08 April 2019


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hello I am Satan devil and when I'm on earth here I always tune in to the Archie luxury Channel Archie luxury channel I always like to see what that buffoon is doing from the wrist wrist wrist watch check I like to see what that buffoon is doing and when I'm on earth I always enjoy the Archie luxury Channel I'm certain deville hi guys poor Pluto from the Archie luxury and the pull through the channels guys I want to tell you a fantastic thing my good friend Scott this is not the same Scottie it's another Scottie has done he sent me a weight loss pledge that's right guys for 20 US dollars you can send a weight loss pledge with a message of support for Archie's weight loss program this is a P 21 and Scott says hi Paul I like your channel and I like you lots of cunts are probably emailing you giving you advice on how to lose weight I'm not one of those I want you to be successful I know you don't like long emails cook your own food this is some advice no fast food no diet drinks no low fat foods the less processed food a food is the better if you want to chocolate or whatever eat one bite I saw your video celebrating over doughnuts if

you are so obsessed by off limit foods you will not succeed at some point those cravings will disappear and those foods will cease to have power over you you are an aging fat fucker I say that as a fan keep walking once you can walk a few miles without sweating a gallon get yourself a 20-pound kettlebell that's those things you walk around with start doing kettlebell swings look it up enter the kettlebell cold showers fuck I haven't had cold showers since uh since I discovered pussy you are correct to think in terms of lifestyle changed on a diet with that in mind don't expect big changes in a month or two think in terms of years I've sent you $20 as a pledge B well Scott Scott thank you so much that $20 weight-loss pledge please guys fucking help me lose the weight fucking help me lose the weight send me a pledge that's right come on you fat fucks out there come on you fat fuckers send me a pledge send me a pledge 20 US dollars I'll read it out on there I'll read it out on here and I will thank you personally a weight loss pledge this keeps me going it costs me a

lot more money to eat healthy than it does to eat like a pig when I was eating like a pig I could get Dumber those peaches for five bucks go to Subway have a crummy fucking footlong turkey roll with no cheese no butter and that's fucking ten bucks 10 bucks double the cost of a pizza please guys send me a weight loss pledge you send me a weight loss pledge and the kilos will fucking fall off they will fucking fucking fall off come on fuckers send me a weight loss pledge weight loss pledge I need your help I need your help otherwise I will stay fat noble weight for the rest of my life come on guys a weight loss pledge send it to me now $20 send me an email I'll read it out on air and I will really appreciate if you're running a small business also add a little text line I'll promote your business come on guys weight loss pledge 20 US dollars the first way the fastest way for me to lose the pair fuckers hi guys Paul Pluta the method actor who plays Archibald Chesterfield the third guys I want to tell you this is so important guys I depend on my patreon supporters

just this week I used my patreon funds to get myself a fantastic lightweight gimbal travel camera and I just want to say thank you this was made possible because of my patreon the patreon they made this purchase possible and it's you know piece of equipment like this is $600 plus I need a few memory cards it's such an expensive business guys if you haven't sponsored me on patreon please do so look in the description for this video here it'll tell you ways you can help me but guys help me stay full-time on YouTube making videos by helping me on patreon you send a small amount each month to me to keep me in closed and making videos I can buy equipment like this little gimbal camera guys come on help me help me a lot help me help me very much so because guys I wanna I want your help I need help to make quality content and I gotta be honest with you if I didn't have your help it's not going to be much good guys it's not going to be much good I need your help to buy equipment and to to do things so guys sponsor me on patreon and I'll be here for you that's right I'll be here for you please guys help me on patreon

see you later [Music] [Music] [Music] don't talk about [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]