22 July 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | A Healthy Summer Day

Hey guys!! For this weeks video decided to film this what i eat in a day. I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you want more of these! xoxo sky Also, thumbs up for ...

I'm really sorry this is like really

loud it's probably the worst time to felt hey guys what's up okay so for today's video it's not as what I planned it to be but I think new when I eat in a day just because a lot of people actually ask what I eats I kind of have like a healthier diet I wouldn't say diet healthier lifestyle a lot of people ask what I eat just as far as like how I can't the physique that I have and stuff like that sorry my dogs are barking but yeah so I figured that'd be fun I was actually originally gonna film a move-out vlog I was gonna film a move-out vlog but for some reason I filmed half my footage on my iPhone and then I was gonna film the other half on my camera cause like that's when I got it but for some reason the footage that I put on my iPhone like wasn't uploading correctly like the space it was taking up like in the frame or whatever it was was not uploading correctly and there was no way that I could like fix it like even when I was trying to crop the image it just wasn't working so I ended up having to come to the conclusion that I just couldn't really use that footage because it just wasn't gonna look that

great so yeah that's why we're here but that's okay I just wanted a video to upload this week because next week is gonna be the lake house video that I mentioned in my move out blog but you guys haven't seen that so you wouldn't know but I'm going to lake house next weekend so that'll be good footage so enjoy what I eat in a day also I love how my intros are so long but also this isn't really like I'm not trying to tell you how to eat or whatever everyone eats differently like enjoys other things this is just what I like I kind of loosely follow like Kenzie Burke's food combining just because I have like digestive issues and I feel like that kind of helps me them both um I kind of just like eat intuitively and do whatever I try and be healthy for the most part just cuz that's like stuff that makes me feel good and stuff that I crave but besides that just living life so I hope you guys enjoy okay so we just made my second meal this is kind of like some days like specifically this morning that I had threw for breakfast I usually have something like after that's more like substantial just because I can't live

off of just fruit for breakfast so I made like a veggie skillet cuz Hope over here brought me leftovers from her breakfast so that was cool so I'm just gonna eat that and then I think I'm running some errands with my mom and I'm I ended up working out too just because I don't really have much else to do breaks it's just like a Sunday and it's - hey guys so I just got back from lunch with my mom and we did like ran errands all that stuff I didn't even go into the gym yet I think we'd go to the gym later but we went to this place and it's called Uptown cafe and I've never done that before but I've always wanted to try it and it was super good I ended up getting like this turkey club and it came up like a side of chips no no it's just something I was really feeling I'm usually not a big like Santa person especially because I can't really eat a lot of bread because I'm supposed to be like gluten free but I liked it and it was good and I don't getting like a coffee - like a cinnamon coffee type deal but I will insert the clips here and I will catch you guys at dinner [Music] alright hey guys

so as you tell it's a little bit later um as by the footage I don't know if I'm putting this before or after I'm saying this but but then we just had sausage and peppers and I just had like one sausage linking some peppers just cuz I wasn't that hungry because of lunch but that was pretty much it I might have like a little bit of ice cream I don't know I'm the kind of person where like at night I always like just like a little bit of dessert like nothing major but just like something fun so I think I might do that but besides that that kind of wraps up my 1a eating day I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you want to see it again or want more or like more in depth of like recipes I think it'd be so fun to do like cooking video so if you'd want that I'm totally down to do that I'm like low-key chef but you know it's whatever umm yeah so I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]