17 August 2018


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Oh me again that's a fun nose my ring

light bro and I'm waiting to get to the replacement so while I wait I can't do most of the videos that I have planned I had to think of an idea that did not involve everyone and I decided I know what they eat in the day keep in mind with today it is definitely time to go grocery shopping I have almost nothing in my fridge also I am vegetarian I'd say they eat pretty healthy and I love to cook but I'm very lazy so right now I am just starting with hello okay hot my coffee is some Starbucks house blend with some half-and-half and a few sugars I'm not a huge breakfast person so I'll probably just have something really small speaking of breakfast like I said I don't really eat breakfast so I'm going to make is a single egg sandwich I'm gonna fry egg toast some bread thins and then you by the way I don't really know if eggs are technically considered vegetarian but I eat them sorry all right so now breakfast already I'm just gonna go on the computer Cheers I am disgusting my lunchtime not even hungry yet but I made it anyway and it's not that exciting I made basically another breakfast this is broccoli and

carrots scrambled eggs I just cut up some broccoli and carrots from a veggie tray that I had put them in a pan with olive oil and a bunch of seasonings and just let that cook I like my vegetables well-done so I wait until they were kind of crispy and then I added in three eggs and just scrambled them in I kind of was looking for more of a stir-fry vibe but it turned out to the crumbled eggs see you again that's not bad [Music] lunch check I'll see you at dinner tell me they're dying before dinner I made myself just about like half a bag of green beans put olive oil in a pan heating it up pour the green beans in there and a little seasoning waited it for to be crispy then I also made a little veggie burger and put it in there for a couple minutes and then put it in with a slice of cheese and then again I used black bread and then got a burger and some green peas also sorry about the wedding again I have no ring light and also it's nighttime now so that's basically and it's a full day of eating obviously I don't have the same thing every day I would go crazy

ignore my face right now but I would like to add that I also had a large fire from McDonald's at about 11 p.m. yesterday didn't get any footage of that one if you like this video don't forget to check out the rest of my videos and also subscribe tell your friends to subscribe tell them to tell their friends to subscribe and make them tell every single person in the world they know to subscribe [Music]