22 July 2019


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a hot freaking mess my hair is all crazy

and it doesn't matter I'm home cooking dinner we're having breakfast for dinner I'm doing scrambled eggs bacon which you can probably hear crackling I'm making Gregg's Megan I'm gonna have turkey bacon and then we're also gonna have some hashbrowns I'm gonna do in the airfryer so you'll see that in a minute and I'm gonna be using this I'm so excited to use this little quick list from Dollar Tree so I'm about to use that to scramble my eggs like whisk my eggs up and so you'll see dinner soon for breakfast I just had a bang energy drink and for lunch I had small salad I didn't have a lot I just wasn't feeling great today so that's why you use anything for breakfast so tomorrow is you'll be back to seeing regular day stuff as well as gym so if we're gonna as you can see I have a great value hash brown patty for pipe five points the turkey Bacon's won the eggs are zero and that is a total of six points for dinner okay don't judge need to wipe down my refrigerator don't touch that but I have a bowl full of cucumbers that's for Gregg but I have Tomatoes slice I have bell pepper sliced and I'm well

construction off my grates and that's all I can have BLTs because here's my turkey bacon that's left that I cook tonight I'm gonna have some BLTs for lunch in the romaine hearts and then I have cucumbers and bell peppers for like a snack and then I'm gonna do section out my grapes now and that will be tomorrow's luncheon sacks good morning guys so today is Tuesday and I did the right thing last night I prepped like veggies and my lunch and that really really helps and I know that meal prepping helps but I'm just lazy sometimes and I don't I will say I woke up this morning you're feeling very nauseous Oh like I feel like I got the cold sweats and that's why you can hear my air conditioner is I feel super hot and I feel nauseous I drink some cold water and we're actually gonna go to Dunkin Donuts and I want a frozen iced coffee that's our frozen caramel coffee that's what I want this morning so I'm getting it I don't know about points so I'll put that on the screen I'm sure it's not great for you because they put all the extra sugary stuff in there I'm gonna try to get some sugar-free syrup and

stuff and see if that helps but that's what we're doing I'll show you guys my breakfast oh I only have anything for breakfast so I make up some boiled eggs from the cafe at work but then like lunch and dinner I'm having Italian chicken it's super simple you just put chicken breasts in a crock pot with Italian dressing and that's it and then we're having green beans with that and some rice okay so I'm actually on the treadmill right now and I'll do about a mile on the treadmill maybe half a mile depends on how I feel and then I'm gonna be doing legs and butt so I don't know how much I'm gonna be able to film it's a weird filming in the gym okay so I did a mile now onto the legs and the booty [Music] my gem it were treadmills ellipticals bikes balls and mats I'm hot my legs feel like jello ready to go home and cook dinner so we go [Music] good morning guys so today's Wednesday and I am not sore from the gym but I will be sore tomorrow that's usually how my body works like the very next day I'm

not sore it's the day after so you saw what I went to the gym yesterday well today I go to the gym again and it is arms and cardio of course so I'll be doing that at the gym I'm really still gonna the past couple mornings I've been feeling pretty nauseous so I'm just gonna probably grab a diet ginger ale for my tummy this morning which is zero points if you're on WW and then I'm gonna head to work I'm running a little bit behind schedule just because I was lollygagging around this morning I have on my way to work and I'm sorry really doing anything for breakfast for lunch I just have some leftover rice and black beans from last night's dinner and I still have some turkey bacon left and so I'm gonna probably break that up and mix that with my rice and beans and that's what I'll eat for like a breakfast and lunch combo today that'll be filling and then I'm going to go to the gym after work I'll be working out a little bit later than I'd like because today I work out with a friend of mine and she gets off work later than I do so I'll work out a little by myself in a little with her so for dinner tonight I totally forgot to put

something in the crock-pot because I was lollygaggin this morning so we'll probably eat out and I'm thinking we may do I like go to stuff so I don't know I don't know what we're gonna do yet but something point friendly maybe Wendy's so alright guys see you a little while and the same actually the same shirt I wore last week you didn't see a whole lot today for lunch I just had leftovers and was rice and beans and then for dinner I'm having windy so you'll see that so I'm just gonna go ahead and get into some workouts I have a long workout today because I'm working out with a friend it's okay we can do it okay guys so I know that you can it's really dark we went to Wendy's for dinner and I got a chili and a grilled chicken sandwich I only have the sandwich and the chili and my stomach is upset I didn't film it because I didn't eat it all at one time I'm just not feeling great after I don't know what's wrong but my dog is sick Axl is sick his nose is warm and dry and he's laying around he's not acting himself we all know so it's like 8:15 and me and actual

