09 June 2019

weight loss ways to loss weight today

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guys welcome back to another video today we are doing another meal plan for weight loss these are the most requested videos that I get on my channel that's why I keep making them I know I said it's a video while back that I didn't want to make these videos anymore but I think I just got temporarily burnt out on them and now I'm really having a lot of fun doing them again so we'll just continue on one thing I want to mention before I begin this video is that for any of you that are struggling on your weight loss journey I'm going to be a chef AJ's ultimate weight loss Expo it's happening this year at the very end of August in Las Vegas Nevada and it's a three-day event with tons of speakers and all the food that you can eat learning how to lose weight on a Whole Foods plant-based diet in addition to me there will be a lot of other experts there talking about just like everything that you could ever imagine dealing with on a weight loss journey I'm gonna be talking a lot about self-love and my journey in general but there will be people like dr. Doug Lyall they're talking about the emotional sides of weight loss and chef AJ obviously

talking about calorie density and an SOS free diet all those kinds of things so if you are struggling at all in your weight loss journey and you want some support and help it's a huge event that totally people come together every year to support each other and to reach their goals so I will be there ready to meet you all if you are interested in all I'll leave all the information down below you can get $100 off using my code which I will leave in the description box for you guys and I hope to see you there so today we're going to be making a really simple meal plan that you can stretch out I usually stretch out these kinds of meal plans for about three days so I'll make three times the amount of food and then I'll eat it everyday three days because usually I get sick of food after about three days and I want something different but I do find repetition is a big key here I can't explain about something again but I find with weight loss repetition really is key so you want to find some meals that you really enjoy and then you know bulk meal prep those meals and then repeat them for a few days and then move on to something else that you like that's what

works personally that's for me because if I'm eating something different every single day I'm having tons of different produce and tons of different things prepped in my fridge things always go bad I hate it when food goes bad so it drives me absolutely insane so yeah I will typically only cook probably six or seven different things for an entire week and just eat that so we'll jump into the recipes right now as always all the recipes ingredients and everything will be in the description box for you guys so if you want exact quantities and all that stuff check it out down below today for breakfast we are going to be making chocolate strawberry oats I know that I do a lot of opening the recipes on here but oats are so versatile they're so quick and easy to make all we're gonna do here is add our oats into a bowl add our cocoa powder stir it around a little bit and then add our maple syrup in and stir that around again I'm just adding in some hot water like I said I really like to use instant oats and I highly recommend anybody out there who has a time crunch who has worked to get to our school to get to and doesn't

have a lot of time to make breakfast just go for the instant oats they are a tiny bit more processed but they still have the same nutritional value as all the other kinds of cut oats out there and just save yourself some time and a little bit of sanity get the good food in and get yourself some instant oats I just added a little bit of coconut flakes on top of this and voila for lunch we're going to be making one of the most requested dishes that I get whenever I post this on Instagram it's a cold potato salad so first we need to steam some potatoes the way that I do this every single time is I add a quart of water into my instant pot put my steamer tray in there and then I put my potatoes in so I like to use the red baby potatoes they taste super creamy and I just put as many in here's I possibly can fit just because every time I make potatoes I'll just leave them in the fridge if I have extra and there'll be something that I can just cook up really fast so I put those in my instant pot for 10 minutes and then we're just gonna take them out what I'm doing here is I'm just gonna be chopping the potatoes into smaller bits in this

little bowl because they're hot but what I've noticed making this recipe over time is that using the hot potatoes and making a dressing for it it helps it to soak up more of the flavor and it just it turns out so much better if you use hot potatoes make this dressing we are going to need cashew butter 11 juice some garlic powder a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste just add a tiny bit of water into that and then stir that around it becomes nice and creamy next we're gonna add some veggies into this I'm just using what I have on hand some chopped red bell pepper and some red onion you can really use whatever you like in here I've used tons of different things I've used broccoli I put baby tomatoes in here I put spinach in here sometimes or greens or steamed kale really whatever your taste preference is just go for it so we're gonna add our dressing in and then toss it around this potato salad is really really good when it's cold so you want to let it sit in your fridge for an hour too but it makes a super ideal thing to bring to work or school especially if you don't have a way to

heat up food and you just want something that's really refreshing this is like your go to work or school meal for dinner we're gonna be making some sweet potato sushi bowls so here I'm just chopping up a few sweet potatoes like the normal potatoes whenever I'm chopping and baking things I just like to do as many as I can for leftovers and to throw into bowls and to throw into other meals so I bake these in my air fryer on 360 degrees for 20 minutes and they turn out perfect just like this super golden creamy delicious all we're gonna be doing for this is adding some brown rice into a bowl this was something that I already also had precooked which I highly recommend doing this just because if you have leftovers like all of this stuff in your fridge it's super easy to throw together bowls like this so you can really add whatever you want into this I have my sweet potatoes and then I chopped up two pieces of nori into small sheets put that on the side I had half an avocado sitting in my fridge but you could also add you know tofu or some type of tahini to this just drizzle some soy sauce over top and some sesame seeds and then I'm

adding in some more bell pepper that I had and a little bit of cilantro so that is it for the mail preps today I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if there's any recipes that you would like to see meal prep in these videos or if you have something that you try to like work into your diet I'm gonna do a few that are higher protein coming up because I have been eating a little bit more protein trying to gain muscle and it's been working but I've been doing that with Whole Foods mainly I barely ever use protein powders or anything like that so I'll be doing one of those soon give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and I'll see you on the next one my cat again about some good stuff