I forgot to mention um my gym shoes are in my car they always in my car because I'm a part of a walking Club at work and we walk at lunch and in order for me not to forget them at home I leave them in the car so obviously I am off work and I don't currently in the car on my way to the meat Mountain my personal trainer and workout at the facility that I work out at so I showed you those what I ate for breakfast however when I was at work I was a little too nervous and a little too shy to actually openly vlog and talk to a camera about when I was eating for my mid-morning my mid-morning snack / breakfast and also my lunch so I'm just gonna insert the clips I did record understand talk I'm just going to insert those clips now and talk about those clips are going so when I got to working when I was doing my smoothie I think it was like around 9:30 in the morning cuz I got to work around 80 so yeah so around 9:30 I went and I

made my waffle as you can see here so it is a whole-grain waffle and then I made a peanut butter spread and what is in here is of course it's peanut butter and I'm put cinnamon in and when I was at home and when I got to work I added my honey because my honey said some of the skin I forgot it again I was supposed to get it but nonetheless that's okay and I mixed it all up a nice spread it made a spread over the waffle and I had three strawberries and I just cut them up and and Saru all of them on top of the waffle one wouldn't fit so I just went ahead and ate it so that's what I have for my mid-morning snack / breakfast but lunch I had lunch like around two o'clock I wanted to make sure a lunch a little later because as you guys can already know I have to be at the gym at 6 a.m. right now it's 5:00 so I wanted to eat lunch a little later so anyway for lunch I had something that I prepped on Tuesday so I had some stand carrots and these are just carrots out of the steamed vegetable bags that you get out of the frozen threw down so I had those and they're sprinkled with rosemary and pink Himalayan sea salt and I also had a

vegetable medley over brown rice it's really mixed with brown rice and the vegetables that are in our one red pepper green pepper yellow pepper 2 zucchinis and squash and I made a big serving of that so I can just portion it out throughout the week and I also had a side of yams the yams were originally supposed to blown with the medley but I was too lazy to cut them up so I just made a side now these yams are not like the yams I made at my Mother's Day vlog if you watched at these yams are actually healthy because I did not add any sugar to it the only thing I added is one cup of the coconut almond milk that you guys seen earlier that I use to make my smoothie wait I use cinnamon and nutmeg to season it with and I also is but never put vanilla in here as well and I'm mixed it all up and there goes my side of him for lunch so that is what I've eaten so far today I have not been as great on my water intake only because I've tried basically trained my body not to require as much the liquids or floors and I'm gonna work because I hate having a constant get up it goes to the bathroom like literally at one point in time I was making nearly

a gallon of water a day and I swear to you as soon as I put water and to me I was going to the bathroom I was going to fasting like every 45 minutes to an hour and it was so annoying because I'll be in the middle of working and have to go to bathroom but I do know I need to do better with high water intake so I did so far today I've had me see so far today I've had to 16-ounce bottles of waters that have my water I miss Phillips I have two of those and I also had it water like a cup of water come to my bed so much movie so that is the water I had today I am on my way to facilities workout but before I go I'm gonna stop and I'm actually going to meet me leader bottled water and my goal is to finish the whole liter of water filling my workout which shouldn't be hard because I'm always getting thirsty you don't work out so that's one of those finish that don't work out and have another about oh I'm sorry another beer water tonight prefer the bitter so that's my goal because I do know hey you guys so obviously I am at home and if you're here at this part of video you did not see any clips of me in the gym and that is because it was a ton of

people there today so this is not like the gym like Planet Fitness that you just or LA Fitness like you just walk into and get a membership and go it is a GM specializing in personal training and group fitness but the trainer's there had it was multiple trainers there and they had multiple clients there so was crowded but I mean I was just still able to get my workout in him but I didn't feel comfortable filming because since it was so crowded like people were gonna be in the frame in your space you know like some people may not feel secure and they don't want to be on camera so I didn't want to invade their private like you know their private space and like you know people are there working out with a trainer because they have fitness goals so they're not in the best of shape in their vulnerable and they don't want to be on camera so we decided to wait to Sunday because I think Sunday morning me and him will be the only people there in my time slot which is a 10:00 a.m. so I will take the camera with me on Sunday and you know get some clips in vlog a little bit while I'm at the gym working out [Music]

all right you guys so this is my dinner for tonight I decided to go ahead and saute some spinach and just put a little bit of pepper and pink Himalayan salt in those you haven't caught on by now I love pink Himalayan salt I have some yams I told you guys earlier how I made these and then I have my salmon right here and this is the Atlantic salmon not farm racing because I don't like farm race anything but it's the Atlantic salmon take the sweet potatoes and there goes my spinach this is the end of the what I eat in the day vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any questions or any comments leave them in the comment section below also if you would like a more in-depth video on how I actually meal prep for the week leave that in the comment section below and I will get that to you guys as well like I said I will leave those no prep containers that I use I will leave those in the description box below with the links so that you don't purchase those on Amazon if they're still available they're not available anymore I'll leave a link to something that's similar okay thank you guys for watching if you haven't already done so make sure you go

ahead and hit the like button and give this video a thumbs up and make sure to do subscribe and turn on a notification bail so you can be notified every time I post in the video because it is going to be lit on this channel this summer so good night readers and thank you guys for joining me [Music]