22 July 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL | Quick and Easy Recipes | Summer 2019

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey y'all it's Reagan welcome back to my channel if you're new here make sure you hit that red button down below and subscribe join the family today's video I'm going to be sharing with you all what I eat in a day I love watching these videos and so I thought I would share with y'all this is definitely my summer edition because this was not the same things that I would normally eat when I was back in New York because I do go to college in New York if you didn't know that I am currently home for the summer in my parents house so I eat a little differently when I'm here it is the middle of the day now I've already filmed my morning and my lunch and I will be filming my dinner and a little while but if you want to see what I eat today just keep watching good morning it is about 8:50 nail I'm gonna go ahead and make breakfast because I have to take my dogs to a vet appointment at 8:45 so I think I'm gonna make some avocado toast and some fruit and then of course my coffee and some water because that's

just like what I like to do in the mornings I know I've made a pecan toast on here before but we're gonna do it again because I mean it's a real wedding today and that's what I eat in a day we're gonna go ahead and get the coffeemaker heating up and get the toaster out the bread I've been using and really liking is this French brioche bread from Walmart it has like a very sweet tea flavor to it and so I'm actually really been liking it's like a sweet salty mix between all the spices I use in the avocado and then the sweet bread then I just have a half of avocado that I'm gonna use I'm probably going to use this whole thing I'll probably use half of this on my avocados and then for fruit I'm gonna cut up a banana [Music] for coffee this morning I'm going to be using the Green Mountain that name Tucket blend it is seriously such good coffee and I drink my coffee black and it's one of the only coffees that actually tastes good block I have a few different seasonings I like to use I use garlic powder chili powder sea salt and onion powder and without all of these

seasonings I do not like avocados so I have to apply these every single time I make it or it's not good so we're on the way to the grocery store now to get some stuff because I'm filming 180 today and don't even have any groceries for healthy stuff to eat so we're going and we're going to get a ton of good stuff and then we're going to eat lunch I think we might stop and get some coffee so I'll show you that I might do a little bit of a vlog flip around at the grocery store and I might show you some things we got I don't know if I should do a girl she's how do first of all in this video we're not like a 1/8 in a day plus a healthy gross girl maybe I'll do that at the coffee shop go get some coffee back in the car got a latte unsweetened and Kindle God what you know and I spent a lot time yes right here and then I also had a bite of her a little pastry that she got and now we're gonna go get some groceries let's go so we're gonna do a brush y'all she's poking I'm gonna do it I looked so pale like this look right here is what I call Naturals beautiful Maxine spoon here

call me I'm sorry about that you just watch me comedians in my life okay we're gonna do a haul now sorry about that Janelle's okay okay so the first thing I got is this Barenaked granola fruit and nut I really like dried fruit in my granola put this in my unit parfaits really good I got some organic baby spinach I use this for a bunch of things mainly putting it in my smoothies in the morning a ton of bananas because this isn't just for me a lot of this is for my family too because I am home for the summer and we go through a ton of banana so I have a ton I always get a sliced turkey meat from the deli I just feel like it's a lot more fresher than buying it prepackaged so I've got a pound of fresh sliced turkey meat I love cheese I eat cheese is like one of my main snacks and like meals so I got this little cheese platter it has pepper jack cheddar Jack Asiago and extra sharp cheddar those are some of my favorite cheese's it's really good big finger for has berries cuz I like salmon on this and also pudding is in my yogurt avocados of course because I love avocado toast like I said I like cheese so I also got to think of smoked gouda

it's not pre sliced so I'll just slice it myself but this is gonna be so good on chips and like kurz smoke Buddha is like such a good cheese and then someone told me to try this so I picked it up it is mozzarella like cheese sticks wrapped in prosciutto and it looks like it's gonna be really good snack so I decide to try that and then some of my new favorite peaches to get that I tried in Europe that were so good our donut peaches they are legit shaped like donuts and they're so good big thing of grapes I love grapes such a good snack I got a ginormous a prepackaged Caesar salad it comes with everything you need chicken cheese and the dressing it's not the healthiest but it's so good for like an easy meal then I got some synergy organic kombucha this is the mystic mango flavor I really like kombucha and Kendall picked this one out because she wanted to try kombucha and so I'll let you know if this was any good I got a pineapple absolutely it love pineapple I always buy them uncut and then I just wait until they're nice and ripe you can tell the pineapples right by smelling its butt so this one is

almost ripe but I like something yellow to come up a little bit more and then it's perfect to cut and then I also got it - Asian mangos or they're also called like baby papayas not baby for highs but they're called papayas but they're actually more like mangoes and they're so good I love cutting these up and putting them in my smoothies and in my yogurt so that's everything I got for this whole I'm probably gonna put all this up and then go ahead and make lunch so I'll see y'all in a little while okay so for lunch I think I'm gonna make a little miniature version of a charcuterie board if you ever watch the videos in New York I do this actually a lot I just think it's so simple and easy and actually love this type of thing for lunch I don't like anything really big for lunch so I'm gonna take my cheese board and then my sliced turkey and then also these PETA sea salt crackers that are so good I like to like make almost like mini sandwiches so I'm gonna show you how I do it so this is really all it is nothing fancy but it's seriously like just so good and so easy snack and then I'll probably pair this with some fruit I

might it grab some great because I think grapes really go with a charcuterie board I feel like this is like a redneck charcuterie board but you know it's good and I'm really never fancy with my meals I just eat what I'm feeling and like what feels good but that's also still healthy and this is like still so healthy because it's only a little bit of carbs so but you still get it your fats and your proteins [Music] it is now 402 and I'm about to eat a little snack I think I might have one of these maybe two we shall see I've never tried them so I'm gonna see how good they are I know you'll probably think I eat a lot of meat cheese but that's because I do because I like more protein and more fats than carbs this is really good then I'm also gonna eat a few raspberries because these looks so delicious so I'm about to cook dinner nail it takes about 40 minutes to cook so I'm going to prep it all put in the oven and then go work out that's why I am dressed like this and tonight I am making stuffed bell peppers my mom made him the other night just like she saw it on Pinterest made it they were so good

y'all and so they're super easy and so I'm gonna make them nail and I'm gonna make two one for me one of her Kindle right here and I'm gonna show how to make it so I'm gonna first cut the oven to 400 and let that start heating up so take two bell peppers red and yellow on my favorite and then scoop out the insides and then you're gonna want to take a small glass dish fill it up with a thin layer of water I already pre prepped the meat to go inside it is just some lean ground beef I cooked it and then added taco seasoning and drained a can of Rotel and editor hotel and then you can stuff your bell peppers any way you like as much as you want and then I like to take a Mexican at shredded ease and add it on top and then once you're done filling it to your desires that cover that sucker with tinfoil and pop it in the oven for about 40 minutes worked out nice and sweaty built up a bill appetite I'm about to take the peppers out of the oven and I am so hungry and they smell so good I can like smell them in the kitchen right now I'm so excited and then ice cream for dessert it's called balance thanks for

watching guys I will see you my next video bye [Music]