23 July 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY easy, healthy + vegetarian

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good morning okay what I eat in a day

there's a giant chocolate cake and I'm not gonna eat it right now for breakfast because that would just be not so um let's give me my coffee my avocado toast my egg and I feel a little more lively let's go I literally just like walked off as if I [Music] saw you know I was vegetarian for about a year but at college I like was not able to find enough food to eat and so I decided that I needed to start eating meat again so that I could stay healthy but when you go vegetarian and you don't eat meat for a while you kind of lose your taste for me and so even though I'm letting myself eat meat I rarely do because I don't like it so today you're not gonna see me eating meat usually I don't especially because I'm at home and I can make food that's good that doesn't need a head oh that could be a little prettier not even gonna lie to you so technically this is a vegetarian one I eaten a but like also I don't also it's iced coffee time yay I don't ever remember to chill the coffee the night before so I really just have to put it in ice and I hope for the best

that's high so we got iced coffee except all the ice melted but now it's cold so we're good water and avocado toast there's a overeasy over medium over medium pressure more egg I'm on one and tomatoes on the other and you gotta put salt because that is what really makes or breaks it oh my god that looks so good girly got hungry I'm gonna make potato wedges and this super tasty smoothie that I make I'm so here for it I cut up the potatoes and I put a bunch of olive oil into this little pan and I'm gonna Tate OHS in the pan and then coat it with more olive oil and a bunch of salt the potatoes are in the oven and I'm gonna make this mini you start off with a cup of milk and a half a cup of Greek yogurt and then 4/7 of a banana give or take and then you can't just like approximate the blueberries and the strawberries and then you blend [Music] that's why I already drink most of my smoothie because these potatoes took probably close to an hour not to like turn this into an ASMR or like a mopping or whatever but like do you hear the crunch like my cat literally once I'm like I'm not I'm not kidding your dinner

I'm having a green smoothie it had coconut milk water mango and spinach in it and I am also having this like baguette pizza sort of a thing that I'm a toast a baguette in the oven with butter garlic powder and Parmesan take it out put tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella put some basil and oregano olive oil and put it back in the oven until the cheese is melted it is so good [Music] [Music] piece of that chocolate cake that I was talking about [Music]