10 December 2019

WEIGHT LOSS TIPS | Workout & Nutrition Tips for Beginners

I dive into top weight loss tips for beginners in this video! Touch on nutrition and training tips to get your weight loss journey started :) If you like this video, don't ...

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channel if you're new here welcome and thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed today's video today I'm gonna be talking about beginner tips when it comes to a weight loss journey giving you some nutrition and training tips because I know how overwhelming it can be when you want to start a weight loss journey and you see online all of these diets and programs that are claiming to be the key or the answer to your goals I'm liking overwhelming and you don't know where to start start so I hope I can help you with these tips so let's get into it so we're gonna start off with nutrition because it doesn't matter how much you train or how much you're working out if your nutrition is not in check you're not going to get results and if you heard people always say nutrition is the most important key when it comes to a weight loss journey so let's dive into my first tip so I'm a huge believer in living a healthy balanced lifestyle so my first tip is to follow the 80/20 rule I do not believe in restrictive diets or diets in general I think you should learn how to fit the foods you love whilst the fuel in your body properly so what the 80/20 rule

means is that 80% of the time you should be eating foods are coming from Whole nutritious sources so veggies fruits meats whole grains once where you're going to get all the nutrients you're going to fill you up and 20% of the time is when you can indulge in those treats that you love maybe it's chocolate ice cream beer but making sure you're having a good balance because the 20% those types of foods are more processed and packaged and then more higher calories you want to make sure you are still fueling your body properly while mixing in those foods that you love so you aren't feeling too restrictive and this is why I love teaching about flexible dining because it allows you to have that balance where you can learn how to fit that ice cream or the cookie in to your day-to-day diet per se while still reaching your goals and not feeling restricted at all so right now I'll take a step back and think about the foods that you're currently eating are they coming from Whole nutritious sources or are they coming more from packaged foods and it's okay if you're like oh my god it's I'm not like a 50/50 right now or less it's okay just take a step back

slowly start incorporating more whole interest foods when it comes to your music start by changing out one meal don't try to do all of that one time so start off with breakfast it's an important meal of the day it gets you started or your day so instead of having a prepackaged bar or a meal for breakfast that could be hiring calories and sugar switch it up for a more whole attrition meal so maybe I do eggs and egg whites for my breakfast with toast you could do overnight oats try to get nutrients in your first meal and making sure you're drinking water throughout the day that kind of comes into my second tip is avoid drinking your calories these aren't empty calories and these calories can add up and then you don't have room for your food and you want your food because it fills you up and gives you all the nutrients so common drinks that are really really high in calories are coffee's lattes frappuccinos whatever they may be from Starbucks or Dunkin soda juice those can be really really high in calories especially the ones from Starbucks and those can up to like hundreds of calories so instead try

having most of your liquids be water what you need water it is so so important that should be like my second tip actually is making sure you're drinking enough water and I'm not saying to cut out all these Cal caloric beverages completely just maybe not have a every day or every meal maybe cut down your cappuccinos frappuccinos whatever you may be getting at the coffee shop to two or three times a week instead of every single day or you could do diet sodas those can be a little bit better when it comes to calories or one of my favorite recommendations that I do sometimes it's having flavored water I'm getting my water intake in but there's flavor to it and it tastes good and there's zero calories so make sure you are saving your calories for food and not drinking those calories away with those high-calorie drinks my third nutrition tip would it be to limit the amount of times you're going up to eat or eating fast food so these meals associate restaurants their portions are not the correct portion sizes they're like double or triple you don't want to be eating too much in one sitting but also these foods can be

high in calories not only due to the portions but also due to the grease and oils that they're adding in and let's be real when you're going out to eat you're not feeling your best because of all of the added ingredients they're adding in so I'll really limit that especially when you're trying to lose weight because you don't know exactly how many calories that meal is and I understand a lot of people go to a fast food or go to eat due to convenience maybe you're busy at work and then I totally understand that and that kind of brings me into my fourth tip is planning ahead and meal prepping and I understand meal prepping Navy isn't the most fun thing to do in the world and that's okay you don't have to meal prep every single meal for the whole week I actually don't recommend that because food goes bad you don't make might get bored of it but I recommend starting off slow and at least having some meals prepped in the beginning so really help you stay on track have food ready on hand so making it easier less stress but you're also saving so much time and money from going out to eat and if you never meal prep before that's okay start slow maybe

