25 September 2018

What healthy recipe do I eat for breakfast

Hey everyone this is a video of one of my healthy breakfast I eat each morning this helps you out with loosing weight and have energy for a while it's so simply ...

so hey guys welcome back to my channel

today it's going to be a video about what I eat every morning it's a healthy breakfast it helps you reduce when losing weight with having a lot of energy so this is something really simple and easy and delicious to make I do right now apologize I'm missing one of the ingredients which is avocado but it's so delicious like that so what you're gonna need is one piece of bread and it depends on him and you like to eat it I just eat one and it's the Sara Lee the whole wheat the 16 ounces you need some sauce and some shredded low-moisture no Sorella cheese and it's reduced back and you're gonna need you could use either pan or you can use butter bomb both of them work and then you just need one egg and over here I have my pot heating up already so I'm gonna start off we're spraying some of my time and we're just gonna wait for it to heat up and I need is usually everyone like let's say today I eat this and then tomorrow oatmeal I just switch it out it's something really good it fills you up for a while but I just want to I just decide to eat one at a time because I have a small stomach and I hardly eat

right now like I'm trying to maintain a stable diet and maintain a stable weight or shape so we're just gonna wait and reign in online my heat is on six cuz I do not want it to burn so let's go ahead and throw in your bread and just let it toast in your egg you're gonna put it at the top of your bread like this some cheese then depends on lunch chase you like I like it a little bit [Music] we're gonna jump to this site and we're going in and take my spatula click regarding crabby I do apologize for that and we're just gonna wait for it to cook and at the end is going to taste so delicious like but double Cotter does make a difference then he gives it a lot more gonna start flipping it just try to keep it together if it starts going to the side of it's perfectly fine I'll just try to keep it together it's a really good process like I said the cheese is so delicious so you see how that's coming out just cut it to the flour [Music] I usually drink this with orange juice or I'll make myself a homemade lemonade

I stopped thinking cause like I said I used to be a coke at it at it at it like I said Nicky I couldn't cope with everything but I thought I drink water I drink I drink homemade stuff that I've been missing so you feel like it already looks something like this continue using it or not it's gonna get stuck like a half of it but I promise you if anything's really delicious thirty guineas up just gonna keep on building you see how the cheese is already in there melt it was just a tooth right here this is why we need double pie dough so it won't like mouth but go ahead say Center in my plate and it is ready to eat so like I said now you could just get some orange juice some lemonade or something it's really up to you and then just enjoy so I hope you liked this little quick breakfast please give it a thumbs up and make sure to LIKE comment subscribe bye guys