25 August 2016


Just a day in the life of my meals. Because I know you all want to know. ;) Music Credit // Big Wild.

good morning from the Conner house I

thought I would keep online with our health week without my fitness video on Monday and take you along with and show you what I eat in the day nothing special but this morning this is what I mean so typically every morning I usually do an egg scramble so in here is just red onions turnips spinach and - a scrambled with salt pepper a little bit of Tabasco on top and some parsley and then I usually always have one piece of Ezekiel toast coffee cream no sugar and I try to drink four of these a day so I try to get about 80 ounces of water today and inside my water this morning I have got lemon cucumber it's kind of a cucumber that also is tart like a lemon so that's a typical breakfast for me all right it is snack time I like to eat snack usually a couple hours after I have my breakfast well I am doing two rice cakes give or take they're a little broken I like to use these and I like to have two rice cakes with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter I added some hemp seeds on top which are good for protein and kind of metabolism boosters and then these new little cacao nibs I bought another little superfood but

natural sweet chocolate like no sugar or anything else of these and that is kind of a good well-balanced snack that is delicious I'm also on my second water of the day all right so this is lunch I'm not very hungry because my snack and breakfast art we're still kind of filling yet so it's just a small spinach salad and I have a few chopped up cucumbers about 1/4 of sliced avocado a handful of grapes sliced and a handful of marcona almonds a tiny little bit of crumbled feta on top and a homemade maple balsamic dressing from what a Paltrow's book that is delicious and some cracked pepper that is my lunch I'm going to put the kids down get my workout in and prepare for dinner you have some watermelon yummy what do you have for lunch back a sandwich and watermelon and you're eating a sandwich yeah t-minus 20 minutes until nap time and I can't forget my water afternoon snack movie time here is my afternoon snack in this smoothie I put spinach almond coconut milk half a banana half a cup of frozen peaches and then I added about maybe a teaspoon and a half of this maca powder

and what I like about maca is that it is good for energy and kind of sustaining through the day and so I just did a workout which is why you're not seeing my sweaty face and I thought I would add some of this and I'm not very hungry today for some reason so I'm just kind of doing a smaller like 8 ounce cup until it maybe 12 ounces and I'll give the rest to my kiddos so consider about 1/4 cup of quinoa I have let's see probably about a cup of cauliflower rice that has garlic parsley and our homegrown cherry tomatoes on top with a tiny bit of parmesan and then I have grilled chicken so that is it that is Dan the life what I eat I know you guys were all dying to know but I thought I kind of went with her fitness team this week so ok I try to eat three meals or two small snacks and that is my well-balanced for the most part dinner so thank you guys for watching and we'll see you next week