10 June 2019

What Does it’s Really Mean “No Diets” when Using Elv Alipotec Part 1

In this video I explain what it really means when we say no diets needed when using Elv Alipotec Raíz de Tejocote. This video turned out to be way longer than ...

hello hello everyone I'm Michelle

Trivium with Michelle ttv did you know that a lot of people are confused about the correct way to eat while they are using their treatment whether it be elf empathic which is our product in its natural state or about control which is the new presentation of our capsules well today I am here to tell you exactly what it means when we say there is no need to diet or exercise so back when our products first started a lot of our ads had a bunch of information and about how the products worked and things like that and it was a big you know emphasis on do not diet there's no need to diet there's no need to exercise and nothing like that which is true most people have great great great results they have excellent results without having to make any kind of food modifications in their diet perfect when they say no exercise is required it also means that people that are physically unable to get up and move or and do any kind of exercise because of an illness or because of age or whatever they are also going to have great results with our products now if I wanted to I could tell all my plants you know what there's no need to diet there's no need to exercise there's no

need to make any kind of changes well you know what what's gonna happen you are going to depend a hundred percent on our products forever and you know what if you want to depend on our products 100 percent forever then go right ahead you know that's that's totally perfectly fine and that just means you know you're going to be purchasing more from me of it all the time but for me personally what I like is for my clients to have excellent excellent results but still improve their health because that's basically the reason why we take our products and I'm here to come and tell you exactly what we mean by no diets okay that's a huge huge thing that people call me and they'll tell me when we we're talking about nutrition the tummy wall in the attic says no diet is required no it's not okay what this specifically means no diet it means that there is no need to cut out any food groups from your diet which means you can eat fats you can eat carbs you can eat protein you can eat dairy you can eat not like when you make a certain diet that they restrict you from certain foods that's not what we encourage okay

what we encourage is making healthier choices when we say no diets it does not mean that we want you to start making all these unhealthy choices you know that it's just definitely going to be harming your body and making you even more sick okay that's not the whole purpose the whole purpose is that you do eat all the food groups but in moderation so most people who do not have diabetes or high blood pressure can eat from all the food groups okay if you do have diabetes have the pressure you know that there are certain foods that are continually harming your body that doesn't mean that you have you can go out and eat you know the carbs that make you sick or the eat a lot of sodium okay you know we have to first sit back and think we have to analyze whatever goes to lose weight right to become healthier that's definitely a huge huge go for most people so we have to think what has gotten us to the point where we are now overweight we know that we haven't been making the correct choices you know for a while and we have become overweight so we just have to sit back and think okay what am I doing wrong and don't get me wrong our products are

definitely going to help you they're going to help you with the food cravings they're going to help you eat less amount of foods so we see it I see it personally as a tool to help you get to your goals a lot faster okay does that mean that I'm going to encourage you no eating takeout every single day eating a bunch of processed foods snacking on things that are going to make you unhealthy no that's definitely not beneficial for you or for anybody even if you are taking the route yes it is still going to be flushing up the fat it is still going to be doing its job but what is it what are you still doing to your body I had one time in this client who called me and she said you know what I used to take care of my nutrition but then I started taking the roux and I'm now I started eating all kinds of foods I was not taking care of myself whatsoever and I haven't lost any weight being recently because your body was used to a certain amount of calories okay your body gets used to us what they're doing that's so given fat they get used to it and then you start putting more calories into your system that's super counterproductive okay now

it's just like if you you're feeling your gas tank up and you're still you're ready another liquid that is going to harm your vehicle okay we have to think about our our bodies as you know that's something that's going to last us for the rest of our life we have to take care of it we have to take care of what we put into it I understand there's going to be times when we have an event we have things parties and I'm not saying that can't enjoy those times yes most definitely you can enjoy those times but what I'm saying definitely is that you have to be careful you have to monitor you still have to be conscious of what you're eating it's not a free food for all no no no no no okay we have to analyze we have to think what are our goals does this make me is this unhealthy what you're going to put into your mouth is it unhealthy or not but I highly highly highly encourage you to take your time while you are on your treatment where there is a root or the capsule to start making changes for your body okay your body is going to thank you a million times over for these

changes that you are incorporating into it why because we don't want to be sick one first of all we we start consuming a lot of sugars a lot of carbohydrates what's going to happen we're going to become insulin dependent and then comes diabetes and then we can lose away because you know a lot of issues a lot of issues we start developing cholesterol we have to take care of our bodies no matter if you are taking the route it's a supplement a supplement means that it's an assistant to what you are doing so it is assisting you and the weight loss process but you also have to do your part okay I encourage you to you know trying to care of yourself almost every single day if you messed up one meal you know what okay I messed up we're human it's fine there's absolutely nothing wrong with it but you know what your next meal make it a lot better I highly recommend that don't be the type that because I'm telling you because I used to do that you know where I wouldn't mess up one meal and all well I already must you know for the rest of the day would just eat a bunch of crap so no that doesn't

that's super counterproductive and that's not that was not getting me anywhere that was not giving me any kind of results and it's not gonna give you any kind of results as well