08 May 2018

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AND DIET UPDATE | How to meal prep to fuel your workouts

Hi Loves, here is an update on my current diet and meal plan, showing you a few meal recipes and chatting about IIFYM - xo For more updates follow me here: ...

what's up folks I hope y'all doing well

again and we're back in the gym again there is an echo so I'm sorry somebody requests to show how I prep my meals and what are in my meals what are my macros all that kind of diet stuff lately and I thought we'll just like chat about the changes I have made in my diet and what it's changed with my workouts because of that and I'll also quickly touch base on if it fits your macros type of diet and micros in general how you should be fueling your body properly there's a few other videos I've already posted about this so I will just link them in the video somewhere here actually just had a really good conversation about this I think yesterday or the day before with one of the other trainers here at impulse Scott I think it's Starbucks we're just kind of talking about competition and diet in general and macros and different fits your macros and that just really led me to wanting to post this video because there are so many people there that do that type of diet where they have their certain amount of macros they need to hit a day and they do hit it but are they hitting the Wrights type of nutrition and I'm not saying that you're not allowed to

like have certain things in your diet because you do want to treat yourself from time to time and not feel these crazy cravings but I do get it because I am myself do six days a week of just strict meal prep and then on the weekend most likely I have a cheat meal and that kind of keeps me sane and keeps me on track and also sometimes I have those weeks where absolutely looking forward to that cheat meal because I'm kind of over eating healthy and we all have that like let's be a girl but what is more important to me is just to communicate what if it fits your macros actually does to your body and I personally do not think that it is supporting your workouts or building strength or building muscle mass especially if you going like crazy on it and you're literally just giving your bodies all these little cheat things little sweet treats and things but you do make it fit your macros but then you end up with no calories left that you can eat a day for the healthy the good foods I feel like this is a really complicated topic and I feel like I'm gonna like take all these detours and then I gotta come back to the red thread of this video

sorry but the only difference is are you giving your body empty calories or nutritional calories so let's say you are you know like you eat your oats in the morning and then you decide to for example go to Starbucks and buy yourself this awesome drink that does fit your macros but all of a sudden that one drink is your meal now you short one meal and you have two more years to go and at the end of the day you're most likely starving you haven't given your body the proper nutrition and proper meal to be filled to then go into your workout so that is what I'm saying there empty calories yeah you're getting the calories that you need a day to like not lose weight but like stay right where you are like you're just hitting those calories but those calories are not contrition aliy valuable for your body to actually build muscle mass and built just like build up your body properly a lot of people are so hung up on like food being just something to be enjoyed something social something you know like treat yourself every day because Yolo you only live once but then that just kind of shows do you actually care about what

you put into your body and do you actually care about what you do at the gym why do you want to work really hard in the gym and then not put a little bit more effort into a diet and instead you doing horrible diet why works of art and most likely those empty calories that you're eating is very small portion size compared to the same amount of calories with nutritional value you have like a full meal and this is where I see the most drastic change in my body is when I was doing if it fits your macros and counting macros and the cutting macros and eating empty calories I was kind of wasting away I was getting skinny really quickly I didn't really like how skinny I was now that I'm counting counting calories macros but I'm eating the proper nutritional meals I've known so much strength have built sizes that I want to build size and it makes me feel so much more empowered it feels so good about myself and I think a lot of people to keep forgetting about that that is what Fitness is actually about it is not about how you look how much you can lift it is about how Fitness turns the inside of you into something that really just

feels appreciative and good about yourself and gratitude towards yourself self love you can't tell me that when you look like McDonald's and you do make that third of it are you not gonna kill yourself like self judgement afterwards I'm gonna be like oh my god I should have ate that oh my god I'm such a bad person and to conclude illness but I had all of my meals properly every single day in my head and make this huge checkmark and I'm like yes it's so good today and the fuels all my other workouts and all my other meal prepping everything else that's going on in the week I feel like that was a true intro but okay so now we're going to jump into the kitchen and we're going to the meal prep a few meals together and honestly these are all so like this is all so simple but people ask no topic oh my god why does a chicken dinner look so good but sometimes you just kind of make it look good and just use a lot of like spices and different little vegetables and things to just make it a little bit more appealing so that's not just like broccoli rice chicken let's do it let's come together most of the time I'll start with something really simple so

salmon and vegetables these are previously frozen vegetables I like those because they can just stuff a whole bag on there and it saves me time cutting up vegetables but then I'll add any vegetables that I want to have in there so I'm gonna add some red onion peppers and green onions that I'm gonna roast with all that usually I add a bit of olive oil or avocado oil drizzle on it and then lots of different spices [Music] and I love adding things like fresh lemon juice and some thyme and rosemary to just give kind of like a Mediterranean and vegetable kind of medley lemon is especially amazing on a Selman I like adding just all-purpose seasoning salt is from Trader Joe's this is one my favorites so just regular salt because it does have a few other spices in it this one has onion and garlic powder sea salt celery seeds paprika ground nutmeg and dry mustard in it basically the secret just throw a bunch of different herbs and seasonings on it I also like the sriracha lime or and then this is cooling in the oven at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes and

then they always weigh out my carbs it's always a hundred grams doesn't matter what it is if it is potatoes yams rice pasta I love switching things up so I'm baking potatoes with some spinach peppers some tomatoes because that makes it nice and juicy this is my personal favorite which is white rice Selman and greens okay guys that's it for my new video I hope you enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel hit there little while so you get a notification every time I post a new video because I love to have you around and thank you so much for watching I really appreciate you guys you