22 July 2019

Welcome to POWRD Nutrition

Curious what POWRD Nutrition is? Where my passion comes from?...All your questions answered here! I am now taking clients who want to invest in their health ...


hey my name is Lexi Devin and I give a registered dietitian and the founder of power nutrition power nutrition is a virtual nutrition consulting company it is a global grant but based on Nashville Tennessee and I decided to do this because I know I could have a bigger reach on more individuals if it was virtual instead of just limiting myself to the people who are in my own City I primarily help individuals eat for longevity and create sustainable lifelong habits I do this through the incorporation of more plants into people's diets and help them figure out routines that get them active and moving my program doesn't have any more plant-based focus but it is not strictly promoting veganism I believe in the power of clans and the impact they can have on our health and think that we can all benefit from including more into our diets I started power nutrition because I was a Division one athlete in college and had absolutely no idea how to through my body right for sport or long-term health I wish so badly that I had somebody to walk alongside me in that stage and really shake out the noise between what

we hear in today's health-conscious society I have a bachelor's degree in exercise science and I am also a registered dietician with a concentration in sports nutrition so this idea kind of came from this beautiful marriage that I believe is exercise and nutrition and that's really where my passion lies no you do not have to be a vegan or an elite athlete to go through my program I primarily work with active individuals who are wanting to include more plants into their diet and do it in a safe way so this is something as a registered dietician that I want to make sure it isn't just a trendy go-to it's really a lifestyle habit that promotes longevity and health I also will never push a certain diet on to a client because I believe that the client should be centered and focused upon first so I want to work with you to figure out where your sweet spot is and incorporating more plant-based foods and also allowing you to still have the foods that you love I believe that there's so many different types of vegetarianism even a flexitarian ism is a thing and but begin to if that is what

you're interested in and what to make sure that you have knowledge and by the end you are your own nutrition expert there are so many different plant based diet variations the first is vegan which means you have a 100% plant-based diet and absolutely no animal by-products included there is ovo vegetarian which essentially is eggs lacto-vegetarian meaning dairy lacto-ovo which is just a combination of the two pescetarian which includes seafood fish and occasionally eggs depending on the individual and then flexitarian so this is where your intentional about making the base of your diet come from plants but you don't restrict or limit yourself into falling into many other categories it's a great place for anyone who's just starting to begin because you get to incorporate more plants into your day and also figure out where your sweet spot is so I hope this cleared that so in the confusion with all the different diet types if you are interested in doing one-on-one consulting with me go ahead and visit my website it is linked down below also wwp our nutrition con and you can go ahead and fill out an interest

form as well as sign up for a free 15-minute call with me to hear more details so I hope you enjoyed this I hope it helped to get to know the brand and the person behind it as well and reach out with any questions and I look forward to more videos [Music]