25 March 2019

What's in my air fryer? Weight loss 2019

Weight loss is hard work but if you have good reciepes it is a lot easier. I am currently on vacation at my sister's house where we make the best ding dang ...


[Applause] [Music] hi families and guess what it's Monday morning and this is my sister hi and she's gonna help me because this episode it segment is called what's in my airfryer today we are gonna finally make chicken wings or chicken drum ease I don't know and I found this recipe on Cooking Light calm so it's gonna be kind of like an Asian I don't even know what it's called I don't know but it's gonna be really good this is what you're going to need for this recipe so you're obviously going to need chicken drum ease or chicken wings you're gonna need chicken stock sesame oil there you go roasted low-sodium peanuts rice vinegar honey soy sauce low-sodium garlic see if she can find it okay yep and red pepper flakes so okay I think this will be a pretty easy one and I think it's gonna taste really good and thank you Vanna you get most of those right thanks quick talk about her fashion we don't have any aprons because my sister doesn't cook a whole lot and she does I have an apron oh you do yeah but it's not matching no I don't imagine what

so we're decided we're just gonna romantic you know where these color I think that are both gases so what we're gonna do first is we're going to get our hair up so here we go okay you ready frame let's do this [Music] our hands up we got chicken we got an air player and we've got good attitudes we do we're ready and we got our mops mm-hmm so okay so get dirty we're good so who's ready to grab some chicken my sister here is going to be putting all the ingredients for the sauce ingredients for the sauce for the swamp so what gives let's see if you can screw this up can you do that I'll turn my fries okay garlic I'm gonna put that in first why you put it on a trivet I don't know if you have any more visual aids okay here is the chicken stock so that is what two tables with the chicken two diagonals okay what's in the sharklet that is 1 tablespoon of soy sauce okay great or whiskey yeah you can put either soy sauce or whiskey into that okay sounds good is this the sesame that's sesame oil okay and that was looks 1 tablespoon

of sesame oil this is two tablespoons of chicken stock where do you get that or I don't know rice wine vinegar yeah this is the Wrights vinegar you can smell it yeah okay many three tablespoons of honey mmm yum look at that that's gonna really make it sweet right okay this is gonna be so good some good thoughts mmm and then we're just gonna stir this up get in there and stir yes look at that you know you've got some pretty good sweet stirring skills oh that smell it smells amazing huh YUM I can smell the honey I can smell the sesame it's really really gonna be good what does honey smell like I don't know but it's just so sweet so we're going to set this aside and then we're going to the chicken drumettes I'm making drum says your star we're gonna spray the chicken with cooking spray it's weird okay why well because this is low-calorie we don't want to put it all in with all the oil and everything okay I'm gonna get another plate so I can spray and then yeah do you and I know which ones I've sprayed have you ever suck spray things but not individual chickens well okay okay get a spray for

spray in the chicken see we're just gonna do one at a time there see did I come up with a good plan for once I can be your realtor no weekend after three during the summer I'm wide open you're gonna be a realtor now oh I just think it'd be a fun job it sounds pretty dope okay another Salmonella probably all over that yep so what we want to do is make sure that we wash it okay and wash your hands yeah this is not like mine at all whoa probably better do you know where the instructions to your air are no idea well I've made french fries with this that's it did you have to preheat it yes I think so this is not like my hair frame well I feel like you need to figure out why didn't you tell me this before we started okay well here's chicken but I know so we hit the chicken thing that's shocking but let's just do that that well we have to put this in there first oh okay we're gonna take this chicken and put it in the bucket but don't overload it you think you could do that okay is there any like do you have to put them in there we're going way or just should make a

pattern I think can you try to make like a daisy pattern can you turn Nicola Jude okay I don't we don't want to load it up too much okay so is this good I think it might be too much but there's no just gonna see what we don't want to we want to cook well I don't want someone le there yeah let's get this big guy okay okay there we go it doesn't look like a daisy though well yeah I'm sorry about that oh you're a bear next time I'll work on it okay okay now you're just gonna take that and shove it right out on in there just shove it in there there you go oh look at that and then you're gonna hit the chicken button right yeah it still says off well I think this needs to be on and it has to be 400 if you gotta go up to 400 it's the chicken thing so it's just gonna it's just gonna cook for 20 minutes like so okay everybody don't have a different air fryer I don't know I don't get ready to do anything just check-in and then you walk away so what we do yes so we just push chicken we're gonna walk away so you ready let's walk away okay what was that it should go like a fan's like something's happened that what a

fan sounds like yes if I look at explosions oh there's no okay I don't know what din yes look okay so hopefully we'll see you in 20 minutes we don't know what's happening and okay here it now that's what it sounds like just like that just like my noise what would that noise again see perfect now we know what's working we don't know what's going on inside here I don't understand on this thing works but you just walk away now see I'm never gonna walk away we are walking away all right what's going on okay you're pushing yeah and the airport stop okay now xx so now it's alright it's done okay let's see can we didn't burn anything down what do you think I think they look great okay so now we're gonna put him in the bull oh it's crispy you could you can put more in there okay that's great to spill on there so you're not doing [Music] you'd get faster okay now we're gonna grab this sauce and we're gonna put the sauce over the chicken okay ready do that now all right stir it around what do you think mm-hmm

yeah and it is I mean it's a nice light recipe really taste good this could be a new hit okay if it tastes good just remember that good nice so then I am taking some scallions and peanuts I am we've got our chicken here actually looks really good it smells really good so I'm gonna take one you take one okay Wow I don't know this is your first coup there we go we're gonna try first meal in the primary here we go cheers Cheers let's do this hmm oh it's time doctors I know mm-hmm I better than the shrimp I'll tell you that right now mm-hmm good I sweep it's tangy it's juicy that's the thing about the airfryer keeps everything juicy if it's cooked mm-hmm and again this is from the cooking like cooking or cooking light I'll find the website and I'll link it below but this is a winner yeah it's but it was really easy it was I think your kids are gonna really like this mm-hmm cuz we have a whole bunch more that we're gonna need to make for these kids hmm I'm here in South Dakota I'm here with my sister we just cooked something in the airfryer which is really great hmm so thanks for stopping

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