19 July 2019

What Diet Do We Follow?

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hey what's up man Zen do dan that's me

that's me you will learn about my diet house you know jumper makes you psychic dude you know that come on come on Zen do Dan you always talk about jumper oh yeah tell us a little bit about your diet you Aikido guy are you vegan are you low-carb like what's your diet bro listen here here at jump rope dudes we don't practice diet okay in all seriousness guys Brenda and I don't have diets so today we're gonna show you guys what we eat it's it's not a diet but we're gonna show you what food we and some tips and tricks to help you figure out your nutrition or how to enjoy eating food that's gonna make you look good first of all we talk about this in a lot of videos water Brandon and I are crazy about drinking water I drink about four of these size bottles a day so a little bit over a hundred ounces of water I'm just getting that out of the way because if your plan is to lose any amount of weight at all or get fit you need to drink water and lots of it so try to drink over or around half of your body weight in ounces of water so I weigh about 200 pounds therefore I'm drinking a little bit over and before I

show you guys what's in my fridge I'm currently on a cooking all my meals at home kick I want to just tell you guys whether I'm cooking or whether I'm eating out my daily caloric range is 2,700 to 3,000 calories I used to track my calories a lot before I got like really good at being able to I stuff and figure out the estimate for it I tracked my calories like religiously even still to this day I do not break that window of 2700 to 3000 Monday through Friday the weekends yes I definitely go a little bit overboard I enjoy some sweets have a couple of drinks or something like that but the key is I'm always moving so even if there's a day where I have like 4,000 or 5,000 calories I'm usually hiking bike riding skateboarding dancing doing something that's gonna make up for all the calories that I put in my body or putting those calories to good use so now that you have that out of the way of how much I'm eating I sometimes do tend to eat out a lot and let me talk about the eating a lot in a sec let me show you what I'm doing right now so the thing that I like

to eat the most is obviously just tequila we just like to eat tequila inside of that no I'm kidding don't chill my girlfriend threw a party and I bought a bunch of drinks and it's been sitting there okay we'll drink them within the next three years so ladies and gentleman what I wanted to show you is just some of the meals and foods that I'm eating to stay fit so one of the first meals that I really really enjoy is super easy it's just a salad I've made this salad like hundreds and hundreds of times this is what it is spinach chicken avocado goat cheese typically some bacon balsamic dressing maybe some blueberries and like walnuts or something like that that's one of my favorite salads of all time so I make that a whole lot now some other things like for example Brandon Boone pound it recently turned me on to Brenda's tacos phenomenal when I need to get some like quick calories oh you like tortilla some eggs and cheese and just make like a simple breakfast taco with some salsa I also eat lots of ground turkey ground turkey is really great for you because it's super lean its turkey it's not like you you're not eating a bunch of like

the red meat stuff I do tend to make a lot of Mexican types of dishes for two reasons one they're insanely delicious and everybody loves come on everybody loves Mexican food but two they're very good at getting you your macronutrients so if you have rice and some beans and like a lot of meat that's a great way to get any throw some avocado in there that's a great way to get your daily needs met for protein fats and carbohydrates obviously I have a bunch of eggs I got a lot of salsa because I love chips and salsa got some avocado to Zekey dip I have tajiki dip also if you're gonna dip stuff like I have I'll show I'll go I'll go to my cabinet in the set but I like dips like this because when you dip stuff like you know it's a little naughty you're like it's probably like kind of bad for you but not to Zeki sauce especially if it's made Greek yogurt that's kind of a little hack so if you want to still feel like you're eating Super Bowl party food but it's like decent for you to Zeki especially with Greek yogurt I got some chicken sausage back here too chicken sausage for the protein I usually am

stocked up on some kind of green juice because honestly guys now this is a ginger like spicy cider this is really good as well but I try and stock up on green juice simply because it is a little bit more difficult for me to make a bunch of vegetables just because I'm always moving and doing something and I just don't really want to so green juice is a good way to do that lean meats and eggs and nuts make up a huge portion of my diet you come over here to the cabinet this is mine right here so I got some candied walnuts popcorn craisins sunflower seeds peanuts veggie chips pretzels chips corn chips tortilla chips and Cheerios and then behind here I got like some rice and beans and stuff like that there's things I want to drive home is that I don't have a consistent diet that I follow except that most of the food I eat is real food so most of the food I eat like I said before comes from like lean meats eggs nuts fruits vegetables things like that and then the other 30% is what you find in here it's like chips beer desert things like that and I don't feel bad about eating those things because one I still have the physique result that I want and I still

feel good and two because life is super short and what's the point of being alive if you can't have a drink and like have a piece of cake the overall thing I want to get across to you guys is I'm mostly Whole Foods sometimes I out more sometimes I cook at home more but I'm always mixing it up and I always enjoy the food that I'm eating staying in the range of 2703 thousand calories Monday through Friday and then doing whatever on the weekends as long as I'm moving my body all right guys let's go to Brent's up come on inside first thing we have to focus on when it comes to nutrition is air so I have a lot of plans this one here is very spiky it helps protect the house you can tell them no one wants to get too close to it looks dangerous the first part of my diet is just like my honey feel just rich rich rich thank you guys second thing I focus on when it comes to my diet is my water listen the jump rope dudes are woke we know what's going on dudes right here just tap water you know what that has in there that has trace minerals of prescription drugs plastic all kinds of stuff that you don't want in your body

