01 January 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2019 - Quick healthy meals + recipe ideas

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hey guys welcome back to my channel and Happy New Year I thought that let's start this year off with me when I eat in a day video I wanted to show you guys some of the recipes that I've been using to get healthy again and what I'm gonna be eating today and recipes that I'm loving at the moment and I just wanted to thank elapsed time for partnering with me on this video today you guys know I've been using this app to get healthy and they've actually added all of the recipes that I'm going to show you today they've added them onto the app and I've got a little Neos treat for you guys I've got a 30% off discount for you guys to get the premium version of the app so I'm gonna have a link for that below for you you guys can click on it and download the app let's get started I'm hungry we're gonna go make some breakfast [Music] so I'm making a spicy egg white vegetable frittata to start I've got a medium-sized red bell pepper that I'm chopping up and I'm adding that to a bowl with a big handful of baby spinach I'll just break that up really roughly

with half a cup of egg whites this amount of egg whites contains 13 grams of protein and about 63 calories only I use I use the egg whites and look the kind of a carton because I don't like to waste the yolk myself and then I add some dried chili flakes 1/2 a teaspoon of onion powder black pepper and sea salt I just mix that up a bit spray a bit of coconut oil cooking spray in my pan and then add the frittata mix I cover that with a lid when I flip it I sometimes do the little tip I sometimes use two spatulas at once so that it doesn't break I'm also cutting up some avocado to use on top about I use about a half a small medium avocados and on top I just put a little bit more pepper so that's very easy to make it has lots of protein and low in carbs it's also low in calories and it's a really quick breakfast that I've been loving to have lately if I'm hungrier I'll have a slice of rye toast with it but if not I'll just have it like this so it's a little bit later now I had quite a small breakfast as you guys could see it was a very small breakfast so I'm actually gonna have something else not like a mid-morning snack this is something I've

been so obsessed lady and I always get these weird food obsessions and I'm always like obsessed or this but this is what I'm currently obsessed with so it's healthy chocolate yogurt it is so good oh my goodness so I wanted to show it to you guys it's really easy to make and this recipe is also on the last time a few guys they've edited to the app so yes let's make this healthy chocolate yogurt it's so good this is very easy to make I like to use this cute mug this pink mug that I got as a bowl it's actually a mug but I use it as a bowl I add about 1 cup of plain yogurt to that I use a dairy-free coconut yogurt and then to a small bowl add some unsweetened cocoa powder you can use 1 to 2 tablespoons depending on how rich you like it a pinch of cinnamon and then and then I've been using the sweetener called Truvia it's a mix of stevia and erythritol I just use just under a teaspoon but for a regular sweetener like honey or maple syrup you can use about 2 teaspoons add a little bit of hot water to melt the cooker and the sweetener mix it up get rid of any of the cocoa lumps and then add it to the yogurt then my

favorite toppings favorite toppings are fresh berries and nuts bananas classes are really good too this is it's really good if you want to have like a sweet chocolaty chocolate East Neck I'm going to have some lunch now it's a little bit later lunch time so I've already added my breakfast and my snack to the app I'm just gonna take them away quickly so I can do it again and show you I'm using my recipes that on that today you guys know I love to make recipes I'm just finding my vegetable and egg white frittata which is what I had for breakfast so I'm just adding that much to my food diary to breakfast add it's showing me my Cosmo fats my protein the calories it's showing me all of that and then my snack I had the healthy chocolate yogurt so I'm just taking that and I'm adding it to my food diary and I'm adding that as a snack so I added a snack it's really really easy to do so this is a great way you guys know I've been using the app specifically to keep track of my macros my Fatima card my protein to try to not eat as many carbs and eat more fats and protein because I'm a carbajal ik we could say that Michalek I'm like

determined to have a healthy year this year I'm like let's do this let's get super healthy so then also in my free diary for the day I've already had two vegetables with breakfast so I'm gonna add two little vegetables there two vegetables and yeah and I've already had water so I'm gonna fill in my water and we're gonna make a warm barley and roast a vegetable salad with a penny tahini dressing this is often something that I've been meal prepping beforehand it's really simple and easy to make so let's go I started roasting the vegetables first because they take the longest to cook this amount of vegetables makes about two servings at least but you can double it to make more to like meal prep bed I've got about three integrins of sweet potatoes here with about 300 grams of zucchini 200 grams our broccoli florets add a small amount of coconut oil cooking spray and then some sea salt and some pepper and roasted in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius 360 degrees Fahrenheit I forgot to add the onion I also use about 200 grams of onion so now I'm adding that to the tray and now it's ready to roast in the oven

