10 June 2019

WHAT I COOKED THIS WEEK | Loosing Weight | Healthy Eating & Easy Meals on a Budget

Hi! I'm Lisa, the owner of Lollipop Box Club. I'm a 'work-at-home' Mum of 2 teens. On Monday's I like to do something motivational for the week. I have the full ...


good morning hello I'm Lisa its motivational Monday on my channel today I'm really really excited about today's video I was planning to do a declutter video and I've started recording a cooking video for something else different kind of title but I'm really really enjoying it and I want to share it straightaway with you we've actually started losing weight now it's finally coming off if you follow me on Instagram I'm the funky fairy it's my personal account I do have a business account as well the lollipop box club which I will also link up below for you but we keep talking about trying to lose weight for our summer trip and it's just not been happening we're trying really hard but all of a sudden it's coming off I'm really excited about this week's menu so I wanted to share the cooking with you this week and show you how well we're doing and then see at the end of the week how much weight we've actually lost because it's slowly coming off now but I'm really excited about the menu so I'm gonna get straight in and show you what we've been cooking so far and I've got some goodies as well that I'm planning to share with you towards the

end of the week so I really really hope that you enjoyed this week's video please do subscribe if you are new and if you're enjoying the video please give me a lovely thumbs up thank you it started today it's currently nearly 5 o'clock and I'm doing salmon fatigue just really quick and easy salmon grilled salmon and I'm doing it with quinoa we really really like quinoa I chopped up lots of veg and things with it lots of herbs to make it really really full of flavor and it's a really low calorie low fat meal as well as we're both trying to lose weight for Florida my waters about to come to the boil and I've got my type of quinoa I'm just gonna add a whole load in and that takes about 10 minutes or so to boil you'll be able to see when it's ready I'll show you you know what is really really good for you it's one of those I'm super foods so let me know if you quinoa as well and also if you cook it differently for me any cooking tips with quinoa please leave your comments below so the great pan I've got tiny little bit of oil and I've got garlic onions peppers celery and courgettes all sliced up and I'm just fine this off very

lightly but um to be honest I just add whatever needs using up in my fridge and the quinoa is nearly done they kind of see like the little grains they're not really grains but they open up I'm also doing some broccoli Spears aid for about four bags of these home the other day for 10 P from Waitrose quinoa is done there you go you can like to see all the little pieces nicely separated I'm going to drain that off and leave it stick a bit mixing the quinoa in the pan I've added loads of salt and pepper and lots of fresh thyme as well and that is tonight's dinner we've got the grilled salmon the quinoa I baked some cherry tomatoes and the broccoli stems very healthy morning it's Tuesday half-past 8:00 in the morning and I'm making a really quick crock pot meal today it's Mexican chicken I'll link up the original recipe that I found and I've just tweaked it slightly but I'll show you what I've done so far I am using a liner inside my crock pot these you can use to freeze afterwards so I'm making a double batch today it's just my husband and myself that ate this I'm doing something else for the kids later but we really really like this I've got an

onion chopped I've got half a green pepper and a yellow pepper turn of tomatoes large turnips sweet corn and a large tin of chili beans I really like the kidney beans in the chili sauce so that's what I've used for mine I've placed five skinless boneless chicken thighs I buy these from Lidl and they work out I think there's something like 230 something for this pack of five so this loads in there place them on top and now I'm just going to get the rub together so for my spice mix which I've just done again you can follow the recipe it does call it a taco mix so you could also use taco seasoning but I've got a teaspoon of chili teaspoon of garlic granules paprika it says Oregon oh I don't have any Oregon Asaf used Mediterranean I've ground some cumin seeds if I don't have ground cumin I ground my own and salt and pepper and that gets sprinkled over the top and there we go I'm gonna mix it all up and pop it in the crock-pot I'm gonna put it on low for four hours and see how that goes and I'm gonna give it a good mix and before we eat it it gets covered in grated cheese and spring onions and that's gonna be the only

naughty thing that I add and we are going to be eating it with salad we are currently getting fit for Florida we're both trying to lose some weight and because we're always saving for nice holidays my food is always on a budget so I spend very very little on my meals but we always eat really really well and that's how it looks all mixed up and it really does smell like tacos it smells amazing it's been in here for three hours I just wanted to show you I didn't add any stock water or anything and just how much kind of juice is gravy there is loads in there it's now 5:00 o'clock I've set it about an hour ago to heat up again and I've just added a load of grated cheese and spring onions on top and and that's dish up can you hear it bubbling it smells amazing and that's it or dished up I'm really excited about this one next day and I'm making dinner today I'm going to be doing a frittata with a load of roasted veg we're really trying to keep low on carbs at the moment and we're both actually losing weight at the moment it's been stagnant for a long time but this week we're finally seeing it coming off using up lots of bits and pieces from the fridge

