17 December 2008

Weight Loss Testimony 2

Hallelujah Acres Weight Loss Testimony 2.

my name is Stacy Jagger before the

hallelujah diet I had hypoglycemia hypothyroid I was chronically fatigued I had depression and I was 30 pounds overweight I can remember being a two-year-old and climbing up on the counter tops to get the Tang to eat it straight out of the can so I was a sugar addict really from a very young age and all through school I can remember being so tired that I just wanted to go back to bed I can remember that even as a first and second grader thinking I just want to go home and cut the head I can remember waking up in the middle of the night almost every night and kind of in a sleepwalking state going to the freezer to eat ice cream and I would eat about a half gallon of ice cream every night in the middle of the night and then and then and in the morning I would basically wake up drunk off of sugar I was hungover and I real I don't understand exactly how I was able to function that way but I bet I did although I wasn't functioning very well and on two different occasions i went to gas stations and drove off with the pump still in my car and had the gas stations had to shut down that happened to eight o'clock in the morning when I should

have been very alert but I was very out of it I didn't know that I was sick you know I was I was too sick to know I was sick I guess you know I just thought the way that I felt was normal I felt bad every day and I thought everybody else felt bad every day as well so that was normal to me when I was in college I would wake up in the middle of the night and I guess my blood blood sugar had dropped but I would wake up I was on the sixth floor of my dorm I would go down one floor I would look in all the pizza boxes and get all the pizza get out of there go down the elevator go to the next trash can see what pizza box is there work at that I would go all the way down the fifth floor fourth floor third take the elevator back up I would have pizza about this high I would stuff it all down I would go to sleep wake up in the next wake up the next morning and drunk this was my family growing up it was all about that the word fat who got fat lost their fat gain their fat back fat free no fat am I looking fat or he fat do you think I'm fat everything was about that word fat and I was so sick of that word I just wanted to be done with

it and when I found out about Hallelujah Acres and realized that if I could just take care of my body that I wouldn't have to deal with that anymore I was very interested and I ended up watching george mountain mrs. seminar for three or four times and the more that i watched it the more my mind was renewed and the more I was convinced that it was the truth my husband and I started juicing we started making really pretty salads we got off of meat we got off of caffeine we got off all of white sugar and we stopped eating out so much I have lost 30 pounds I have kept it off and I am now working full time as a dance teacher I'm full of energy and none of this would have been possible without halle acres because i was totally ignorant of how to take care of myself before howling anchors and i'm extremely extremely grateful you