27 June 2019


You can get my apron here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/chefaj Just in time for the 4th of July, this is the perfect salad to take to a BBQ, picnic or potluck.

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Wednesday I'm chef AJ the creator of the ultimate weight loss program and this is where I show you recipes that will help you achieve healthy permanent and sustainable weight loss so today I'm showing you one of my favorite salads from my book the secrets to ultimate weight loss on page 226 and it's called oMG watermelon salad now you don't need this recipe written out because it's literally only three ingredients plus lime juice and I don't even have the measurements written out in the book because it's really as few or as much of the three components as you like this is good all year round if you live in a place where you can get watermelon all year round but it's especially good it's summer for fourth of July picnics and barbecues and regular people will eat this I telling you the truth I've served this to regular people that eat the standard American diet that aren't even vegan and speaking of vegan thank you Cathy from my beautiful new apron and people love this and I'll even tell you about a variation you can do for people that really don't eat healthfully so we're starting with a watermelon and the reason I'm showing you how to cut a

watermelon is because if I showed you just this recipe and everything was cut up it would literally take 30 seconds but I want to show you how I learned how to cut fruit from Chef Ramsay's Bravo the executive chef at True North health center because when I work in the kitchen there we have to cut up about 40 pounds of fruit to get it ready for the breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and anytime you cut anything round you need to make what's called a stabilizing cut because when people cut themselves it's usually because the food is moving so what you want to do whether it's a watermelon and cantaloupe a honeydew an onion anything round even a bell pepper as you make a stabilizing cut so what I'm gonna do is I am just gonna cut a piece off like this okay and now this round object can sit straight up on a cutting board so that I can work with it without it jiggling around and so then what you do is of course you want a good knife and then you just go all the way around now I am NOT an expert in this by any means because I don't do this as often as they do a true north but the idea is is you want to get as much of the white and the

green leaving as much the red but you can always go over if you've left a little bit and this is just the easiest way I have ever seen to cut a watermelon or anything round and it works really good and you can get practice by doing this you'll get better you know if there's a little bit of too much red left don't worry I'll eat this it's not going to go to waste you see that right here too much of the white so you can just go back and do it again it's better to take too little than too much and lose all that delicious watermelon watermelon is one of my favorite favorite things to eat any time of year but especially in the summer when it's ripe and there's enough variation in the book that I'm going to tell you about in just a minute that what you can do is if you made too much of this salad or if you're sick of eating it you can actually turn it into two other recipes one on page 227 which is the OMG watermelon salsa and you can even turn it into a cooler we almost always make this when I teach at Rancho La Puerta in to cut cooking classes and people really really love this salad it's very easy to make especially if the

watermelon is cut up which by the way as you know you probably can get cut up watermelon in most places so what I want to do is I want to get all that off and then I'm gonna start making slices and you can get off as much or as little as you want there we go that didn't take too long and then what I'm gonna do is now I still have a little bit too much white here so we'll get that off I wonder if a vegetable peeler might work I never thought about doing that not on the rind so then you move all this out of the way and then I will cut my slices there we go so what I then do is sometimes I'll stack a few and then I try to make the cubes about the same size not so big that they won't fit into your mouth and then they go the other way and that is just a pretty easy way to slice of watermelon don't you think so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this in my bowl and the size of the cube is up to you I always think about you know what are kids gonna be eating this we don't want the pieces so big that people can't get it in their mouth so the three ingredients are watermelon cucumber and

mint and then it's gonna be splashed with some lime juice now the ratio is up to you I prefer more watermelon a cucumber I certainly don't want to do more cucumber than watermelon cucumber is a fruit by the way because it has seeds and I've already chopped cucumbers up in advance and again I'm probably not gonna take the time to make the watermelon exactly the same size as a cucumber but I want the cucumber all the same size so what I'm going to do is just just gonna put in some cucumber maybe half as much cucumber as watermelon or you can put as much as you want that looks about right to me we're gonna mix that up maybe a little another scoop now I'm using the organic Persian cucumbers I prefer those in this salad because the traditional English or hothouse cucumbers often have a wax skin that you can't eat and they're also very seedy and wet I like these much better in this recipe and then the last ingredient is fresh mint I love these little containers I get from Tupperware they keep things fresh so long it's called the fridge smart and I'm using these wonderful herb

scissors that Sharon McCray gave me they have like eight blades and they make everything the same size so it's very very easy to use especially if you don't have wonderful knife skills like me as you know if you've watched me before I have something called trigger thumb and there's times that I just can't even use a knife if I'm in my brace sometimes for up to two months during a flare so I love these scissors you know in the old days I used to cut my herbs in a food processor and that will work as long as it's really dry and as long as you make sure there's not a single drop of water mint is probably my favorite fresh herb I almost always use it in a salad you might have seen some of my videos using the Holland bowl Mill where I'm chopping salads if I'm doing that then I won't need the herb scissors and again it's really as much or as little mint as you like now after I put the lime juice on then it's going to marinate for a little bit and what happens is after a day or so it gets kind of you know weepy and you know too much liquid and so what I'll do then if I don't want to eat it anymore so I'll turn it into salsa and all I do is take a jalapeno pepper the

seeds I've removed because that's what makes it so hot and I dice it very finely and then I have watermelon salsa and it's fantastic and then if it really gets kind of mushy where you just can't eat it I turn it into a slushie I put this exact salad in a blender with some ice and it's one of the most refreshing drinks you've ever tried if you've ever been to True North you might know there's a famous photographer that has taken all the pictures there his name is Henry Grossman he loves this salad I even wrote in the book that he loves this salad because everybody loves this salad now if you're serving it to regular people that aren't even plant-based what you could do is put in some vegan feta cheese it goes very nicely in this cell and it'll be probably very high fat and processed but for those people that might be a nice addition and so then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just take a little splash of lime juice I don't know maybe that was two tablespoons yes I'm using a bottle of lime juice this is organic because I find because I travel so much the fresh lemons and limes they just go bad in my house the watermelon will

release its own juice so you don't need to put so much lime juice in this is just a delicious refreshing salad I'm definitely gonna bring it to our 4th of July barbecue I'll tell you that and put in a pretty bowl and I don't know if there's a pretty piece of mint that you could just put on the top I don't really have any pretty ones right now but what you can do for the 4th of July is I like getting those little flags at the 99-cent store but a quick easy delicious recipe called oMG watermelon salad I hope you'll try it and let me know if you like it thanks so much for watching another episode of weight loss Wednesday I'm chef AJ and I truly believe you can have both the health and the body that you so richly deserve and I try to make it delicious I'm gonna eat this right now as a matter of fact [Music]