are going to bed early so sorry no video tonight of dinner I just didn't even think about it I don't know because I'm eating a little better my stomach is messed up I don't know what's going on I don't know what's wrong with Axl maybe we both have a little tummy virus I don't know but we're actually celebrating my birthday this weekend so I really hope I'm feeling better and I hope he's feeling better so all right we'll see you guys tomorrow on Thursday where hopefully everyone is feeling better hey guys so today's Friday okay I've been having stomach issues so this morning I had nothing for breakfast then a lot of you guys know if you watched my last vlog I had a gynecologist appointment and so I got a call today at work and I got my results now as most of you know at least for me when they call it's never good so when I saw their number pop up on my caller ID I instantly like my heart sink so first I'll just to recap you guys know I'm pretty open if you're new to my channel and you've never watched my blogs before I don't hold back a whole lot as far as

when I'm dealing with different things I'm pretty open I'm not ashamed of what I've been through so last year I found out so the gynecologist thought I had ovarian cancer turns out it was not but I did have multiple very large cysts on both ovaries they gave me something called a bilateral cell Pingo over ectomy yeah it just took out both my ovaries and my fallopian tubes mind you I'm 33 so that put me in an instant menopause that's been a struggle for the past year with hormone replacement therapy please hold all of your negative comments about that I don't want to hear them I'm being honest so fast forward went to the gynecologist last Thursday on July 11th and talked to her I've been having a lot of issues with anxiety elephant sitting on your chest not being able to breathe stressing about things I just do not make you know that are it's just kind of like why are you stressing about this you can't control it she's prescribed me xanax not to take every day but on the occasions where I feel like I am spiraling and it cannot rain myself back in have not had to use the annex at all okay

here we Beck are we are today also mind me don't mind me okay I look a hot mess so I get the call and they basically tell me that my pap smear results came back abnormal this is the first time I've ever had an abnormal pap smear and I'm sure most of you are like it's not that big of a deal okay and most likely it's not so what I have is super super low it's called ascus a s CU s stands for I don't know something squamous cells which sounds terrifying so I'm glad they have an abbreviation so you can google it basically it just means there's a shift in the way that the cells on my cervix look it's low grade it's the lowest grade you can be and it's it's basically borderline between normal and abnormal but because there is a slight difference that go with the abnormal anyways I immediately go to cervical cancer that's where my brain goes she assured me that is not the case she said it's not even precancerous I don't need to come in for any extra things right now she said this type of thing usually clears itself up so she said so many things can cause an abnormal pap smear especially if at my age and I've never

had one before so she said come back in a year so I'll go back next July from my annual and she said by then it would have cleared itself up if it hasn't cleared itself up and there's this more in-depth thing called a callosum like that and it's basically like a more in-depth so um pap smear they use a microscope to look and see if what they can see if there's precancerous cells whatever anyways so that news even though it's not bad news if you're like me and you have anxiety I was I couldn't I could not stay at work today um I already didn't feel well so I left and I came home early came home early I stopped at Subway on the way home and I got a six-inch turkey sub on wheat and then I ate that I took a xanax and I went to sleep so that was that like 12 o'clock this afternoon and is now 6 p.m. I'm just waking up I do not feel crazy I am so thankful for xanax so thankful for it I don't feel like I'm a crazy person because I have to take it I don't feel bad about having to take it I don't care about people who don't like it it's not I've never had an issue like this before until menopause so that's how my day is

gone Gregg is on his way home from work and I'm having a regular Dr Pepper because I wanted it and I've earned it I don't care about points because it's points I don't member how many points but I'm having a regular Dr Pepper we're celebrating my birthday this weekend so for dinner tonight I don't know what we're gonna do but in the meantime that's what we're doing so nothing exciting today I'm sorry that I didn't vlog that was honestly the farthest thing from my mind my mind was to come home take a xanax and chill out so that's what happened so um I don't know if I'm gonna vlog much tomorrow since it is like you know the day we're kind of celebrating my birthday maybe a separate vlog in itself I don't know but that's it guys so I'll talk to y'all in a little while okay guys so today is Saturday and we are I've been up since 6 o'clock this morning I've done so much laundry we clean the house Greg and I so that's done we're on our way now to go to to go to Sam's Club so we can sign up for the Sam's Club we used to have Costco we're gonna try Sam's Club now and then we're going to go to the mall because I've got

to get my wedding ring and my engagement ring inspected you had to do that every six months I was supposed to go last month I forgot so hopefully they won't give me a hard time um so yeah that's what I'm doing I did not eat breakfast this morning I haven't eaten anything so I haven't been hungry it's only 10:30 though so we'll see what we eat and drink today I don't know but I really want a regular Dr Pepper okay guys this is the end of the vlog we went out for my birthday I drank too much and I felt like crap the very next day I had a hangover the whole day so lots of ginger ale and not much to eat so I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up subscribe if you have not I'm part of my friends and family here on YouTube and I'll see you on my next video bye