20 August 2018


CLEAN WITH ME MY KITCHEN | WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! I tried to make this video a "WHAT I EAT IN A DAY" and obviously it did not work out ...

hey this family this is our family hey

only do you all know my daughter is it I cried darkness I could never put a price hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm talking about I woke up Brandon is still sleeping we are going to be going to the doctor today I wanted to vlog a little bit kind of make it into like what I eat in a day and I'm sorry the camera it's a little like foggy home that's better the thing is that since it was inside my house and my house is really really cold cuz we sleep without air on like 69 kamo here in the balcony cuz his work at the best lighting and it's hot out here it gets up it happens all the time but right now I'm just about to get ready I'm about to wake up my baby are that and yeah I've wanted to bring you guys with us like I said before I am gonna be blogging more so coming on so if you knew my name is marina I post family lots mother'll videos lifestyle videos and like help tip videos to help you guys might live a better life and just feel better about yourself hey guys so I'm back and I look so pale look at Brandon right there he's actually looking for the address to his

doctor because we're going to his doctor now he has a doctor's appointment and the Sun is hitting me right in the face so it's a little hard to look at the camera but our lettuce right in the back and yes I'm sitting in the front for the first time since I gave birth so I'm excited he said he took me in the front again he's such a liar so I'm excited for them hey guys so okay it's change of pants we didn't end up going to Brandon's doctor because when we got there there was like a lot of people and we didn't have like an actual appointment so we're gonna go next week we are going to buy our let some shows because she has shows guys but she actually needs some trainers shoes now when the baby started walking and like they started taking steps especially since we put her a lot on the Walker not a lot but she is starting to walk and take a few steps so we wanted to just get her some like um like some hard shoes some actual walking training shoes so yeah I'm gonna show you guys when we get there and I'm actually going to Carter's as where I always go look at that little cream we have to fix your bow guys the top you see looks let's go

let's go we're going to car doors and look all of your heaters are looking here show it to Carter's okay we're actually right here guys did you see this I'm gonna try to vlog in their lifetime I've logged into me I couldn't so I just yeah I'll just show you guys when I get to the car what again guys I am done out Carter's I'm gonna show you guys what I got look at her that I don't think you guys seen her good today hi mommy I do have I'll add guys she heard the music in the she heard the music inside of the store and she started dancing right babe [Applause] yeah like like you guys saw in my last vlog it's too much guys she is dancing like crazy every time music comes on she dances and look at Ross I am so tempted to go inside of Ross you guys don't understand who has two twins I wanted to show you look at that sign is so funny hold on let me see if I can zoom in yeah it looks like Kelly yeah I don't think you guys are gonna be able to see it oh yeah look yeah okay guys so I'm gonna show you guys what I got her let really quick she need a new sauce because all her stuffs are tight

on her so yeah I told you guys she's growing so I got her socks and then these were lasted for a long time because I actually had the other songs like although they're bunch of songs that I had since she was born I heard these pair of socks too how cute that it's a pair of three guys great white and pink and I also got her more socks and I just got her the same ones but without the little pom-poms in the back and then I also got her more socks and is this pack of three also has like little pandas and little cute polka dot design and then I also got her the shoes her new shoes are new training shoes her new training shoes or her official walking shoes look at this big girl status so what I'm trying to do is when I get home pick up all her socks put him away for my next baby for when I have another one because I'm gonna stop giving away everything from our let because I realized that in the future I want to have more kids so might as well save everything because you know you never know if it's another girl to eat breakfast we haven't eaten breakfast as we left the house pretty early and yes guys I do not makeup on today

I don't really care at least I have my hair done well I have it in a ponytail and I just have my hair iron why are you laughing you don't come big eyes oh and then Brendan is just in the background I love here's my driver guys I hate driving he doesn't understand specially it this part of like where we live this city you don't understand like if you guys are from like Miami and Hialeah you guys know the Hialeah 49th Street is horrible guys horrible it is like the second worst traffic in the United States for real where is top five for real it's bad internet I think she's getting she might be getting hungry or sleepy does everything here is just too cluttered this time yes space the yards are small the streets are small you have only few streets yeah guys it's only ten twenty three in the morning and we are going slow like believe it or not there's traffic even though it doesn't look like it right here but guys there is traffic and it's just it's crazy like the street so right now or other restaurant guys you're eating breakfast because we haven't eaten