it is what it is I would live in Los Angeles and people take a lot prescription drugs it goes into the waste goes into our water or whatever so you Shakalaka I'm on this alkaline water life and this is one of the the most important things I feel like in my diet is really high quality water that is strips away all of that crap you don't want your water so alkaline water is the first thing in my routine I've been on a kick somewhere I'd and where I've been cooking most of my food recently do a lot of my cooking here what I'm not eating out try to eat decently healthy but also like Dan on the weekends I enjoy myself and I do the same thing I'm a little smaller than you guys haven't noticed you know like 20 pounds yeah I get it I'm fat okay a little bit lighter than them so I'm eating closer to like 2,500 to 2,800 calories per day and that helps me maintain my current body fat percentage but one thing I want to mention is for all of you guys who were thinking about like our calories and you're like should I eat as much as Dan or Brandon you got to eat the right amount for you we made videos on this in the past and we have the calorie

calculator it will help you figure out the right amount of calories and mac initiatives for you and you can plug all these foods into your diet but pretend this is not our debt so I'm gonna keep going with it when it comes to cooking what are we cooking with coconut oil right Dan sometimes I also get a put some olive oil in with some garlic cook with that - whoo yeah oh yeah good fat healthy fats and Himalayan pink salt crystals and you know most on the apple cider vinegar life helps with the immune system as well yeah apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits it's got a lot of benefits so I wanted to just show you guys what I'm cooking with you know see what kind of oils I'm using I do have the vegetable canola oil this is a little naughty this is more my wife's most Colombian that's colombia right there our Columbia Bluebird Melia oh yeah oh they're gonna be like boom way lows and fry stuff and you know she does her thing I do my thing I don't have a ton of food right here to show you guys but I'll just give you a high level I try to eat mostly fruit and vegetables obviously I got the avocado here onion

lime but now you do you eat a lot of bananas a lot of banana they're good yeah I need to get brushed up so I don't have as much in here to show you guys but what I often do guys is I'll do like a stir fries I'll take like this is the eggplant I'll take some eggplant squash and zucchini some onions so I'll put that all in a little surface in coconut oil I'll throw some of these chicken breasts in there review a lot of stir fries those are easy to make they're really fast and tasty what's your opinion Brennan on like salsas and using sauces and condiments I don't think you should worry that much about sauces like people stress about them but your food has to taste bomb so I'm a sauce master look at my phone look at all my sauce is like a teriyaki I got poison barbecue I got a sriracha and roasted garlic barbecue sauce I got that sriracha I got spicy sriracha mayo mustard you know that balsamic dressing aslam like a big Italian dressing bosonic fig dude that is like next-level fancy we got a Trader Joe's just opened up like three minutes from us oh yeah and crazy over there oh yeah why don't you explain to people so like Whole Foods is too even

though they got bought by Amazon that it's still pretty expensive yeah Trader Joe's is super super cheap you live in the u.s. it's just amazing if you could just go get groceries for a week that's like $70 70 is oh I've got blueberries here strawberries I think those blueberries strawberries with some almond milk so like I said I'm doing smoothie with the frozen fruit and also got the Grahams ooh tons of frozen fruit and I got the grass-fed whey I said in a different video I don't take supplements i guess because i compartmentalize this grass-fed whey protein i don't really think of as a supplement i think of it as food and that's what we always talk about you guys like you eat steak you eat chicken you eat wild caught fish eat some way it's all food I was talking about I don't take supplements like I don't take fish oil multi protein creatine cut anything that yeah so I mean that's that's all also like up to your discretion guys like yeah you can do that as a supplement I don't personally do it but I mean I I'm not against doing that so whatever you need to hit your numbers

really if you need to eat extra steak or chicken or take a protein powder it doesn't matter going on to food what we always try I was trying to make like just like easy meal so I do giant salads as well so I got these mixed greens here some carrots throw some tomatoes in there might throw some chicken in there or might throw some sardines in there whoa yellow smart smoked sardines also sometimes throw some garbanzo beans yep well garbanzos doesn't getting pretty excited about my food when it comes to carbohydrates I'm eating a lot of things like brown rice sweet potatoes want to eat fat it's mostly like seems like this these are bomb home in Brazil nuts excellent source of selenium that's my thing I don't take supplements because most Whole Foods have all the supplements all of all the minerals and vitamins that you need in them so if you eat a mineral and vitamin rich diet you'll need supplements so I do some of these plantain chips when I want to get naughty and I put them in the spinach and kale Greek yogurt dip oh I didn't see that is balm I need a lot of dried fruit that's like that's how I've

replaced my sugar cuz I used to be like a crazy sugar guy where I wanted to eat cake and cookies and stuff every night so now I date and like dried mango and of course I'm also all about that juice left as well you guys I could talk to you about my food all day but I'm gonna wrap it up right here by just saying as you can see I try to eat whole foods really fruits from the earth fruits vegetables nuts seeds wild-caught fish lean needs things of that sort and recommend that you guys do too because you'll feel better because what you eat becomes you what do you think are made of you're made of mostly water and food so when you consume food that's what you're becoming so think about it that way try to cut out processed foods until you live your life but this is what I do it is what it is so if you guys are interested in learning more about how we eat and actually practicing the same principles that Dan and I use we have our nutrition system linked up in the description below go click that link and check it out it has tons of recipes bowls which we really like to make we've talked about a little bit and

just making sure that we eating the right amount for your body specifically so check that out if this video was helpful please like the video comment any questions you have below subscribe to the youtube channel i'm brandon the guy holding the camera Stan we're the jump rope Tuesday and we're always going to be here to help you jump rope get lean and live more until next time do the thing