start by meal prepping your snacks for work where your lunches one thing that I found very helpful for those who are really beginners at meal prepping there's a thing to cook a bigger serving for dinner and that way you can have the leftovers for lunch it's good it's yummy and you don't have to eat the same lunch every single day and then again you can go home and cook your dinner instead of going out to lunch with your coworkers or getting fast food because it's quick and easy if you do want more meal prep tips put a comment here below and say meal prep and I will get working on a video I have so many tips and tricks when it comes to Neill prepping because I have been on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to meal prepping and I do a few meals here and there to the point where I had two meal prep every single meal for the week when I was in my when I was prepping for my bikini show so and then through both ends of the spectrum and I would love to share my tips for you to see what kind of works for you my fifth and final tip is making short and you're eating enough protein I always recommend having protein in every single meal because

most meals that are easier people go to our time to be higher in carbs and fats and protein is essential for your body especially even on a weight loss journey because eating protein brains your body into a state and it's called your anabolic state means you are burning fat and building muscle and to get into that state you need to be having protein every two to four hours so I always recommend having protein in every single meal and there's so many limited sources of protein my top protein sources eggs and egg whites your meat so that's your chicken your ground turkeys your ham fish so salmon tilapia Cod if you are more plant-based they have plant-based alternatives lots of veggies like Brussels have a high protein ratio into it also beans chickpeas try to think on the top of my head here and then I also have protein powders and protein bars but again remember my first tip with the t20 roll you don't want to have you don't want to rely too much on processed packaged items but if you have it once a day that is okay so make sure you are eating enough protein so those are like top

nutrition tips when it comes to being a beginner in to your weight loss journey and remember I'm not giving you all these tips for you to implement all of them at once start slow maybe start with my second tip when it comes to avoiding high-calorie drinks and converting to drinking more water and in the next week you can focus on meal prepping your meals ahead to help you follow that any 8020 rule to hold more Whole nutritious meals remember if you try to implement too many at the same time you're gonna get overwhelmed and you will probably fall back off track and go back into your old habit so start small create some healthy habits that will last create some healthy habits that you know you will stick to and roar it's all about making a lifestyle a balanced lifestyle all right now we're going to go into my training tips for beginners my first tip is to start off slow if you are not gonna workout routine or maybe you never worked out before start off slow and start by doing two maybe three workouts that week you don't need to go ham you don't need to do five workouts start slow you can seriously see a lot of

results and changes in your body just by implementing two to three workouts a week especially if you are new when it comes to working out and being physically active and when you're getting into our cover team make sure you're splitting up your days properly you don't want to go in just do cardio I'll go into that in a second but try to split up so if you're doing a two day workout split you know we can split it up between upper body and lower body and then if you do a three day split you can break it up into two upper bodies because we do have a lot of upper body so you could do it's called a push day so that's chest triceps and shoulders and then you can do a pull day which is back and biceps and then you can do legs and then as you get more into a routine as you're seeing progress and you're advancing in your workouts in the gym that's when you can add in more workout days set yourself up for success and set your give yourself realistic expectations when it comes to the amount of days at your work you know versus trying to go right in four to five days a week when you've never really worked up before really have a

clear structure to play my second tip in this my second and third tip kind of go in hand in hunt if you aren't new to working out and maybe you've never sent in a gym before that's okay you don't have to go to a gym to have a good effective workout you can totally do home workouts to start off with so if you are starting off with an at-home workout I always recommend getting at least one pair of dumbbells I always recommend to get a few more not because your lower body can handle heavier weight selection than your upper body so trying to get a few pairs of dumbbells and maybe some resistance bands and you can totally have great amazing workouts at home and again start by doing two or three work up today there's a ton of workout at home workouts that I've posted on my Instagram I'll put my tag here at at Tatiana underscore kudo you can find workouts to do at home and again you can follow that same schedule I just mentioned previously like the upper body and lower body day splits and my third it's not only a tip but my third suggestion is once you're ready to go to the gym or my tips on overcoming that gym intimidation if you've never

