25 September 2018

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy, Quick Meals

Today's video is a what I eat in a day video!! I show you all my meals, tell you what time I am eating, and that is about it! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! email: ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's the video is a full day of eating I'm just gonna get right into it and make this super short what I'm eating throughout the day just make it a quick intro because I forgot to this morning but that's today's video so I hope you enjoy click subscribe like comment down below let me know what you want to see but let's just get into the food good morning meal number one let's just get through this right here I just have a serving of quick oats like half a cup I think it is and then I add this PPP this is an unflavored protein powder one tablespoon is 5 grams so I just use a spoon before I put it in here and I scoop out too so like just add extra protein really and then I also put honey in there 100% honey sweeten it right here I have one whole egg and some egg whites I just pour it out of the carton I don't measure my food heck no I'm just trying to eat and then I put in like a big handful of spinach if you can see that in there and then I just topped it with this chunky salsa so yes yumm I haven't had this in a while and then right here I just have my coffee with almond milk and I usually

drink that when I'm getting ready but yeah I'm just gonna eat this I did legs it wasn't the best workout of my whole entire life but I'll live I'm starved and then I have to get ready for my day and yeah I'll probably just be sipping on some water - but that's like all day so yeah see you when I'm next to eating I am done with class it's only about ten o'clock do you see Bailey back there ok so if you don't know this I let this family's dogs out for lunch I feed them and I let them out and I hang out with them for like an hour just so they're not locked up all day like they can roam around where they are but you know they wanted somebody to be able to feed them at noon and then just hang out them so I sit here I'm doing homework I just set up this nice little table but I wanted to show you so I graphed I just put it in one of these bags that I get my vegetables in I grab some carrots and then I just cut up a pepper in there kitchen and so I'm just gonna be snacking on this doing some homework they have a bunch of snacks here that this and can have but it's not the best for me so I

try and bring stuff when I can so this is what I'm gonna snack on but yes this is what I'm eating right now holy it is like 4:15 right now the last time you saw me was like 10 ish when I was letting the dogs out and I was having that I mean obviously you already saw but I'm just finishing up my shake here I tried to save someone so hungry after I let the dogs out I went and saw my friend chels she's wonderful I just went sat and we were just talk talk talk talking away and I didn't realize how hungry I was so then I'm in a shake and all this is it was like an Oreo cookies in crema so that has 24 grams of protein I didn't add any which I usually do I guess I was so hungry I didn't even think of it 24 grams of protein a third of your daily nutrients it is like the most delicious thing you will ever have like if you're a sweets person this would be perfect for you if your sweets person like I love having my shakes that night like when I'm creating like ice cream or something if I just whipped up a cookie in cream shake that's perfect but yes ok I'm finally home I'm also gonna have this Apple once I'm done with my shake my boyfriend's house he lives

with another guy they have an apple tree so that's just from there I'm probably gonna also have some more snacks and a little bit once I finish the shake at my Apple cuz I'm hungry I need some more food in me it's been six hours since I've eaten but yes I will see you probably and very shortly when I figure out what I want to eat it is now 4:40 so not long since you last saw me and I'm still hungry so what I'm having right here yes I'm in bed I'm about to cuddle up watch some YouTube and do some homework but this is just a huge look at this bowl of spinach tomatoes and cucumbers and then the lemon poppy seed or maybe it's just poppies Skinnygirl dressing that I just got in my last haul if you watch that and then I just have a sweet potato sleeve because I'm freezing you guys North Dakota it switched like two forty fifty degrees overnight like literally it was just 90 degrees but anyways so I'm cold if you hear that I have hot water warming up I drink hot water to warm me up but I'm just gonna have this big ole salad to hold me over until I make dinner a little bit later so that's what I'm eating I'm gonna watch them YouTube

do some homework that's about it as you may or may not know I'm a huge snacker so while I currently have some tilapia cooking and I have some frozen veggie is warming up in the mic I always you guys my go-to snack at home is just some roma tomatoes cut up with salt so I just snack on these while I'm cooking away yeah I'm gonna need these and then I'll show you my finish like supper plate when it's done Supper is done so what I have here is one sweet potato some heated up veggies I've squashed broccoli cauliflower carrots you name it and then this is two frozen patty tilapia why did I call it a patty tilapia fillets I feel like I haven't had a lot of protein today I've had a decent amount but I just haven't eaten a lot and that's just kind of how it turned out so I wanted to have some more protein and I might even still have something later so we'll see all I have on there is this honey dijon mustard so I definitely am a snacker before bed so I'm gonna have something later but this is just my supper it is 7:20 so yeah I'm gonna eat this and there will be more later don't you worry um remember when I said I'll probably

have a snack later well your girl ate and I think I fell asleep at I don't know like eight I have the hiccups 8 or 8:30 so it is a whole fresh nude ho hiccups a whole new day I'm editing this and then I have no outro so this is my outro that's all oh that is all I ate sorry the hiccups I'm not just like losing my mind that's all I ate that day thank you guys so much for watching like cop like comment subscribe let me know what you guys want to see below please and I will see you in my next video bye guys