29 August 2018



good morning guys welcome back to my

channel so today's videos gonna be a little bit different I'm going to show you guys what I actually eat in a day so we started this morning off with a four mile hike sorry about my friend that's my puppy we started the morning off with a four mile hike which was amazing but now I'm starving and usually we make a coffee at home but today I felt like having a latte so I typically will get a sugar-free nonfat soy vanilla vanilla latte from Starbucks I'll typically give it at all because then I can really regulate my carbs and it will fit into my macros of the day and tall sugar-free vanilla soy latte it's about 210 carbs again if you guys can watch my other videos I am doing I'm not a ketogenic I'm not doing keto i just do low carbs high protein high fat and everything is relatively has to be healthy so my carbs I keep it to a hundred grams a day so this is ten so I have 90 cars left which is great so now let me show you guys what I'll be having what I'm gonna have is avocado toad pieces of bacon and to Eduardo to us is really nothing special is really easy to make but also be you guys without what I

do these avocados are not back right yet but we're gonna have to make it work because that's what I want [Music] [Music] let's make us lunch which is chicken breast I'm gonna have a pita and honey with it cuz I am carb loading all the time Tina's not Simon I get about a hundred carbs of a meal or more Tina gets death per day so anyhow every other problem cooking chicken breast because it isn't the most juicy meat off and so I thought I'd give you guys a quick little tidbit on how you actually can cook chicken breast that's actually you see every time much I know it's not the norm for poultry I use bones stuck in sauce it's not for name yeah but it's great for poultry I put garlic salt I love this little shaker and onion powder on pretty much everything especially steak but it's a little bit on the chicken here right let's let that sit for liturgies comment ten minutes cooked chicken breast just so that's attending em they may have noticed earlier that cut it in half it's

important because you want a nice flat side so I'll tell you how to do it and show you real quickly the way you do it is you have to sear one side and then just kind of slow cooking from that and searing kind of keep to the juices etc so you want a flat side set that sides down most of the time so what you do is you sear one set which is the rounded side you put the rounded side down for just about a minute and a half on high heat preheat the in equal actual oil on the skillet or just that batter is very good I'm do at the moment so you put that round two side down in just a minute and then and flip it over put a top on it now it's important you turn the heat down to medium let sit for depending on the weight that's there's a little less than a pound so let it sit for seven minutes on medium heat and then without taking it to the top off at all turn it down to a halt almost completely off to this little low low simmer for another about five minutes so twelve foot times about 13 14 minutes perfect chicken breasts nice and juicy which is usually pretty difficult [Music]