I've just chopped up the carrots there's a bit of oil and some fresh thyme in there I will be adding courgettes in Otley I just want the carrots to cook a bit first because they take longer and these are going to be replacing fries today so if you haven't made frittata before it's basically a pastry less quiche really easy to make and you can put anything in it so I'm about to whisk up I'm just doing it for the two of us as Holly's at uni Louise already eaten today's been out I'm whisking up 5x and I'm just gonna add in a little bit of milk as well whisk that up and season it and in the meantime here in my pan I've got onions mushrooms and peppers just frying in a little bit of oil placed my veggies in the bottom you could even add ham corn any other types of vegetables asparagus anything goes in I've just poured over the seasoned eggy milk mixture and I'm going to layer on Santa Marta and because no meal is complete in my house without cheese on the top I've added tomatoes cheese and spring onions scallions if you're in the States I'm gonna bake that on 180 doing a few green beans with just some seasoning in a dry pan and I've got another bag of

the Tempe broccoli spheres to use up the frittata took 25 minutes obviously it will depend on how deep your dish is how many eggs you've used all that kind of thing depends on how long it takes to cook but you just want it to be solid so not runny on top and a nice brown color and the courgettes took about the same amount of time and the carrots about 10 minutes longer and that's tonight's dinner another really really quick one really healthy and really yummy good morning and this is going to be the final day of cooking today but I've got a few things to share with you it's in the morning and I am prepping a curry for tonight's dinner um we went out for dinner last night didn't end up cooking we went out for dinner with friends and it was just our local Green King pub nothing fancy but we really enjoy it there but I was really good I think because the wait is finally coming off very slowly I didn't want to ruin it and I made a really sensible choice and I went with the vegan chickpea and sweet potato curry it was the best thing I've ever eaten at the pub we go there quite regular it's walking distance it's really nice in

there and we know the menu really well and I do really like it curry and I usually go for the chicken tikka we googled the calorie content whilst we were there and it was one thousand one hundred and something calories it was so much so I went for the vegan option and it was it was under in the under 650 calorie section it's the best thing I've ever eaten there I'll insert a photo it was so so good and I will probably always eat that now there I enjoyed it that much but it also made me come home wanting to recreate the meal I found a recipe on Pinterest which I will link up below for you and I'm going to be giving that a go today it's gonna go in the slow cooker ready for dinner tonight I also want to try something else which I'm going to share with you as well and I feel very excited about today's food I'm just browning off a little I've got the onions and sweet potato in there and I've substituted the olive oil in the recipe for some coconut oil I'm adding a tablespoon of these tika curry paste and also these and also the fresh ginger a tin of rinsed and drained chickpea substernal chopped tomato and also coconut milk I've decided not

to add the lentils to this particular recipe and I'm going to put that now on the slow cooker for about three hours crock pots on I'm now going to make a treat I've been really fancying something nice and we've had such a good week that I'm going to make something really yummy I haven't tried this recipe before it came up on my Pinterest feed this morning so I'm going to give it a go it's like a breakfast tea blueberry type bar looks really good so I'm going to do that but I'm going to be doing it vegan style so I'm I thought some bigger man terrine this morning so that way our daughter can have some as well so this is it blueberry oatmeal crumble bars that's what it's supposed to look like here I've got the melted vegan butter with the cut of plain flour 1/2 a cup of oats I forgot to buy brown sugar so I've just used sugar and I'm going to mix this all in this is the base and also the topping I pressed the base down into a dish I have used some greaseproof paper just to make it a bit easier to remove and in here I have some of the topping that I put to one side but it was the same mixture I've now just mixed 2 cups of

blueberries with sugar lemon and cornstarch it says now to put this over the base my blueberries have really large though I think I might cut some of them in half because they are pretty large and I don't know if they're going to cover the base you know I didn't quite feel like I had enough bluebird is there so it does say in the recipe you can add frozen so I did add a handful of frozen blueberries from the freezer that I had I've sprinkled over a little bit of sugar and now I'm going to add the topping the topping was the set obviously the same as the base it does say that you can add a few squidgy few bits together so you've got some kind of like crumble balls to go on top so I'm going to do that and then sprinkle it all over right so it's 55 minutes in the oven for 180 but if you're using fresh blueberries to maybe reduce the time by ten minutes or so so I'm going to set my alarm for 45 as I do have a few frozen in there as well and just see how it goes I'm really intrigued and now I'm just going to make one last thing this is something I tried a couple of weekends ago it's so good and really really easy and very healthy it's banana