[Music] so weird is eating breakfast right now guys and after here we're just gonna go home we're not really gonna do anything today so I'm gonna let you guys go now so that we can enjoy your breakfast look at these super little kill shoes oh my God look how cute go ahead her shoes come to mama Moochie cousin order watch and now come here get out the way okay can you come to mommy oh no Gennaro our guys are those shoes we are [Music] she lost the shoe let's put it again go for shoes let's put it again say you can't walk alright there's no giving up in this household no no coming you gotta walk me for your birthday no can you come no guys look at her look at I think she just feels that is so weird you don't want to come to mama come to money and you say and you sat down let's eat your food let's go get your life is so pretty oh my goodness she's so pretty yo mama you're gonna eat some lunch oh this is didi come on lazy so

much baby pudding I'm water now guys today I'm going to make her an egg and she's having an Turkey and rice she hasn't not since she woke up so she's really really CP I'm pretty sure she's gonna go to sleep afterwards on feeding her oh right now I'm going to be making my lunch baby are gonna eat some brian is not gonna be eating some but I'm going to be making eight started and I don't like a specific she's back there she didn't want to eat guys and she's just been like I think the thing is that she's sleeping so that's why she's acting up a little but um right now I'm gonna be making my lunch I'm gonna be making a salad and like I was saying I don't have a specific type of salad that I like I usually just like make one up I am creating my sonic it's about a lot of different ingredients for it why are you looking at me like that Brendan's looking at me like but I'm gonna be making a Caesar salad but not completely like Caesar I'm gonna be adding different ingredients my camera is running out of battery I gotta put a charge but I'm gonna be using the pomegranate dressing I'm going to be boiling two eggs and I'm also going to

be adding on cheese chicken um a little bit of raisins and some onion some onion crisps Chris so for now my camera is about to die so I'm going to put in a charge while I cook and then I'm going to show you guys at the end how my son I looked and then I'll give you guys I got more like in depth D so how I made it I okay so are you can hear I love sleeping um our leg cry shadows LED and she is being like crazy today I don't know what's up with her I think it's your teeth that are finally coming who knows but I made her my sign it and it's so delicious I tried a little bit but I just wanted to show you guys how delicious it looks and it actually tastes cuz it's freaking delicious I'm sorry you can hear like crying but I am going to show you guys right now and I have a little clip okay so I have to talk a little low because our that is sleeping she finally fell asleep with Brandon but what are you sure you guys I ate all my salad guys it was so delicious I am going to leave the entire recipe on how I did it down in the description box so if you guys want to try it out let me know how you like today and yeah I am also going

to be showing you guys what I'm having for dinner for breakfast as I showed you guys so I didn't get to show you that I had eggs um french fries bacon and milk and coffee I was back for breakfast before lunch I had a booth for lunch I had a started and also later if I get hungry and if I want a snack I'm also going to show you guys how I do that and what I eat Isis now wash all the dishes and pick up because my kitchen is curly a mess I don't know if you guys can see but and after I am going to put our dad's clothes to wash because I have to wash your clothes guys and I picked up her crib a little bit not really but now I'm going to let you guys go so that I can pick up this mess [Music] okay so really quick because my camera keeps dying because I haven't start on fully charge to ask you guys so I am don't clean my kitchen I actually clean the entire kitchen a flash thing now I should clean the entire kitchen guys and I actually clean my own table too this is just what I was cleaning with and my water bottle but that's something I have to haul and then this is just banana and

avocado that's something I'm donating and then this is where I keep some of our that stuff because my house is full of like favorite stuff so god I deal with what I have but for now I'm gonna go to town for a little bit with Brandon and the baby they are sleeping so I might take a nap and I'm going to charge my camera in the mean time so I'll see you guys in a little bit after we wake up before nap or maybe I'll just start editing the vlog I'll see I'll catch up with you guys later Oh daddy - cute - cutie huh we are currently just playing with her me and Brandon and we are in her room and of course like Brandon actually fixed her floor ma but of course she is turning it into mess get the haciendo what are you doing what are you doing say we're having play time I see you I'm sorry for anybody I had earphones on I see you stupid did you guys see that can you look at your friends can use wave bye can you wave bye can you say hello hello mama oh my glad can you scream I so every time I turn on the camera she stopped doing what she was doing guys look can you say hello papa yes papa

whoo why are you so beautiful look y-yeah diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy you're not gonna dance look at these cute little baby I was using that daddy bear oh my goodness is that your teddy bear is that yours yeah is that only your's I so unfortunately I did forget to vlog on my dinner but it was delicious I had another salad I put the picture of the salad now so yes that's what I have for dinner it was so good guys and now I already showered my cabin is open it but I already showered and I already bathe or let she's over there with Brandon so right now I'm just going to make some milk and coffee because I am feeling in the mood for a little bit of coffee and then we are just gonna be going to bed so for now guys this is all for today's vlog I hope you guys liked it if you did make sure you please give it a big thumbs up and I'll see you guys next time bye guys [Music] I know [Music]