09 January 2019

Weight Loss Wednesday WEEK ONE

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what's up you guys we're back for

another round on you know bud [Music] you know what so I'm just gonna be a new statement that I'm starting actually a to day right now this very second I'm think I'm looking up but I'm gonna get the wrong cap I'm so sorry um but yes I'm coming back for another round of you know what this is gonna be called weight loss Wednesday's I see you right there yes um so all my life I've been a plus-sized boy and I'm just no I was like 2019 is to gear that I'm actually going to get things accomplished that I always wanted to do I know people say that every year every year they have new year resolutions and weight loss is always probably everybody's through resolution but we come December 31st nothing has changed you probably gained more weight you probably are heavier than what you was on the January 1st so but 2019 I just feel it in my spirit that this is going to be the year that I get things accomplished so I'm really gonna really try I really am focused right now it's like I just really want to accomplish all my goals this year like it says I'm getting a much no I

don't know why but you know every year I say that I want to do certain things and I don't end up doing them or I just let it fall to the wayside I'm like the king of procrastination and I really hate I don't want to hate myself I just really hate procrastinating so this year even though it's been the license I just don't feel like doing I'm going to do it I'm gonna get things done I have to get things done it's necessary that I get things done and I know you guys understand where I'm coming from especially if you been a plus-sized person if you've been struggling with your weight all your life you understand where I'm coming from like it's really in the heart tag I go to bed thinking about what I'm gonna eat the next day I wake up thinking about what I'm going to eat for lunch of my work break up no it's just it's a it's a hard test you know sometimes I just feel like I know I'm not alone in this situation but no sometimes you just feel alone but no it's like ever since I cut out steaks I've been an emotional creature I don't know why but every since I've been emotional for whatever reason I'm not even much know being but I've been

emotional huh I don't know why but anywho so today is day one the official day one of everything and so I might take a picture of the scale when I when I'm on it and put it on this video but I didn't weigh in this week I waiting actually today well yesterday morning and I was 385 so this actually six pounds down from last week so that's actually pretty good but it's still pretty bad but my goal my own fish ago is gonna be I want you down to 180 170 but my immediate goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of February that's my goal for right now and so for me to reach my goal I really have to put myself on a strict plan I know that I can do it it's never been an issue for me dieting the issue is being staying consistent I always give up if I miss it one day done I'm off for the rest of the week and rest of the month for the rest of the year so I'm really gonna try to really stay consistent and everything that I'm doing this year and if you have any any motivational tips for me please put them in the comment section below everything is needed and again we are going to do this together so are my people who's on a journey to weight loss

and you understand where I'm coming from especially people who's been been struggling with weight or their lives you stop that good so I'm sorry you guys my dog it's been like it's missing with everything everywhere in this room so here goes Stevie you guys so hey - Stevie say hey Stevie this is this is a hyper dog but anywho I'm gonna make sure our own keep an update every Wednesday I'm trying to come up with a video of my update and also make sure you follow my Instagram page mr. real one-to-one sometimes if I don't put videos up and three the days I don't post I will I will put updates on this on my Instagram and also Twitter mr. real one-to-one I will put updates on Twitter also my weight loss journey but until next time you guys until next Wednesday live life to the fullest and like Drake said everybody died but everybody lives let's live you guys just keep on living it's just live life to the fullest from me and Stevie Bruce hey Boxey me