23 July 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY : healthy and easy *not food combining*

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hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel it's Natalie so for today's video I'm going to be filming a what I eat in a day excited for this video because I am obsessed with watching these videos I'm really excited obviously this goes without saying but I'll just do a little disclaimer not saying that like this is how you have to eat and like I have like this ideal body and like this is how I maintain it like that's not what I'm saying at all I'm just saying like this is what I eat in a day it's kind of interesting I feel like I eat kind of healthy but I also like not the best i'm pescetarian so that's one of it adds like an interesting little part to this I'm really excited and today's video is actually in collaboration with Jordan Jordan has a youtube channel as well and her content really cool and really good and she's like been doing this a lot longer than I have and she makes really cool videos she posts a lot of lifestyle videos a lot of vlogs a lot of like outfits of the week and fashion videos and stuff like that she just graduated college but she still uploads a lot of college content which I will be doing soon once

I go back to school and she's also just got a job as a professional figure skater and so she's going to be like doing a bunch of cool travel videos cuz it's in the Royal Caribbean so yeah that's really cool and she has a super awesome channel so once you're done watching this video you should check it out because I feel like you like my videos you'd probably like hers as well so yeah that was like weirdly professional for me and it was weird but I did it so now on to what I eat in a day work so for breakfast this day I had a dairy free yogurt sort of thing it's by the brand lightened fit and they're pretty good I try to avoid eating dairy as much as possible but you'll see later I had some but yeah it like upsets my stomach I used to be vegan and I just find that like I'm better have like a better life if I don't eat dairy but it just tastes so good so I try to avoid it when possible but I don't always succeed so this morning I did so I had a dairy three yogurt and then I just put blueberries on top and then I had this like honey bunches of oats cereal but it was like the organic version and yeah I just sprinkle that on top and

it was really good so 10 out of 10 or lunch this day I did something pretty basic I just had Alba cada toast I'll usually Alba kados for breakfast but occasionally I'll have it for lunch like I did on this day so I just had this like oat bread it's not gluten-free but I guess it has oats in it I don't really know it seems pretty healthy it tastes pretty good so I had two pieces and then I put like about half and a quarter of a small avocado on them and then I just season them with salt and pepper [Music] I also don't really show this but I drink water throughout the entire day I was kind of annoying to have to film every single time I drank water but I drink water pretty frequently especially it's really hot outside so I was drinking a lot of water snack this day I had a popsicle just because it was so hot outside I love these popsicles I feel like they're pretty healthy I don't know if they have dairy in them I think they might and there just was like a coconut pineapple flavored one they're really good and they're just like a nice refreshing treat

[Music] for dinner this day me and my mom take turns making dinner but this day I made it so basically what I made was like a vegan chicken stir-fry mix so I made the vegan chicken first this is just the Guardian brand it's like grilled chicken strips and then I also had this vegetable fried rice from Trader Joe's and then I also had this rice cauliflower so I mixed the rice cauliflower with the stir-fry rice fried rice is that the word yeah and then I like mix that all together and then we had chicken on the sides [Music] looks like I had two servings of the right stuff on this on national ice cream day and I was at the beach so like obviously I had a good ice cream so after dinner me and my mom went to just like a little local place this ice cream was so good I just got like a kids cone with chocolate sprinkles and yeah it was so good and it was really hard to film because it's melting everywhere so I had to get this clip on my cone so enjoy these really weird clips but yeah so that's what I had for dessert I also forgot to show this but I'm drinking it

now so cuz it's the next day but I drink like English drink coffee every morning I basically just used almond milk and then a little bit of dairy-free creamer if you want to watch my last vlog I showed them and that because I was doing a grocery haul so you should check that out um but yeah that's all for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]