01 January 2019

Weight Loss Vlog - End Of Experiment - August 10, 2018

I have decided to end my Lifestyle Eating Experiment. I have realized that I am shooting these videos solely for the channel, and not for my benefit. I need to ...

today is August 10th 2018 it's lunchtime

right now I haven't really recorded any video today you know I've been I've been thinking about this I think I mentioned it the last couple days I started to question whether these these vlogs that I've been making first of all whether I'm even gonna post them I may not even post this video but whether they're helpful to me whether I'm going to continue them I think I've decided at this point that this will be the last of the daily vlogs of this this experiment this little series I'm doing yesterday I did my workout at lunch and it was a stressful day I was hurrying up to get my my pre-workout in to get to get down here to start lifting and and and you know I was I was lifting but it's just I was very tired stress that just it didn't feel good at the end I almost stopped because that's part of what I've been saying is you know do things because you enjoy doing them and if I'm not enjoying it then I shouldn't be doing it but instead I changed my mind I said well what is it about weightlifting that I really enjoy and it's it's actually just the the movement the most like contracting the muscles like it's not for me about you know lifting the

heaviest weight it's the actual movement that I enjoy so I changed my focus I backed off the weight that I was doing for the exercises and instead I just concentrated on the movement and I I ended up feeling so much better I could feel the stress disappearing and I ended up with a pretty good workout and you know it's kind of thinking about the same thing along the lines of these vlogs and you know right now I'm pretty much shooting these videos for the channel like it's not for my benefit and it kind of feels like a chore and that's not what I like shooting video for it like I you know I like right now I'm editing our cruise videos and I had a lot of fun shooting those having a lot of fun editing them just a lot of fun but what I'm doing now you know again it's just like solely for the channel and it's hard for me to connect with that it's not it's not the benefit for me and I know that sounds selfish but right now I I am struggling to get my head back in the game today I'm having a lot of food cravings you know and that's the sign for me that you know I'm not I'm not doing the things for the reasons that I like doing them

and I think this this vlog is part of it so again I think this is gonna be the last of this series I want to shoot more video and and you know put more videos out the next Saturday we're gonna be going on a bike trip it's in Jim Thorpe PA that you know you take your bikes there they're a little on the train they take you on a 25-mile train ride and then you ride your bike back to the starting point and like that like I would love to take that day and shoot a video for that day you know and edit it and upload that just sounds like a lot of fun but right now these vlogs are kind of detrimental and they're hurting me more than helping me if that makes any sense so again I think this is gonna be the last in this series and again don't even know if I'm gonna be editing us that just just I man up deleting this video I'm never showing it to anybody but if I do and I put it out then I don't know stay tuned for different content