03 September 2018

What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals #3

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hey health nuts welcome back to my channel my name is Nicole if you're new here hello welcome so today's video is one that I've been doing it for the last two years in a row so this is the third annual wedding in a day at work video and it is the first video that went viral on my channel three years ago and it's the video that got my channel to a hundred thousand subscribers so you could say it's kind of nostalgic and super special to me and I really enjoy making them for you and if you've been following me for a bit then you may know that I no longer work in a corporate setting I used to do digital business and marketing and now I work from home I actually do my channel my youtube channel full-time and I love it it's amazing but because I used to work in retail in a corporate setting I totally relate for thinking of meals and stuff to have at work and not just in PJs all day at work or at home so I totally get it and today's video is geared for exactly that actual recipes that you could take with you to work or school that are easy to transport as well as I have a really interesting idea that you

can do with your co-workers at work and yeah I think you're really gonna like it now if you aren't already subscribed to my channel hit that red subscribe button down below so you don't miss out on a video I post three times a week on my channel I have recipes healthy living tips and weekly vlogs that I know you won't want to miss so without further ado let's hop right into the video good morning when I first wake up I love to just drink some water and usually it's lemon water something hydrating with a little bit of a citrus kick even apple cider vinegar works really well today I just did a mixture of some fresh lemon juice and then I had some oranges kicking around in the fridge so I added that in as well and I just love having a super refreshing drink like this first thing in the morning just to start my digestion and just to wake my body up it's really delicious highly recommended and before my day starts I just like to take a couple of moments whether it's outside on the balcony or sit in on the couch with no distractions and just kind of reflect

take things in do a little stretch and just slowly wake my body up this can be as little as a minute to five minutes it's just a nice way to slowly wake your body up instead of just jolting out of bed rushing around and I find that just stresses me out so this is just a really relaxing way that I like to set my tone for the rest of the day we also have an awesome balcony which I am totally taking advantage of this summer now I drink a lot of liquids in the morning so my next set of liquids is my herbal coffee so I'm just turning on my kettle and since we're having a really warm September I thought I would do an iced coffee so basically I'm doing the same thing you would do with regular coffee but with my horrible coffee so I just kind of brewed it in a side container I let that cool for a little bit and then I just pour it over lots of ice add some coconut creamer and it is the most delicious Starbucks worthy drink right in the comfort of your own home and then I just head into the bathroom get ready for the day get dressed get all that done and out of the way okay so one of my number one tips for busy mornings is smoothie

freezer packs I've talked about this before in my make-ahead breakfast recipe video they're amazing you basically just pre pack your smoothie ingredients into individual containers or these silicone Ziploc bags that I have I will link them down below and then you just pop them in the blender add in your liquid I like to do a mix of oat milk and water and you blend and it's just a great way to get some nutrients into your body first thing in the morning I transfer this into my very large health nut water bottle I love this guy because it actually fits my massive green smoothies in the morning and I can just take it with me on the road so for my lunch bag I'm just popping in a water bottle my chia pudding and some snacks and other things that only drove today I'm also popping in some T's I'm popping in the infuser to my water bottle which I will use later in the day as well as a knife I always like to have some kind of knife in my purse [Music] so on this day I was actually commuting with Matt into the city even though as I said I don't work a corporate job anymore

I do sometimes commute into the city with Matt and we'll drive together take the train just like old times and if you remember my old days commuting to work you know that green smoothies on the train was always my thing I still love them I still do them I just happened to do them at home but if I am commuting somewhere I always will pack my smoothie one thing I always do on long car rides or if I have to take the train or any transit I will always have a good podcast this is a new one I've been loving from my friend Kelsey it's called visionary life podcast and I actually have my own episode on it coming soon I'll let you guys know when it's live I also take this time to check Instagram emails see what's happening in the world reply to your comments I love interacting with you guys on social media so Matt and I were heading opposite ways today so he went one way I went the other way [Music] PS I love presto it's just like a tap and go system we have now in Toronto it's amazing no need to buy tickets highly recommend it

