09 June 2019

What Are Mental Diets? | Neville Goddard

Hello superheroes! I'm Scarlet Grace from unseenseraph.com and today we are going to talk about mental diets, and how your mental diet is the key to your ...

Hello superheroes! I'm Scarlet Grace from unseenseraph.com and today we're going

to talk about mental diets and how your mental diet is the key to your success of failure in manifestation! Before we begin I want to announce real quick that I'm doing a giveaway of my program called the Forgiveness Roadmap. This is a program that I offer on my website to help you release negative attachments to the past, resentment and negative emotions so that you can finally free yourself from the past and start creating the reality you want. You can get it on my website for $27 or you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win it. To enter just comment "Forgiveness Roadmap" in the comments below. Alright, let's talk about mental diets. Weird phrase, huh? First of all you may be wondering what a mental diet is. Well, a regular diet is the things you eat everyday. And as we all know the things you eat affect the way your body works, affect your energy levels, your mood, the quality of your sleep and your health in general, right? A mental diet is the thoughts you think every day on different topics. It's the mental conversations that you hold in your head. And just like the things you eat affect your health and the way your body functions, your mental diet affects the way your mind functions and determines what manifests in your life. Makes sense, right? The term "mental diet" comes from Neville Goddard. In one of his lectures, Neville talks about how the inner conversations we have in our head create the world around us. As long as our inner conversations don't change, our world remains the same. If our inner conversations change, so will the things in our world. Most people aren't aware of the mental conversations that happen in their minds. But people like me and you, people who want to take control of their lives and manifest consciously, need to become aware of our thoughts and our conversations in our head so that we can shape our reality the way we desire. As Neville says, to attempt to change the world without changing our inner conversation is a struggle against the very nature of things. You cannot change the outside world unless you change your inner conversations first. If you don't, then you'll keep experiencing the same negative circumstances over and over

that match your inner conversations and you'll keep thinking that they're caused by external factors, when in reality they're caused by your own mind. Neville talks about a girl who told him that it was very difficult to work with her employee because he was unfair to her and kept criticizing her no matter how hard she tried. After hearing her story, Neville told her that if she thought of her employer is unfair then she needed to change her own inner conversation on this topic. Upon hearing this, the girl admitted that she had been arguing with her employer in her head all day. When she realized what she had been doing, she decided to change her inner conversation with him. She started imagining that he was congratulating her for her good work and that she was thanking him for his praise. Shortly after she started doing this, her employer's behavior started changing for the better. So if you have a goal, something you want to manifest, and it isn't happening, spend a few days observing the thoughts you have around it and watch out for conversations you have with people in your head. Let's say for example that you've wanted to get a raise for a while now. Do you have conversations with your boss where you're trying to persuade him or her to give you a raise while they insist that they can't? Or are you playing out scenes in your head where someone else gets a raise instead of you because that is what has happened for you in the past? Do you spend time arguing with your significant other or your children or someone else in your head? You know, that thing we do when we intend to have a conversation with someone about something and we play the conversation in our heads beforehand and we come up with all the things the other person could say and usually those are things that go against what we want, and then we get sad or angry and think "what's the use? It's not like if I talk to them anything's gonna change!". Well if you do any of that, no wonder things aren't changing for the better! Neville says that the most important thing is for your inner conversations to match the thing you desire. If you're having conversations in your mind where you aren't getting what you want, then are your inner conversations a match to

your desire? No! You need to change your inner conversations before anything changes in the outside world. Just like in a physical diet where you deliberately exclude certain kinds of food and deliberately include other kinds of food in your diet, in a mental diet you deliberately exclude the thoughts and the mental conversations that go against your goal, and consciously switch them with new conversations that match the things you want. I'm going to give you two examples from my life so that you can better understand how this works in real life. So there is a famous international cosmetics and beauty products brand where many of my friends often shop.For some reason I hadn't been there in many years. When I finally had to go there because I wanted a product only they sell, all the employees were extremely helpful. So I was telling a friend of mine that I visited that store and immediately she was like "oh no! Everyone who works there is lazy and horrible! I always spend like an hour every time I shop there just to get one or two things because they'll ignore me and I'll have to look for whatever I want on my own!". I had a similar conversation with another friend a few days later. She also insisted that this store has the most unhelpful employees. Both friends insisted that it was random that they were so helpful to me when I shopped there. You know, maybe it was a very slow day. Maybe it was just my lucky day. The thing is, I've shopped there many times since and the employees are generally really nice and helpful every time. Not only will they help me with whatever I need, they literally go out of their way to give me discounts and free samples every time. Also keep in mind that I don't go there often. Maybe two or three times a year? So it's not like they could remember me and like me more than my friends. I'm pretty certain no one at that store even remembers I've shopped there before. So since my friends didn't believe me, we decided to shop there together one day so that they could prove to me that helpful isn't the norm in that store. And sure enough, when we went together all the girls working there were really helpful and I got a bigger discount than the one normally offered for the things I wanted and they gave me tons of samples. Myy friends

couldn't believe it! Now do you think that there's any specific reason that they get treated badly while I'm treated so nicely there by the same people, by the exact same employees other than the fact that I always expect employees to be friendly while my friends don't? I tried to tell them that all they need to do is change the mental conversation they have before going to that store, but they still think that the solution is for them to always shop there with me so we'll get excellent service. Another friend of mine a few years ago wanted a raise and she was convinced that she'd never get it because she had overheard her boss saying that they were already paying her more than she was worth. She was fuming about this whole thing for months, replaying that conversation over and over in a head and feeling insulted because she worked harder than anyone else and how dare they say she wasn't worth what they were paying her? She eventually asked for a raise and they basically told her "no,and be thankful we aren't laying you off because money's tight right now!". I persuaded her to change her mental conversation before asking for a raise again. She agreed to try it, and a couple of weeks later she decided she was going to ask for a raise again and if they refused again then she was going to quit. So she went to work and believe it or not they actually told her that they decided to give her a raise. BEFORE she even had a chance to ask for one again! Her boss told her that he had been thinking about it and they realized that they had been unfair to her. That she had been working harder than everyone else there and that the only reason he thought she didn't deserve a raise originally was that she was younger than everyone else working there. But he eventually realized that younger in this case didn't mean less effective and that she truly deserved a raise. Now honestly, the only thing that changed was that my friend stopped arguing with her boss in her head like she had been doing for months and insisted on having a positive conversation with him where he praised her and apologized for being unfair to her and told her she deserved a raise and that she was going to get it. This was the only change she made and it only took two weeks to shift the situation to her favor. So what does your mental diet

consist of right now? If you want to see results fast then spend a few days noticing your mental diet around your specific goal and then make a new diet plan and stick to it for a while. It may take a couple of weeks like it took for my friend, it may take less than that or it may take a month or more. But if you choose to follow a new mental diet and you truly stick to it, then you will see changes in your life! Next week's video is going to be all about how to manifest a specific person! This can be a new person or an ex you want back, so if you want to know how to manifest a specific person, then hit the subscribe button and the bell icon so you'll be notified when that video goes live!