11 October 2019

Weight-Loss Journey | How to get started

I hope you guys enjoy this video! The BIG Question, " I know I should workout but where do I start?". So where do you actually start? In the last video you met the ...

hey team Kristen and I'm here with

Heather Torres these are Torres sisters purple Torres the sisters in my last video you guys had the opportunity to meet both of these girls and a little bit about where they've come from in the beginning of their weight-loss journey before we get into what we're gonna be doing today in our workout I want to talk to you guys just a little bit about where to start if you don't know where to start your weight loss journey the truth is you guys is that if you don't know where to start just start you can start by walking outside if you've been active I would consult a professional like a personal trainer let them know what your goals are and let them guide you to where you can actually start out whether that's weight training start with walking regardless the most important thing to do is to open your front door and walk if you can't walk outside you can high knee and you can jog inside your living room you guys for those of you who don't have access to outside but regardless the first thing to do is walk so before we get into today's workout Tiffani and Heather have both already done their

nutrition plans so we've looked at what they're currently eating we've put together their current nutrition plans what they will be eating so they're all set with those and I'll do a separate video on that for you guys but the other part of that is the activity factor so they're doing a three day a week weightlifting split and then they're doing a two day week cardio split where we're getting the heart rate up and allowing them to sweat so on today's program we're going to be doing cardio outside and we're gonna start by walking so today we have a mix of what I call walk runs we're going to be working for a total of 20 minutes for a distance duration this is a workout that anybody can do at home all you're gonna do is go outside you can go to a park you can use your neighborhood you can do it down the street we're gonna walk for a certain period of time and then we're gonna jog or run for a certain period of time and we're gonna do that for a total of 20 minutes you guys ready yes all right here we go let's go this fire all right you guys so he was gonna be our goal so we're gonna start by walking as we go down you guys notice we have

light poles as we go so we're gonna walk from might hold a light bulb and then once we get to the next out of light poles we're gonna jog I've set a timer you guys can't see that it's on my thumb or and go for a total of twenty minutes okay all right so within this you guys can push yourself within that job duration okay but you thought walk for recovery aim the jog you don't need to sprint all right I know your guys are gonna feel amped am ready to sprint but part of this is we need to take this to your pace and where you're starting out this is day two okay all right so the goal is longevity it's to be able to do this in the long run so we don't want any injuries we also want to make sure that they feel up to their weight lifting tomorrow all right so guys when we hit this next pole we're gonna jog it out and we're gonna jog it to that next pole down there how do you guys feel after your weight lifting yesterday sore sore let's go good sort [Music] all right you guys so we're about halfway through can you guys tell everybody a little bit about the workout

that we did yesterday so they did two different workouts and it was focused on weight training so Tiffany you had the first workout I did it was a lot of workouts you can do at home too it was squats it was lunges it was a lot of arms - it was dumbbells so like an overhead press yeah got your members and I do you did lat pull down so that pull down so Tiffany's a weight circuit yesterday was goblet squats lat pull down shoulder press plank and then she did I can't remember the second half of it but we did three rounds of that and then we did a secondary circuit so T's goal was to work for a solid 45 minutes within her weight we started at 15 reps that you should these exercises Chi's goal was to work at about 50 percent of what she can actually work at so we didn't want to kill T because we wanted her to feel good today so we're just getting her acclimated and used to being back under weight miss Heather what did we do you had a little bit different intro because you did have a baby yes so I did a lot of pelvic floor exercises just getting my core and how this like tight again since it all kind of went to crap after pushing on my baby did that

and that was a workout just felt good to kind of like stretch everything out and just feeling my body again and then I did a lot of a resistant band training so like just like moving my legs like in and out side to side walking lunges squatting crunches working my core so definitely feel all of that today for sure yeah so Heather's approaches a little bit different you guys since she's had a baby we started her off with some lower abdomen work just to make sure that everything is still working together and then we took her into body weight squats she did some lunges and then we did some reverse crunches I believe so the same idea is Tiffany we're getting her acclimated to lifting weights again but only letting her work for a certain duration of time so when you guys are getting started it's really easy to go gung-ho and just start working all out and want more in that first second and third workout session and even when you're walking but the truth is you guys is that less is more when you guys first start out in a lot of ways meaning we don't want to go all out so that we're so sore tomorrow we

can't do anything so the key to that is to rein it in a little bit when you're working out you can do it by setting reps you can do it by setting workload like with Tiffany we had our work at 50% Heather we had are doing banded and lightly resisted handled band workouts but we did that on purpose so that they could also work out today get ready dog here we go all right you guys we were all done how do you feel great I'm tired tired I feel great but I mean I feel like I was sore this morning like it hurt to sit down go to the bathroom was any sitting fisted should I have my quads you're killing me but I feel like going out and working out again like you just feel so much better after like I'm sore but walking and running helps that's great that's part of why we moved in next day you guys is to help actually create blood flow and the muscles again and to move again Heather I'm I mean I'm definitely motivated but I definitely I [Music] am just I feel so out of shape it's like crazy and I feel like I'm not even doing as much but it's it's nice just knowing that moving and

walking around is giving a good workout in alright team so the reason why we started with this video where these girls are walking is again because they wanted to show you guys that a lot of the times when you're starting your weight loss or your wellness journey the first place to start is just walking um thank you for watching and we're excited to bring you guys the rest of these girls stories team you guys I totally forgot I'm still new to this YouTube thing make sure you guys like comment share and turn on your post notifications to keep up with what we're doing