pancakes but I renamed it banana scramble and you'll see why and these are the only ingredients there's two of us I'm doing two bananas one very very overripe and two eggs and I'm just going to whisk them up together and a pop a little bit of coconut oil into my pan and then fry them up the only thing is unlike pancake it doesn't stick together it's very difficult to turn I kind of need to do it in sections which is why I renamed it oh that's better and I'm a scramble just wanted to add we've just tried this vegan flora on a cracker on a Ritz cracker just to see what it's like it's the first time that we've bought a vegan style butter and looking at my husband now we both really liked it it was very creamy we expected it to be quite artificial tasting but actually we preferred this then a lot of the margarines and we would actually buy it again wouldn't wait for ourselves yeah cheese biscuits I think they're really not on your checklist see exactly what's what's in it just to see how poised if it's better worse and obviously you can use it for baking - it was 2 pounds so it

looks a bit more expensive than they make it I'm surprised marjorine yes taste-wise really really good and this is our scrambled banana stack and I have done a little bit of Nutella on the top they look really really good our kitchen right now smells so good the curry and the blueberry bars in the oven and by the way you need to try that banana scramble if you like bananas please try it leave me a comment below and let me know what you think I think adding just a tiny little Nutella really really makes it a delights to add honey on his but it's quick see it's a great way to use up right bananas as well so it's gonna taste really old lordy I tried taking banana along with our number is really us I say the reason I'll have a honey as well I've local honey it's made less than a mile away it's good for my sims to hell with my sinuses and they don't suffer from well yeah I tend to try and have maybe like a spend for the day but it is purely local and it is mine to use you're a baker that's sharing anybody no no no but it doesn't really help what's

a since the last couple of months and be used in my sizes so much clearer as well any Disney fans out there you know the bit by Epcot my mind mine we always say my stage you're so bad at sharing channel can't get in your ass Caroline we really recommend the banana school oh yeah lovely really good please try it and leave me a comment below and let me know if you love it just taken these blueberry oat crumble bars out of the oven it smells so good and they were in for 45 minutes I'm gonna leave these now to cool these bars are one of the best thing I have ever made it was so easy as well just pressing the base into the pan they're gooey they're sweet they're crunchy they are so amazing I absolutely love them and you could also change the fruits I guess in the middle as well you could maybe try raspberries strawberries something like that but these are so good we're just gonna have a slice with a cup of tea so that was this week's video I really hope you've enjoyed that I've had so much fun cooking I said I'd let you know at the end of the week how much we're lost I've lost three pounds and aids lost for really really pleased we are trying to

do as much walking as possible like I said at the start of the video you can follow me on Instagram I'm the funky fairy and I've been just sharing our walks what we're eating and all that kind of thing so pleased to go and find me there I do also have the business account which is lollipop box club which is all my creative kind of crafty kind of thing but I'd love to know what have you enjoyed most in this video which recipe got you excited and got wanting to try and let me know if you will be trying any of them I would love to know I do have a cookery playlist now which I will link up which has some of my other videos where I'm cooking as well if you are enjoying that kind of thing if you would like to see more of this kind of video please give me a thumbs up and please also let me know it's always just lovely to know what you're enjoying the most so I know what kind of content to create for you it's really really helpful please do also share this video if you know anyone that you think would enjoy this video please do share it with them I'd really appreciate it it really helps my channel out as well so have a great week on

Wednesday I'm doing an unboxing of the lollipop gym kit but I've also got some creative things to share with you that I've actually made using the kit and on Friday it's a family vlog I think I'm gonna share that one with you it's a silly one it's with my family would go and visit them my brother my sister I know some of you really like those videos it was my mom's birthday I'm having second thoughts I don't know whether to share it or not because it is very silly actually let me know would you like to see that video because I can change it I can do something else so let me know if you would like to see that family video that would be really nice to know and on Saturday it's an Orlando video we're getting ready to go over to the Wilderness Lodge at Disney which we really really enjoyed so thank you for watching today have an amazing week and I will see you on Wednesday take care bye [Music]