17 June 2019

What I Eat In a Day as a Teenager(realistic + healthy) | Hailey Dawn

In this video I will be showing you what a eat in a day. If you are triggered by these types of videos please don't watch. Obviously what I eat changes from day to ...

hey guys it's hailey and welcome back to

my channel or if you guys are new welcome to my channel and today I'm just going to be showing you guys what I eat in a day and a quick disclaimer before I start this is not me showing you guys what you should be eating and everyone has different he's the body needs to me so please don't use this as like a video telling you what to eat because it's not it's just to show you where I eat because I personally think these are really fun to watch and yeah by the way guys I look disgusting in the first two Clips working out after lunch yeah getting a shower putting on a jacket I honestly didn't care so I'm not looking some hot but it's okay guys we're used to it and yeah so I don't want to talk too much let's just get straight into the video okay guys so I just made my breakfast and I'm having scrambled egg whites with ground turkey ginger mushroom tomatoes spinach got the salsa on top and I'm also having a banana so yeah that is my breakfast I'm making one I just need some garlic shrimp I'm gonna make some cucumber noodles and I don't know what else I'm gonna make I'm gonna have

I will get back to you just finish my lunch and I was a lot hungry that I thought so I am a whole another bullet I hate all the food I made which I used to work in Homer to make the nose like he's quite a bit how about one and a half servings shrimp that's home to make the shrimp guys I'm just can't today and then I also used some garlic and yeah I'm also gonna be having this almond milk yogurt and like I'm gonna have a row of dark chocolate and a quarter cup of blueberries for an evening like a lot my wife then someone great I have been eating so much more than usual which is not a bad thing probably just mean you know you know my thing but yeah so I just cut mango I'm gonna eat about half this mango and then yeah I'll see you that probably won't be happy probably my house well this is actually only the second time I've I made them and its really good so I'm going to eat this and I'd leave you guys with some eat cheers so I'll be back with you later okay guys so while I was waiting for my food to cook I got super hungry cuz my chicken breasts actually just got done but I made a rice cake with peanut

butter chia seeds and blueberries and if you guys don't know I do use lifetime to tract and just to make sure I'm being as healthy as I can be and trying to get like enough food and just like doing trying to live a healthy lifestyle you know and I was a little bit loved but this is a lot of everything I was kind of looming everything said because I worked out for a while like I worked out for an hour at home an hour at the gym and I clean for a while hasn't really worked out but yeah I'm gonna eat that okay guys so my dinner is done and I am just going to be I already told you but I'm gonna have some broccoli some chicken breast and then some potatoes and yeah that's what it looks like yeah that's a good better view but yeah I'm gonna go ahead and eat that and then I will update you if I eat anything else later on in the night so guys I am going to this is another snap I'm going to have and elevation apple pie bar it's just like a lower bar and a glass of milk and I select History Month because I just figured out I'm left in smelling it like five days I got maybe a week up I don't know I'm gonna go ahead and eat this yeah so guys I

think I'm done eating for the day I'm just gonna half a cup of green tea and then yeah that's all I ate for today and I'll be off so much we'll see you next time bye