09 January 2019

Weight Loss Journey Day #1

okay I am recording my very first ever

YouTube video about my weight loss journey and if I'm not looking directly into the camera I'm so sorry because I'm still trying to figure out where I'm supposed to look I'm sitting here in the parking lot of my daughter's school and I wanted to tell you guys that I just started this whole thing yesterday but I'm really considering today my first day because yesterday was kind of like the trial day I started a new weight loss program with diet and exercise and what I'm doing is just eating clean and exercising working out three to four times a week at the gym just depending on when my trainers schedule allows my trainer happens to be my husband so I'm lucky in that way so you guys know a little bit about me my background I am a nurse and I am a independent consult with paparazzi accessories and I started this YouTube video or this YouTube channel to hopefully inspire people and educate people and bring this opportunity to other people you know to learn about my business and what I'm doing but something else happened a couple days ago and I decided that I was gonna let you guys in on what I'm doing and to start off this new year on the

right foot and to really take action on something that I've been wanting to do for quite a while I lost quite a bit of weight but I'm not happy with where I'm at I still have about 35 40 pounds to lose and that is my plan is to go through this weight loss journey and see if I can do it and what and show you guys what ups and downs I encounter yesterday was my first day doing it and I some things I I encountered were cravings so obviously when you start a new diet you're going to have cravings before I had cravings and I would indulge in those cravings and go for the carbs or the fried food or whatever it was that I wanted to eat and yesterday did not do that obviously that is the first thing you know you do when you start a new diet is you just don't eat the crappy things that you normally would um so I did have a craving for carbs and things like that in the morning I avoided all of that when I hadn't had my breakfast that I had planned out and then in the evening I found or during the day actually I think I had some cravings for sweets

I found myself reaching for the candy bowl that I have at work I do that a couple times a day and I definitely curbed that urge to do that with the foods that I chose to eat yesterday and that helped a lot to get rid of the cravings um so I'm gonna help you guys out by telling you what kind of foods I'm eating and letting you know you know how it's working for me but hopefully it'll work for you too getting you know a lot of good information from my husband but also I am a female and so what works for me isn't necessarily gonna work for him so you know I'm kind of taking his advice and turning it you know into my own formula for me as a woman I do have about 35 to 40 pounds to lose if I can and that's gonna be my ideal my ideal body weight and to let you guys know right now I weighed myself the last time I weighed myself at the gym which was just a few days ago I was 176 so that is my starting weight I look at me you know a side profile you may not think that I'm 176 but like a lot of women I carry my weight kind of weird last night when I got home I had some cravings for carbs again I usually have like a nighttime snack and I've really

decided to stop snacking at night and eat anything after seven o'clock isn't no no and I have certain foods that I'm going to be eating during the evening time to keep me you know keep my appetite curbed for those snacks if I get hungry I have things to fall back on that are healthy but I will not be eating after seven o'clock so this is where my story begins this is where my journey begins I hope you guys enjoy watching what comes of this and excuse my looking around in my shifty eyes because I have no idea where I'm supposed to look until I watch this video back and I just say to go ahead and go live for you guys and hopefully you'll enjoy watching me and you'll get some information good information out of this and I will post another video tonight about my first day of my new diet and let you guys know what I've been eating and what I've been doing I've been taking little videos for you throughout the day so that you know what I'm doing and what I'm eating and so I'm gonna go put that together and post it up for you guys tonight and you please let me know what you think what your feedback is on it um obviously you do

not have to follow my advice exactly to a tee but hopefully you will get some really good tips and pointers and when you see that it's working for me hopefully it will work for me when you see that's working you can maybe get some inspiration from it okay that's gonna be at fortune 9 you guys get the gist of it have a good have a good one and I will see you on the next day one video it'll be I think I'll call it day one what I ate today or something like that okay