29 July 2018

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: easy + healthy

Hey guys! Let me know what y'all think of this video. This what I eat in a day includes basic but delicious healthy recipes/food so hopefully it can give you ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel if

you knew my name is great and as you can tell by the title of the video I'm gonna be doing a what I eat in a day and I actually asks you guys on my YouTube what you guys wanted to see either this video or chick-fil-a mukbang if you guys want me to do that video I totally can like I'm so down like I love chick-fil-a so if you guys want me to do that video I I will just want to say a little disclaimer what might be healthy for me not might be healthy for you and like what I like to eat you might not like to eat so let's just like keep that in mind everybody's different so yeah basically that's it I'm gonna stop talking so you guys can see what I eat unity it kind of was in the mood for like some type of hash like vegetable sweet potato hash so I found half of a sweet potato which I'm gonna be using some kale mushrooms peppers onions all of that that basically I'm gonna make this really quick and then I'll show you guys how it looks afterwards oh okay guys so I have my first meal ready and I'm so so hungry simply in the hash I have sweet potatoes kale mushrooms sweet little mini bell peppers and I think that was it oh and

mushrooms I'll have a peach right here I just cut it up in slices and if you guys don't know peaches are like my favorite through top of my egg I just put some of the seasoning and this is the Trader Joe's everything but the bagel I'm seasoning and I've seen this on youtube and I wanted to try it out so yeah that's why I bought that but yeah I'm going to eat now yeah I saw him on my second meal and I'm gonna go to the gym so this is kind of like my pee workout snack and all I have is a waffle but it is one of these waffles I want to show you guys because I think they're one of the best protein waffles I tasted they're from the brand Kodiak cakes and they're protein packed Tara waffles in the flavor blueberry I've never tried the other ones so I'm not sure how they taste but they are pretty good size as you can see they look kind of small on camera but they're like regular size waffles and for two waffles it's only 270 calories 13 grams of 28 carbs and 12 grams of protein so it's a really good snack and also like if you're on the go a lot you could have these for breakfast so I would really recommend getting those if you haven't tried them

I'm also going to take some of my pre-workout and this is the pre-workout I take I just got it from Costco it's the optimum nutrition gold standard pre-workout in the flavor Brut punch so more in-depth all I have is my waffle toasted some almond butter which I prefer almond butter over peanut butter I don't know why I just like to taste better and then a drizzle of syrup so anyways I'm gonna finish this meal and then I will catch up with you guys after the gym [Applause] okay guys so I hope this angle isn't too weird but I wanted you guys to be able to see I'm showered and I got really really lazy so I'm so happy my mom came in clutch and she cooked for me you guys want a closer look I am in my room because I'm gonna start editing this video but basically it's just ground beef with like seasoning carrots zucchini spinach and then I cook these little potatoes right here and I started eating some of them so that's why it's like a little bit left real ones you guys already know that the mongol cucumber lime salt and chili powder Oh like in Christianity so I actually

forgot to end the video last night and you guys saw that I was watching this really cool video on YouTube I will link it down below and I'll also link her channel down below her name is Kendall Rae and she makes like really interesting videos kind of like crime videos and like theories and astrology videos so I'll link her stuff down below I was done watching that I basically just went to sleep and that was my last meal of the day so if you did like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and also subscribe if you're not so yeah that's pretty much it I will talk to you guys next time [Music]