02 May 2019

What's a Healthy Diet Don't Ask Your Medical Doctor, Here's Why! YouTube 720p

These are examples and explanations of Dr Joel Wallachs' BS, DVM, ND, Youngevity® System and its mineral base. Mineral makeup Brings out the Beauty ...

you know so many things when it comes to

diet that we were told we're healthy we find out later are not and it kind of goes back and forth and one of the things that we had talked about earlier was butter all of a sudden front page of a major news magazine this week saying you know what it is healthy how do people know you know where what is healthy and what's not when things change so much like that well it's a good question right so arguably so if you needed if you had a plumbing problem in your house right you have a ten thousand dollar plumbing system and you're springing leaks and you need advice about what to do to fix it you would not go to your daughter's high school swim coach I mean the swim coach knows a lot about water they're in water all day long and they know certain things about water that a lot of other people don't but even though they're in water and they know a lot about water all day long they're the wrong person to talk to about plumbing even though plumbing is associated with water right so you need the right person for the right job the problem that we have here is that the MDS and the pharmaceutical industry because they

have co-opted the medical market here in the free world because they've co-opted the medical market here in the free world give advice freely about things that they don't really have any appreciation or understanding for right in the same way that you wouldn't go to your high school swim coach to figure out your plumbing going to an MD to get advice about food and nutrition is a bad idea because that's not their wheelhouse but we've gone to these people for the last hundred years because the pharmaceutical industry has trained us to believe that anybody who has an MD after their name has a secret decoder ring that gives them knowledge about everything and it's nonsense and we've taken the wrong dog to the hunt is why really my profession dr. Wallach especially springs to mind has been telling people for 30 years that butter is good that lard is good that salt is good that oil is bad fried food is bad at margarine is bad we've been trumpeting this information forever because that in fact is our wheelhouse so if you want advice about medical nutrition then it would be

prudent for you to secure the services of a licensed and regulated physician who whose profession wrote the book on medical nutrition which is what we did now people don't know this people don't know that this information about butter and salt for instance hasn't entered into the mainstream because my profession hasn't entered into the mainstream why hasn't my profession entered into the mainstream because the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want us to we don't have a free medical market you know in Seattle as a nature Pathak physician I can deliver babies prescribe drugs perform surgery order any diagnostic tests I want call myself a physician and it's all covered by insurance if I did exactly the same thing in Chicago that I did in Seattle I'd be fined $5,000 and thrown in jail for a year for practicing medicine without a license and that's not right and you know why that is because when my profession tries to secure a licensure the American Medical Association brings out a dog and pony show and says oh no not those nature paths they have substandard training it'll rain cats and dogs and it will start the sky will

start bleeding if you let the nature path into the game it's nonsense because I think they know on some level that if all of a sudden there was an even playing field and buy some genie in the bottle magic we all woke up tomorrow and there were just as many nature Pathak physicians in the world as there were MDS there were just as many nature Pathak hospitals as there are allopathic MD hospitals that insurance covered everything equally and that was equal research money distributed to all fields of medicine if that were to come to pass within five years an MD with the general family practice would be out of business because in a free market people gravitate towards what works for chronic illnesses medical nutrition works holistic medicine works for trauma allopathic reductionism works if I was the king of the world it would be illegal for MDS to treat chronic disease I mean we don't go to chiropractors for open heart surgery and rightly so nor should we go to an MD for anything concerning a chronic disease and people don't know about medical nutrition

because the profession that knows about medical has been kept has been kicked off the bus of medicine it happened in the 1920s with the Flexner report in the United States and so we're slowly starting to make our way back and that's why you know 30 years after we've been telling people butter is good all of a sudden it's mainstream and it's like oh my god that's simply because of politics and power you