08 April 2019


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we are starting out this video with a

client shout out to my girl Taylor who is killing it on my program I mean rest in peace rest in peace my program because Taylor has killed it she's she bought new jeans the other day and I'm like Taylor you can't buy new jeans because you're gonna have to buy new jeans in two weeks you're just gonna keep buying new jeans stop we got it we're sweat pants until we got you at the weight that you want because she is just losing weight like a banshee as we say in fact I had to adjust her program after two weeks because her weight loss was so rapid eating as much food as she wanted the weight just started to melting off of her and I was like let's pump the brakes a little bit that is how tremendously well she is doing on this program so kudos to you Taylor the weight is gonna continue to fall off and I can't wait to go Jean shopping with you but not yet because it's gonna keep coming off I mean speaking of my program applications are currently open for my next program but we have received so many that I might have to close applications soon so click the link in the downbar and get in your application as soon as possible if you

are watching this after April 19th 2019 then click the link in the downbar set you can get on the weight loss for the weight loss the wait list words that is not a good angle you can see at my nose on the wait list for the next program [Music] all right let's get into the five things that you gotta know before you start your weight loss journey number one whether you believe you can are you believe you can't you're right if you're watching this video there's a chance that you've struggled with your weight for a long time and when people come to me it's been a lifelong battle but the fact of the matter is about this diet this diet works for all humans every single person that gets onto my program ends within a healthy weight range you would have to defy the laws of thermodynamics to be on a diet a Whole Foods plant-based diet and not fall within a healthy BMI range you would have to be a medical mystery you would be in the Smithsonian you would be a work of art because there's just simply nothing like it that doesn't happen this diet works it works for all humans all you have to do is do the diet and so

when people come to me and they say it's I I can't do it it lights this fire inside of me because I know that they can and they will do it they just have to do it so whether you believe you can or you believe you can't you're right because if you believe you can you do the diet and the diet works if you believe you can't you don't do the diet and then the diet doesn't work just do it honey is I'm gonna trademark that just do it healthy Emmy peace out Nike number two weight loss is not completely linear when you are losing fat on your body the graph is gonna look like this for your weight loss it's gonna be ups and downs but overall the trajectory is gonna be downward our weight tremendously fluctuates from day to day because our weight is made up of so many things our bones our muscles intracellular water extracellular water the amount of glycogen in our liver and our muscles the amount of urine in our bladder the amount of poop that's sitting in our body for being quite frank there are so many things that contribute to our weight and our weight can fluctuate 10 pounds within a day but we are

consistently losing fat and our overall trajectory of our weight is gonna be on the down but from day to day it's gonna fluctuate a little bit so just know that so that when you step on the scale you don't become discouraged and you don't think oh my I gained 10 pounds when there are so many factors that contribute to weight if you are on this diet starts as vegetables fruits and legumes a Whole Foods plant-based diet you are overweight you will be losing weight but just know that the journey to get there its ups and downs but overall your trajectory is downward don't become married to that silly scale have a faith trust the process number 3 it's ok for it to feel easy it's not supposed to be hard honey is something that my clients say to me all the time is I can't believe how easy it is look at these things that have come from the lips of my clients mouths who are losing weight Joanne said I love your program I can't believe how much you can eat and lose weight Tina said I lost over 4 pounds in the first week and she said I'm not even really trying this is why I'm so in love with this lifestyle

because we've been sold this bill of goods that we absolutely have to go to the gym and or strict our calories and do these hard workouts and weight loss is hard and get on that grind it's not hard honeys it's supposed to be easy I mean think about it all we're asking for here is to be happy and healthy is that so much to ask for no all other animals in nature are healthy and they're eating as much as they want to that's all we want all we want is to be able to eat as much as we want to and to be healthy that's what everybody else in nature is gettin so why can't we get that too we absolutely can it's ok for this to be easy it's supposed to be easy health is supposed to be easy and so on your weight-loss journey if you're losing weight don't become skeptical I see a lot of people become skeptical and they sort of think that this is too good to be true it's gonna something's not right here it's not gonna end up this way forever but that's not the case it is ok for it to be easy it's supposed to be easy number 4 at the beginning the weight is gonna come off much more quickly and

then it's gonna start to slow down this has something to do with your resting metabolic rate wait right there at the beginning your weight loss is going to be faster and then it's gonna start to slow down this has to do with your resting metabolic rate your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calorie you burn at rest when you are at a higher weight you burn more calories because there's more body to take care of when you're at a higher weight you have to eat more food in order to keep your body alive because there's more body to keep alive but when you're at a lower weight you don't have to eat as many calories because your body doesn't require as much energy to stay running think about it this way two cars break down one is a little PT Cruiser a little putt-putt car and then the other is a giant School Bus it's gonna take a lot more people to push that school bus than it is to push that little PT Cruiser it takes more calories to support a larger body so when you start losing weight your body requires less calories so when you get on this diet and you're eating this many calories and you're burning this many

calories wow that's a big caloric deficit so you're gonna lose a lot of weight if you still keep eating the same amount of calories and your weight keeps going down then the caloric deficit starts to get smaller and you'll burn less fat this is why at the beginning weight loss is really tremendous and this is why those last five pounds are so hard to lose because you weigh less so you require less calories so in order to burn those last 10 pounds those last five pounds it would require you to eat a lot less calories than you did at the beginning likely at the beginning if you were losing like five pounds right away you could have been eating a lot more calories but that's because you weight a lot more so if somebody is 250 pounds and somebody is 150 pounds and they both want to lose weight the person who's 250 pounds is gonna eat a lot more calories and lose a lot more weight still because they just burn so many calories being at a higher weight as you go on in your weight loss journey and you weigh less and less and less you require less calories which means that your weight loss is gonna slow down and then number 5 is you can't go out this alone you

have to have support one of my clients said to me the other day they go it's it was such a simple statement that she said to me she says it's just emotional this whole thing is just emotional and that's why you have to have that support of other people and what your goals are in your health journey you have to have people around there to support you and that's exactly why I created the healthy honeys Facebook group a free Facebook group for people to join that are on this health journey together because support and community is so so unbelievably important we have to have people around us that support us because it's a it's a lot to handle emotionally and that is why we need people to be on our team I am on your team and if you join the healthy Anees Facebook group you of all those people that are on your team - if we could all do it alone I wouldn't be sitting here making this video right now and there's nothing wrong with you if you've tried to do it on your own before and you haven't succeeded you have to have people on your team this is so unbelievably important I cannot play - the importance of this enough get people

on your side whether it's on Facebook in person or emailing me we are all here for you and I can't wait to watch you transform incidences shadow of the day in every video I shout out one person that has come to me at zero in the past week and today it goes to my friend Shawn simple food Shawn I met Shawn at my Sydney meetup in Australia and he is such a wonderful man and he has great meal inspiration so make sure to check him out he is a honey and he is such a wonderful person so thank you Shawn for being so wonderful if you want to be the next instant shout out of the day follow me on instead healthy Emmy and leave a comment on my latest post and I will shout you out honey right here alright my honey is that's what I got for you for this video I love and adore you with every ounce of my being and I'll see you my next video that kiss was silent mwah I still got I don't have my voice but you know are you people even watching still [Music] you