22 July 2019

What happens when you go on a low salt diet?

In this episode I share my experience of being on a low salt diet that also did not have adequate iodine. I will tell you about the impact on my metabolism, ...

hi everyone in this video I'm going to

talk about a decision that nearly destroyed my health and I would have ended up in the hospital the goal of this episode is to warn you what happens when you make a health-related decision without consulting a professional or doing your own research I'll tell you about my story of how my thyroid gland started to malfunction I started to retain water leading to weight gain of course and some days I would feel so drained that I would have trouble walking strength here is what happened you see a lot of people in the media they give you very generic advice but as a researcher I will tell you not to follow blindly what anybody tells you you should not follow even my advice despite the depth of my research in fact you should even question your very trusted doctor asking him/her more questions than you planned him even getting a second or third opinion and always doing your own research in my case my wife read or heard something somewhere that the supermarket sold was bad and no one should eat it so when shopping for groceries at Trader Joe's we saw a container of sea salt and bought it to make things even more

attractive the salt came all the way from France one of our favorite countries in the world with it and this was an easy decision the next thing you know months went by and we simply kept buying the same salt you see there is a reason why some hundred and twenty countries in the world have made it mandatory that table salt contain iodine while it is voluntary in the United States many of the common brands of salt are fortified with IOT in addition if you take any multivitamin supplements it may have iodine as well of course iodine is also present naturally in some fruits including dairy grains flour and vegetables it is also present in fairly high concentration in seaweed and seafood there is some disagreement as to how much iodine we should consume because for example the Japanese people consume very high amounts and they have some of the longest lifespans in the world and are in general in good health their intake of iodine now comes mainly from their diet that is naturally rich in oil team many American experts are reluctant to recommend that we should consume the same level of iodine as the Japanese do

however unless you are meticulous about monitoring how much iodine you are taking you may not get enough even from iodized salt in my case there was another complicating factor that I just don't like to eat a lot of salt and you would not be surprised to know that I hardly eat anything processed another major source of salt plus I run every day and we all know that we lose salt when we sweat the symptoms that I started to experience were extremely dry skin falling hair cracking heels and healthy nails low energy mental fog and accumulation of water in my body actually I was initially somewhat happy to see my thighs and arms being rock solid and began attributing it to my push-ups and squats thankfully my wife and I started to research the cause of these symptoms and after a lot of reading we concluded that extremely low level of salt consumption and iodine deficiency can cause these symptoms as you might know thyroid is one of the most important endocrine glands in our bodies and produces hormones that regulate our metabolism and maintain our overall health for the thyroid gland to function normally

it needs a steady supply of iodine in consuming adequate amounts of iodized salt is therefore essential once we realize what we were doing wrong I corrected it immediately by consuming more iodized salt and making sure to eat more sea root and seafood it was a relatively easy and an inexpensive fix and within a few months the retain water disappear I also lost the weight as a result and started to feel normal again to my pleasant surprise my dry skin vanished my heels that were starting to look really bad began to look much smoother again and the appearance of my nails also improved as you can imagine here in New England that means I was using a lot less body lotion it is worthwhile to point out that as we age a lot of men and women face thyroid related issues an underactive thyroid gland due to aging is a problem by itself and common and a very significant health issue and if you aggravate it with a very low salt diet and inadequate iodine content you are making things worse that's pretty much what happened to me so make sure that you're monitoring your diet for enough contact the recommended daily amount is

150 micrograms and pregnant women should follow the advice of their doctors because they would need even more another related point that I want to make in this YouTube video is that you will hear all sorts of people screaming about consuming a low salt diet but before you start doing so in fact before you start doing anything related to health as I said in my introduction make sure that the advice applies to you while it is true that most Americans consume way too much salt because they eat a lot of processed food and often eat meals outside the home while you may not think of canned foods for example as processed foods they are and they have way too much salt however if you're like me and cook nearly all your meals from scratch at home and rarely eat outside particularly at fast food and other chain restaurants you're probably doing just fine with salt just make sure that you eat iodized salt and regularly eating foods that are naturally rich in iodine I hope this video helped you better understand the value of research and from now on you are going to not follow a piece of advice before making sure that it really

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