18 March 2019

What Are The Most Important Things You Can Do To Prevent Cancer? by Brian Clement

Did you know that what you eat could be making you sick? It's true. Some foods such as poultry, beef, and dairy clog your body with energy-depleting fats, toxins, ...


well you know I guess if somebody says to me Brian what if you had to be called an expert in something as a nutritional guy what is it that would have to be cancer because what Hippocrates was founded out of is Ann Wigmore reversing cancer so in the early days 1950s 60s and 70s practically everyone that came to us at cancer so our medical team that's what they've been working with observing etc and my role in that is not only the director but as nutritional scientists and observing what is discovered in blood profiles etc so cancer like other things often has a lot to do with your perception of self I all too often seen people have big shocks in their life and end up weakening their immune system to such a point where the cancer cells start to multiply then every day we have about all of us have 1% of our cells that potentially could be cancer every day we create that we create hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of cells every day we have trillions and trillions of cells in your body but if you're not happy if you've been shocked that can precipitate those what that 1% to be greatly or in good part cancer

number two your environment has everything to do with this a long time ago my wife and I wrote a book called killer clothes it is one of the most ignored areas of Health and it was sort of it's appalling to me you know I'm not always proud I have to write the book on clothes when the garment injury industry should have written that book but I actually show you without a question that clothes create cancer they're made out of oil ever since the Second World War there's been a major shift in a trend from natural Cotton's and natural walls etc to polyester which is oil the same oil that's in your automobile that's what they make polyester and nylon clothes and and and to top it all if they put formaldehydes on 100% organic shirts so you don't have to iron them and the list goes on thousands of chemicals are used in manufacturing fabric then women are wearing bras there's two landmark studies I report that nolle nylon and polyester bras increase your chances of breast cancer up to six times not percent six times if you have underwire

that cuts the lymphatic system out because you have larger bosom up to eight times so you know these are not opinions these are clear and and they're common-sense things too you know I've always tended in my life to move to the common-sense things that also are scientifically valid that are practical and I keep trying to disseminate that information how bad breast implants you know things like this you're putting plastic in your body and what we know is that the environment we're getting more and more population on this planet Earth the more people the more product the more product the more poison in the air the more poison in the water the more plastic and all of that adds up to creating potential for estrogen in the body so estrogenic factors are the number one precipitant of all forms of cancer over 90% of breast cancer over 90% of prostate cancer but every single cancer has an estrogenic component in it you know when they see I have eight or nine percent or not estrogenic doesn't mean that percentage doesn't have some pathway from estrogen to and the body is brilliant but at the same point all

man-made chemistry all man-made chemistry and mind heavy metals look like estrogens to the body so you take those chemicals in and that's it the carpet on most people's floor Outkast's formaldehyde the paint on your wall sure it doesn't have lead it has other chemicals that are equally bad to let just haven't been discovered at this point and we go on and on and on inside of a home the Environmental Protection Agency's worldwide now tell us that inside of a home it's six to seven times more polluted than outside so ironically when you know have polluted days in the summer in major cities they said the elderly and young should stay in the opposite is true go out as polluted as it is it's six or seven times more polluted in your house so I would say chemistry is number two now of course diet is number three so we do know again there's volumes of books that not only I have written but mainstream science is written on how we know fried foods create cancers how we know meats create cancer how we know dairy food is the number one cause of cancer organic or not it doesn't matter the organic label doesn't help you

survive cancer or prevent cancer and so all of those meats why because they reduce oxygen and the serious area of oncological science today have gone back and once again used Warburg's work as a pillar of how low oxygen in the bloodstream creates cancer he showed us all the way back in the 1920s you reduce oxygen by one-third and even I healthy people start to have cancer develop so when you eat large amounts of fat from animals you basically reduce oxygen and precipitate the potentiality for cancer so that 1% of cells love that because they can now mutate all cancer by the way happens to be anaerobic in the presence of oxygen cancer cannot survive in flourish in the presence of no oxygen it flourishes it thrives isn't that interesting so animal foods are for that reason plus inherently which we mentioned before the heavy metals and chemicals are higher in the animal flesh and the milk of the animal than any place else we find on the planet Earth mothers who by the way drink milk and eat animals including fish chicken even if it's organic have literally 99% higher amounts of chemicals in their

breasts now than a vegan mother I'm gonna be saying a raw food organic vegan mother 99% 1% the vegan mother has long term vegan mothers who breasts in their breast milk so we know that then of course we have other factors and the other factors beyond environmental factors or social factors so we're tribal mentality sadly we haven't really become what we were meant to be independent thinkers and spiritually connected as tribal thinkers what we notice is people at the lower end of the pecking order people who feel bad about themselves who are not socially normal who don't have the job and don't have the economics cetera they they endure a much higher incidence of cancer than other people so it doesn't mean that if you're wealthy running around and eating the wrong thing you won't get cancer it's just if you're running around doing the wrong thing and lower-income and feeling bad about yourself you're gonna get more cancer and by the way have less of an ability to know you have cancer at that point because the system doesn't support you you know if you're feeling bad and you were wealthy you go and with your

insurance to the hospital or the doctor and the doctor tells you that so there are so many factors for cancer today it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse you know used to be when I began my work nearly half a century ago that it was people my age and older that had cancer every single week now we have families in our office with children with cancer and it's the number one killer of children now below 5 and below 18 barring accidents accidents are number one leukemia and brain cancer is number two and brain cancer was literally unheard of with children in my parents generation you so the question I'm being asked is an impossible question for me to answer it's like asking the Pope what's better abortion or murder so I'm not going to give that answer yeah all of these contribute to disorder the difference between other people they want to get you to like them and they want to be moderate so that they lead you in I don't care I'm gonna tell you the fact the fact is every one of those are poisonous to you yes [Music]

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