08 April 2019

WEIGHT LOSS! - Start of Week #2 - My Weight Loss Journey

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oh my god there's a weak tongue hello

everybody my name is Chris and this week too we're actually back for weight loss week 2 we are seriously breaking the new ground here I rarely ever get to a week to vlog because I usually fail so miserably in the first week I give up that hasn't happened today thankfully not say the last week was sticky brilliant but so how much do I weigh this week now see stuff a lot but I'm happy with it because it's a three pound reduction you know that is to travel 80 days 338 pounds down was and three for one one hundred and fifty three point three kilos down from 154 point six one point three kilo drop or three pound drop that that's not bad considering last week being on me honest was something of a bit of a bad week in ambience how was last week bad well to be honest it was back if he started off badly you know almost as soon as I finished shooting first fun I went to the dogs and got a massive breakfast which was terrible and I kind of justified it like oh it's my only treat this week that it's fine what is my only treat this week no I did similar things two more times so it wasn't my only tree you know but that

kind of more than one half of the week the back half of the week I really thought first there were several opportunities where I could reason I had to longer than I did and I could have got away with exercising and I did you know I you know normally he thought of in terms of like big extra meals you know maybe four or five in a week on average an athlete was three so that's the definite reduction and in terms of going out for exercising I would normally do zero and I did three weeks so it I'm from France which of course is what I'm after so how do I intend to improve for this week well honestly I originally hoped to try and scale up the exercise and maybe take my diet a little bit and talk about that that was assuming the last week was a complete success I wasn't I do have to base what I do per week on the last week this week really is just going to be about you know heaping to zero excellent meals I thought the army zero extra meals and hopefully seven walking proper days of proper exercising when we're not I'll be honest think that I have no clue but you know what honestly I am feeling quite

positive about this genuinely I'm feeling really good you know getting had a bit of weight loss it really helped to you know kickstart things especially considering it wasn't the best week I think it just it feels good it feels really good to be some heading the right direction for once but yeah I mean I wish I just sort of go into more make a longer video but my regional problem last week wasn't a success I need to get that success on a regular basis without issue before I can really start pushing elsewhere so you still another question what do you guys think you know these are any suggestions or advice try thank you I don't know I mean I will take any suggestions I don't think I would do them well but I'm always happy to listen to new ideas I'm going up for a challenge and boys up for pumping you some let me know down below thank you for watching and I hopefully will see you in week 3 until then take everyone while I point I don't salute see ya you