okay now I'm gonna cook the body you can sub this out for brown rice or quinoa for a gluten-free option I'm using those 10-minute body from Trader Joe's it cooks really quickly I just followed the instructions on the back to cook the body with water and now I'm gonna make some honey tahini dressing it's very easy in a smaller bowl I'm mixing 1 tablespoon of tahini with one teaspoon of honey half a teaspoon of onion or garlic powder some lemon juice and then Mauro 2 tablespoons of water just mix that in and then you can see if you need more also some salt and pepper it's very creamy easy to make delicious love this dressing so the body is ready and so the vegetables so I'm gonna put this all together I'm adding some baby spinach to a plate as like the base and then about half a cup of cooked barley about half a tray of the vegetables it's quite a lot vegetables really good some lemon juice over the whole salad and then I'm adding the honey tahini dressing so so good I've been trying to eat more vegetables so the salad helps because you get like a whole lot of vegetables at once I have this as a warm salad when I first make it and then I'll meal prep the rest and

have it cold the next day I think it's good warm or cold [Music] okay story for dinner now I just want to make something really quick and easy I'm first I Nena add all of those vegetables I had quite a lot of vegetables with lunch so I'm going to add them to my vegetable TRACON and I'm also just gonna add my lunch so I got my warm barley and vegetable salad so I'm just gonna add that to my diary at its lunch add it so then I just want to make something really quick and simple I've got some zucchini noodles which I'm gonna make I'm gonna throw that together with some shrimps and peppers some edamame you'll see it's very quick and easy this recipe is also on the lapsim app so you can follow along with me there yeah it's quick let's go make it I'm using some fully cooked medium sized frozen shrimp I just put that out in a bowl to Thal for a bit and then I start with the onion half a medium onion chopped up with half a tea spoon of cooking oil you can just use a light spray of cooking oil if you want to start to get that caramelized on the stove and then I add the shrimp and a

small amount of water I'm chopping up a medium-sized red bell pepper and adding that too with a teaspoon of onion powder some lemon juice salt and pepper and a little pinch of chili powder you can add a little bit more water if you need it while you cook then I'm adding half a cup of edamame half a cup of shredded carrot three tablespoons of plain yogurt I use a dairy-free plain coconut yogurt it's the mold lime juice get that back on the stove get that cooking and then the final ingredient I'm adding some zucchini noodles I'm using about two cups it's just spiralized zucchini I've got some that I bought pre-prepared but you can easily make your own at home with a spiralizer they cook really quickly the zucchini noodles cook really quickly so I add them last really easy to make this dish one of my favorites one of my current favorites for a quick easy dinner it's got lots of protein from the shrimp and the edamame it's got lots of fiber lots of vegetables and it's delicious okay so I am just busy finishing adding my recipes to my food diary spicy shrimp zucchini noodles added re adding that for

so now I've added all of added everything that I've eaten today now as I said left somes added all of my recipes that's actually even more recipes on there that I haven't showed you in videos so you can just search Lisl and the classic meals pan and then you can find all my recipes and there's so many other recipes on there you can search salad you can search chicken you can search art meal breakfast lunch dinner you can search anything and you'll just find so many recipes so as I said I've got that thirty percent discount for you guys you guys can click the link in the description box and then you'll get 30% off the premium version premium version is what I have that's where you'll find all the recipes and all of those features that I showed you guys so yeah I'll link that below you go download it and check it out there's a lot of different meal plans that you guys can choose from so you can find one that suits your needs but I'm on the classic meal plan one so anyway I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video the joint seen what I ate today enjoyed seeing some of my new favorite healthy recipes give this video a thumbs up if

you did enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for more videos don't forget to turn the poster but I'm gonna turn on the post notification bowl to get notified when upload and I'll see you guys again very soon [Music] you