07 June 2018

What I Eat In A Day Healthy Pregnancy Edition

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hey guys so it's been a while since I

did on what I eat in a day video and what happens is I usually start to film them and then I forget what I'm doing or I eat something that I think is super lame and I don't really want to share it with you guys so finally I'm just fighting the bullet I'm gonna share with you of what I eat in a day video pregnancy Edition so my breakfast these days are pretty typical with Tommy it has to be quick so I've been loving toast with almond butter and strawberries or blueberries basically anything that I can put in the toaster really fast an English muffin even if frozen waffle add some nut butter and eat a lot of fruit so this here is what it looks like I decided actually to go with blueberries it's more in the mood Tommy's not a big blueberry fan so I'll eat these I also I'm drinking a matcha latte it's just almond milk and matcha powder that I got at Trader Joe's I'm a big coffee person but running low so this is what I have so this is what I'm having I also every morning have at least one cup of coffee right now I've been enjoying - press oh machine so we'll do a shot and then I'll do some unsweetened

vanilla almond milk using my milk frother which I'm obsessed with if you guys follow me on instagram you might have seen that I made some cold oatmeal and I topped it with some warm frost almond milk that was delicious you guys asked for the recipe and there really isn't a recipe it's just just oatmeal and frothed milk so lunch is where I've been struggling sometimes I have two lunches on this particular day I went to the gym after I dropped off Tommy at daycare and I wanted to eat lunch but it was like 10:30 or 11:00 so instead I had a mini lunch today it included yogurt granola and fruit I love ciggies yogurt because it is low sugar but it has flavor so I don't have to get the plane and I can still feel okay about how many grams of sugar that I am eating as well as the peril Elizabeth granola which I love they have really awesome flavors the original though is one of my favorites so this day I had a lot to do after I ate I didn't really have time to make lunch and I didn't actually have a lot of food in my house so I really wasn't sure what I was gonna have and I ended up just

having more toast but this time I put on some avocado so there's my avocado toast literally took me five minutes to make I'll have two of these and then I'll have some a snack a liter so avocados toast for lunch easy two ingredients well three if you count the sprinkles aka the Trader Joe's everything but the bagel seasoning mix I really love this lunch because it takes two seconds to put together and you don't need a lot of ingredients at the house I know I had toast for breakfast and I know I had toast essentially for lunch but being pregnant I crave carbs and they help me not feel nauseous if I don't have any carbs I start to feel sick like my first pregnancy I have been craving a lot of fruit the only problem is when I go to the grocery store I think I buy a lot and then I get home and I just eat it all I really have no portion control when it comes to things like fruit because I don't know there's nothing bad about it who cares so I got some cherries they were on sale at Whole Foods and I ate the entire bag not one of those huge bags but one of the small bags which is kind of funny because I

always hesitate to buy those large bags because I think I'm not gonna be able to eat them all so about the small bag and I ate it in one day so while I was making Tommy dinner I had a few cheese and crackers um this is a blueberry goat cheese log from Trader Joe's and I just had a few crackers for some reason when I go grocery shopping when I'm pregnant I never think to buy snacks for myself I only think of Tommy so it's kind of a funny change because I feel like preeto me our house was stocked with snacks all the time and now that I'm pregnant I really don't have a lot which is a good and a bad thing but while I was making him dinner I had some cheese and crackers and then I put him to bed and then I came downstairs and made our dinner alright so here's what's forward to dinner tonight we're doing barbecued chicken we've actually been eating a lot of meatless meals this pregnancy but I've got a low iron and it's summer and I'm just the craving summer foods so this porn is gonna be for me Nick doesn't want porn who's the barbecue chicken and I'm roasting up you can see some asparagus and some sweet potatoes I'll have a few

of those as well as the corn and this is the barbecue sauce that I'm using you've got to be careful with how much sugars and barbecue sauces but I'm pregnant and I don't really care to be honest so this has 11 grams of sugar per two tablespoons which is a ton but like I said I'm pregnant I don't really care and then I'll also add a little bit of avocado and Tony had a version of this he had some barbecued chicken and corn and some avocado pre children that's all about the recipes well not really but post children I'm definitely not into recipes so if I'm gonna be making dinner it has to be something easy I have to be able to know how to do it without looking at a recipe and it has to have 5 ingredients or less and you guys all know I have a huge sweet tooth I pretty much eat dessert almost every night and it varies sometimes I will have some ice cream other times we have like these mini mini peanut butter chocolate cups that I showed you guys in one of my other sweet craving videos gummies this particular day I had some chocolate chip cookie from the Trader Joe's cookie skillet it's six servings and it actually did

last me six servings that never happens it just was pretty filling but it was delicious so as I get towards the end of my pregnancy the weather is definitely heating up you guys may be able to see that I am sweating I'm starting to get uncomfortable but I don't have any weird pregnancy cravings so this what I eat in a day is honestly probably not that different than what I would eat if I wasn't pregnant I don't count calories ever when it comes to organic I try to eat organic meat I try to eat organic dairy products but when it comes to fruit I pick and choose I wish I had bought organic chair but they weren't I'll survive BB will survive so I really think it's important when you're choosing what to eat to look more in the ingredients not necessarily if they're organic or not especially when it comes to your packaged foods and oh if you're curious I don't know if I mentioned this the bread that I am obsessed with is eggies holy sour dab and I get it Whole Foods and I also can get it at farmer's market in Copley Square so if you guys have any more questions or if you'd like seeing these videos let me know in the comments down

below I'm Sarah and I'll see you guys soon