19 December 2019

Weightloss Journey fr: 70kls to 55kls. (Natural Way)

Hi Labsss! I'm sharing to you guys my weightloss journey in natural way i dont take any slimming coffee, pills, or tea. If i can do it labss for sure kaya nyo rin.


hi guys welcome back to my channel and for today's video I will be sharing to you how my weight cluster so Panama Papa Maya gossip I personally I have Pecos or polycystic ovarian syndrome the Hansa Ababa internal mining area so a new knob and Pecos I'm pikas is in irregular periods or low periods at all difficulty getting pregnant because of irregular ovulation our failure to ugly excessive hair growth a purpose in your aqua marina Omaha Bella Bella Hebrew scientists we didn't mention and visible Pharaoh mcoppins in your belly ball then weight gain and another weight gain which is impact Abba Punk didn't embalm cleaning hair or hair loss from the head Pharaoh for him Donna Alba or something oily skin or acne so in young because yeast proteins are oily skin and acne which is making eatin your serene okay Fernanda had no no no because it's NASA and die so weep weep game at me and here excessive so I said time manape cases mother assume hormones not a bomb but apparently male hormones miss Mallon acid they must master a spoon burger so he did a ella because case a convenient poor corners or nasa medical field according as a business

field case a financial management navajo so you don't burn all over my from seven kilos to 55 kilos so develop may abstain and enjoy spinel upon my head so first neck easy pop ohh badboo gusto home for my ad because a chambray mobile by a guillotine is NASA also an associate minimal at the madness tomo yo peril unsexy mulignans a picture in Hindi Machado yeah and union time mama by mr. Madoff are imperfect I forget exactly which is Hindi Hindi type perfect by Enya so it's a papaya dinner on a diet is the hell yeah I have pecos so pale and boom abandon wait go Paris but the little human Scott Eyman Mike repeating regular which is Hindi panic irregular abnormal a similar part monkey room Pico say Semiramis mana Pecos nah wooden teasing groupies in her very model is healing abilities param anand in Nemea pecos the Hindi clip bubble test or the lagoon here upsala between days which is parents a case is alias observant doctora I mean oo be good now very good stomach a baby but my 30 good and Wendy not enough or fail on addressing a Baroness I belong for me one animal sunny and buy

stock will be beginning good he began she started to get well on our topic SABIC hindi poop I mean pineapple not papaya I don't know you sir the madness to war use my penis Ajo Ajo telegram ugh loosen week from a flow to Stockholm to my head necessarily go you need a nice a thanks laughing behind NSA dia telling Oliver pet palace a year ago my heart wasn't in the end I believe in the USA really got us a benefits didn't Amanda Hall if Mobley's on weights so crew see the tide so I'm gonna be moving out too long sir I know I'm not nog papaya first nutria one lemon honey and ginger in Telugu but lonathan dry caution free hot water pero hindi piranha take none any medicine the hilltop vinegar for a new magazine results are in okay screaming coffee or semen capsule or P Villopoto telega lemon ginger and honey lung accession Priam lame-o ramming good benefits at Elon lemon ginger ginger Muhammad ending honey chambray my meeting benefits of honey forgetting some foods telecom key not kosher I mean rice delegate seriously guys the

casino market East Hindi mitanni not even a Filipino Canon unpin important disattach para breakfast lunch I mean sending a million day they'd be near card in Telugu sorry guys could be in middle Italy came I'm gonna get yeah or mana extra noise alumina Pope Aaron but I cut try Cindy Telegraph on a grace for almost three first three months gonna need alga on a Grace and if in the net because the race is commodity or sweet potato the banana apples oranges Amana fruits and veggies not focus on fruits and veggies Daniel I own for almost three months boom Oh benign in moaña five to seven or Sabine's nothing Natha ten kilos you know a bit about an income from 785 not even so appalling weight loss journey go is parent one year in Hindi Pella Harlem Telecom one year one year ago Chevy Nova mmm-hmm Perry salon Yelena afternoon three months my grace mnemonic repairing him veena gaana motor I'm a or so brung dialogue on a lemon rice Agora celeb known someone is some basis or two times now mama grace it won't go Hindi Karina machine Hannah behind up Eunice and I'm gonna even come

back at so and we'll be marking angle accepts of sweet potato some oranges apples fruits and vegetables come on be nominal oats Naga oatmeal or then the table reading getting all you with bread the me with bread or young with dressings you're in love then Nelligan London apollomon or boiled young boy a comb in Senegal yellow but alas and a so fire on proteins and casa para sa yellow is passed in a secondary Sparrow champion Mary distension you neelanand pero Fermi cocina cosna was a Mena by ad Sola had the Pelican Palin and Lanyon lake in a pie and go so odd so I mean unless amok and I'm gonna only I mean um call they I do homework out then hello's arrow arrow in the first three months an arrow arrow talaga on the go home work as a parent it is Alberto annual apparel a ketone gym the purposes knocking si Dibble minimize the gene pool Allah I couldn't leave Berlin well I found confidence notice a will happen alums mala exercise more workouts knee and so I now download an application or

paranoia number of inertia as I indicated Manisha mashaikhina garlic system in the downloadable application and homework out share so more on up more encore more on legs but Paragon and basta imma be regarding to Jim that less equipment or must okay the wagon home workout length Anika so Leggett on the coke whore you and fellow Gandhi not go back home for casaya I have a big belly so Nicole now see opcional seed of plant Telugu I remove a participant begin ago Otto back I'm gonna get exert upon an effort either which is good question to yourself because uncle a banana man Telugu is humane more also a on the matter gossiping about marina guató they burn the paper on back up Cuba in Ibiza hunter under be on West Omaha Bahuguna by ethnobotany Papa I hear Anthony saying Denise hakuna oh gosh mr. Hopalong Maserati mama buying tomorrow I said I hope because Kayla and my regular person future in a Honda on the top are the future Barrow which is now Joe up arrow or so in against Nakamura college in

Manhattan and wedding begin we know fire is in a wave of very long telegram fantasticness sobre sobre that indica scientist a monsoon agree more gusto sure Mahina by letting up at Makaha roll a log on commander you know a new Kusanagi need additional car in the guava pie or a meaning the endurance our that even a Joe and at it Joe Joe in Guyana no too long senior you know I wanna talk now Panama upon my hat I need machina anemic or and I send along Senator ensign a pocketing and 2020 maybe subpoena in civilian Amman Kayla negative making healthy for the next year or among a year for the data thank us a parasite in limbo participle million at in para matagalpa Natomas on my mom's so nothing Osama guys so engage communities not hanging video wallet are please like and subscribe to my channel and hit the velvet and Merriman are definitely guys iboga associated to pull plugs guys happy holidays thank you for watching bye [Music]