hashtag not sponsored I actually do frequent this building pretty often it's at the course building where my network is it's a beautiful building on the waterfront right on Queens Key and I love coming for meetings in person whenever I can one thing I love to do before I get into my work is create a to-do list this helps keep me on track and focus and not overwhelmed with all the things looming over my head that I need to do that day and I just love it it's become a routine and I just feel like it keeps me stress-free with my workload [Music] just heading into the lunchroom popping my lunch into the fridge saying hi to some coworkers this is actually my friend Morgan who also is part of my network and getting back to my desk to get to business aka numerous emails also how gross is my keyboard I really need to clean it so a typical workday for me usually starts with emails possibly a conference call and just catching up on any admin stuff that I need to do before I get into either filming for the day recipe testing or brainstorming content YouTube

is one of those jobs that every day really looks different depending on what I'm doing what projects I'm working on but I also kind of love that so around mid-morning I usually am already hungry because I've really just been drinking liquids all day today I have a chia pudding what you guys know I've been really into lately actually did a video on three chia pudding recipes I will link it down below I love them because you can prop them the night before and have them ready for the entire week to just grab and go for today's option I just threw on some mixed berries but you can really play around with the flavors [Music] now for lunch time so I stole this idea from my Network they do this thing called lunch club and basically every day one person will cook enough lunch for the team which is about 8:00 in their case and it's such a great idea because all you have to do is cook once during the week for lunch and you know for the other days you're gonna have something delicious that someone else is cooking not only is it less time for you cooking or meal prepping in the kitchen

but you also get to discover new flavors and just new foods that you might not have had before for the team I decided to make my veggie dolls do which is a great staple and it's one of those like one-pot meals that you can make it takes 30 minutes and you can make enough for a large team so I also have some rice on the side and for toppings I brought some lime cilantro and avocado which now that I'm looking at it looks like I'm gonna make guacamole which is also delicious I popped everything into some nice serving plates to make it extra fancy for the team get in that Instagram and then I just told everyone that lunch was served so everyone was really excited I mean I feel like I had to bring food since I crashed their office this is Rick he's super silly I love him and everyone really enjoyed it I felt like this recipe was great for all walks of life because it was vegan gluten free all the things and everyone really enjoyed it that's what they told me anyways so unless they were lying I think they really liked it highly recommend doing this with some people at your office if you can kind of organize it and it's

just like a great way to also just socialize and catch up on things outside of work and just take a few minutes away from your desk because I know it's just too easy to to eat and work on your lunch as an afternoon pick-me-up I'm gonna make some infused water I'm gonna use the same health nut water bottle that I used earlier I'm just washing up the smoothie leftovers and I have this little insert here that you can easily pop in any fruit or fresh herbs to infuse into your water I have some lime and mint which is so good for digestion especially after lunch and I'm just filling it up with some water and I will just keep filling this up throughout the day it's so refreshing and I just think it's a great way to make your water taste delicious and get you to drink more of it for snack time I have my oatmeal raisin energy bytes that I pre made ahead of time during my Sunday meal prep and I'm just gonna drink some water have a snack I'm one of those people I always have to snack in the afternoon just to keep my energy up keep me going I just love food let's be honest these are so good I actually ended up doing half carob chips and half raisins and it

was delicious oh and if you're gonna bring in snacks make sure you bring enough to share as soon as I took this out people were looking over like ooh what do you got there so I definitely had to share some with the team besides that's how you make friends at work guys bring snacks for everyone and everyone will love you so now that my day is over I'm just packing up leaving my office sometimes I really do actually miss coming to an office every day and then I remember the joys of rush hour so I'm totally fine working at home but once in a while I do like to venture out to a coffee shop or crash at the Kin office when I [Music] all right health nuts there you have it that is my wedding in a day at work video hope you guys enjoyed it if you want to see more of these I will have a playlist linked I think this corner this corner I will have a playlist linked for you guys as well as down below and I will also link all the recipes for you guys in the info box so you guys can check them out on my blog and you can remake them for your back to school back to work season and

also if you aren't already subscribed to my monthly newsletter the in a nutshell newsletter I will have that link down below it's completely free it's just one email every single month and every month we choose a special subscriber to win a box of some health nut goodies so if you want to be entered into that giveaway you got to be subscribed to the newsletter so hit the link down below subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video I post three times a week so lots more content coming your way hope you guys have a fabulous back-to-school back to work season back to whatever schedule you're getting back to you in September and I will see you guys on next video what bye guys love you [Music]