08 April 2019

Weight Loss Journey Week 1

Welcome to my first ever video. I hope you guys can follow me on my journey. You won't regret it. Instagram: axels_journey40 Snapchat: martinezaxel101.

hey what's up its your boy axel and

welcome to my very first youtube video it's been forever since I said I was gonna make one but I'm finally here you know so let's do this so first off first of all let me tell you what I'm gonna be doing on my account so as you can see I'm really fat a hell of fat a hell of fat like look it was chin I want to try my best to lose weight so um and I want you guys to follow me on my journey if that makes any sense um not only do I like wanna be healthier I just want to look better and I just I just want to be happy you know because right now I don't feel happy I hate myself in my body and I feel like it's time for a change so yeah um I feel like to be happy you have to feel happy I guess in a sort of way so um I've done this this but at the end of this video you're gonna see like how much I weigh and you're gonna be like oh my god that's a big boy so yeah um so when I get the results I really want um I want to start to make other videos like funnier videos um I'm gonna try to make these videos um funny so they won't be like boring to watch because that's kind of why I was debating on making these videos was because like I want I didn't want you

guys to be bored watching my videos so um I also I also have a shitty ass camera like it's my phone and I'm using my other my other phone like it's like a broken phone that has flash so yeah um I wanted to get like but like right now I don't have the money and then if I wait longer I'm gonna hate myself even more so like might as well just start it you know and then throughout throughout my journey you get like a better camera I like at it better to make funny Oh videos you know but right now it's gonna be like this so I hope you guys are not mad so let's get started you know hope you guys like this video so like if this video doesn't let that good just trust me it's gonna get better so we're gonna start off running yeah bitches [Music] I just finished running one mile and 12 minutes and 37 seconds it's about to do a another workout we're just gonna show me some new new ones sweating I'm sweating hello Beth so right now maritza is gonna help me with some boxing techniques just to keep

that heart rate up kind of shit that's cool hey bitch it's me so we're just gonna show me some skills that was not even the women feel like what my gear here's years so for our next workout my even our workout we're just gonna fucking be dancing you know I think that's the easiest way to lose weight oh we're gonna be doing it go a little faster urgency [Music] when you're working out honestly just dance broker I'm ready sweaty and we danced for like three minutes so we just finished our workout and I'm gonna go away myself right now I think it's is it to 93.2 [Music] you we're gonna leave the gym and it was a good ass workout think you weren't sir wait my fucking glasses you have them yeah good like I was saying I want to thank maritza cuz right now 4:30 at night and it's almost 1:00 in the morning this one and she came to fucking

train with me so that's a G right there hey alright that's it for my very first youtube video I hope you guys like it i'ma leave all my info like my Instagram snapchat down below if you guys want to follow me and I just want to say it's gonna be a rough a rough journey but at the end it's gonna be worth it so thank you and I'll see you next time