04 April 2018

What Are The Best Snacks? - Healthy or Not?

We are living in a snacking culture. Everyone wants to eat snacks and find out the best snacks. I know a lot of you are looking for healthy snacks. Some health ...

My favorite snacks. Okay this is kind of a trick video because a

lot of you know that I don't really snack. so what I'm gonna do in this video: I'm going to tell you the best time to snack, why snacking might actually be the cause of major illnesses, what I do snack on if I snack - in other words the best snacks, and why it's so hard to stop snacking. So listen up snacks are for kids! That's the best time to snack. The best time is snacks when you're a kid because kids are growing they're developing - they need nutrition, they need to eat all the time so snacking - healthy snacks - are for kids. When we're adults we don't need to be eating all the time. When we eat snacks as adults, which means we're snacking between meals which means we're kind of eating all day long, this is really the major cause of having elevated insulin. And elevated insulin and insulin resistance are the main cause of weight gain, obesity, and everything that follows from obesity which includes diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. So eating all day long - meal - snack - meal - snack - meal - snack - without rest is a major health problem. It is recommended that we keep our insulin low, so we want to eat low carb - that keeps our insulin low. That's a good way to go. When do I snack? What do I snack on? Snacks or snack foods can replace a meal so if I know that I can be traveling all day I am on a flight, I'm on a long haul flight, I'm gonna carry healthy snack foods with me - but I'm gonna eat them instead of a meal. Because I don't have access to a nutritious meal. So even if I am running around town all day on appointments, I might have really great organic nuts, maybe some dried fruit, maybe an apple, an avocado - and I eat these nutritionally dense whole foods in place of a meal. I kind of call them nomad foods - it's what Nomads, this is what human beings have eaten for thousands and thousands of years when they are out all day and need energy and can't prepare meals. So I'm meeting these snack-type foods as meals which is different than snacking. I mea,n okay yea,h from time to time I eat snacks - I'm a human being, but I know the best thing for my health is not to be snacking all day long. I'm not a kid, I'm grown-up. We live in a snacking culture. It is so hard not to snack. There are so many advertisements about snacks, every store we go into there's a ton of snacks.

Snacks are everywhere. Some stores, like at a gas station, they don't even sell food, they only sell snack food. So we're just surrounded by snacks even in a health food store we're surrounded by snacks. So it's very hard to avoid the snacking messages and the snacking habits. The only people that really benefit from snacking, other than kids, are the snack food companies that are making all these snacks and making you eat all these snacks! What you should eat are great meals that you prepare at home that you share with great friends that you pack up as leftovers the next day to take to work to eat as a great meal and maybe even share again with a great friend! That's the best way to eat - eat that great meals. And to get rid of that snack attack, and that snack habit - and I think you're gonna feel amazing. If you think that you don't have time to make great meals, I want to say, find that time - because your best health is coming from homemade meals. Nothing can replace that - no powder, no pill, no supplement, no endless supply of snacks. Okay let me know what you think of this video - leave a comment below - please subscribe to the channel. Please share my video with your friends and families just like you would share a great meal. And be well beauty's sending you love and best health wishes.