been there before if you have a fear of going to the gym just know that it's normal and I guess my first tip would be remember that we all start somewhere I remember how terrified I was and scared and intimidated to go into the gym especially the weight lifting area of the gym where you seen like big muscular men and I get it that's normal but it's okay you belong there you deserve to there but if you like tips that can get over that fear once you're ready to step into the gym this one go with a friend or a partner it's always more comfortable going with someone just to have to give a lot to help you feel a little bit you know going with someone always helps you kind of calm your nerves out a little bit right so I definitely recommend going in with a friend my second tip is make sure you have a plan to follow so you're not like wandering around and staring at people having a plan kind of keeps your eyes on your own lane so make sure you are keeping your eyes rolling go in with a plan and that way you can kind of stick to it you go and you go out and then you kind of go back to the rest of your day

you finished your workout and when you are doing your workout choose a quiet spot around the gym again you can totally do great workout with dumbbells so grab those dumbbells and go to that private room or that private corner in your gym where you feel less intimidated and more comfortable doing your workouts another tip when it comes to overcoming this gym fear is going at a less busy time and I get it you're probably well the gym is packed after work and guess what maybe you have to make some sacrifices and wake up earlier and go before work and I know it might not be the most appealing thing to do but actually it can really set yourself up for an amazing productive day you'll have higher energy levels you'll feel good and you'll feel less intimidated at the gym and you'll probably have a better workout going in having it let be less crowded and being able to focus on your workout and crushing it my final tip when it comes to or come in this gym fear is again remember we all started from somewhere and no one really cares what you're doing no one is judging you people may be looking around between their sets because they're just

listening to music and they're just looking here looking there I do the same thing but don't let that intimidate you they don't care and if they do care then that's on them that's not on you you're going there to make a lifestyle change to be healthier you have goals to focus on you and keep your eyes on your own lane my fourth training tip even like those previous two weren't like tips is make sure you are not doing too much cardio and start incorporating weights so the more muscle you have the more you convert and that really helps building up your metabolism and a really big common mistake is that people think that they have to just do hours and hours of cardio on the treadmill with a Stairmaster to lose weight and that's not the case lifting weights kept its key when it comes to losing weight not only so you can tone your muscles under your skin you don't want that skinny fat look but it's also going to help you burn more calories even after your workout so when you're doing cardio your body is burning calories after the workout it is done whereas when your weight training you

are burning calories you're burning calories during your workout session but your metabolism in addition your metabolism is so wrapped up that your body is able to burn calories even after your workouts that's why it's important to make sure you are incorporating weights to tone your body up to build up your metabolism and to help you burn even more my recommendation also is to do cardio after weight so and I'm not saying to do cardio every single day I think you should focus more on my training and then add in some cardio sessions here and there maybe two to three sessions a week and make sure you're doing it after your weight training stations your weight training session because if you're gonna do your cardio first you're going to be more exhausted you're gonna have less energy when it comes to the weights you're not gonna be pushing yourself as much so instead use all of your energy lift heavy push yourself and then end it on a cardio note or do a separate day just for cardio remember there's no need to be doing cardio every single day my final tip when it comes to beginning on a weight-loss journey is

just to make sure that you're doing something you and join this kind of this kind of is reason why I don't like diets is because when you aren't doing something you're enjoying when it comes to a meal plan or workouts you're less likely to stick with it so especially when it comes to workouts again I know I just recommended doing weights but if that's something you aren't comfortable doing or you don't love doing on your own maybe try going to a class like a barre class a weight training class where you can have friends and do it with them you might enjoy that a little bit more or kickboxing Zumba make sure you find something that you enjoy doing so you're more likely to stick with it but make sure you're trying things out giving give every type of workout a chance and then figure out what best suits you I know can be really overwhelming when it comes to beginning a weight-loss journey and as a new year is coming a lot of people have weight-loss goals so I hope these tips really helped you out remember to start slow implement one thing at a time there's no need to implement everything if I had to

recommend start with your nutrition and then slowly add in the workouts and within each segment nutrition and working out implement one thing at a time don't try to do it all at once because and you're gonna get overwhelmed and less likely to stick with it thank you for watching I really hope these tips helped make sure to press that like and subscribe button buddy for more videos to come and I hope you have an awesome day bye