09 January 2019

Weight loss Journey - Back to back

Hey guys! This is another video of the return to regular weekly uploads and updates on my weight loss journey. If you enjoyed the video, please like, comment ...

all right I'm getting back in the things

making my second video back it's currently 12:47 a.m. yeah should be good I did take a couple of days off to fix my sleeping schedule it works this evening schedule is fine now trying to eat more protein like chicken lean protein like chicken and all that I am NOT a big fan of fish so I won't be eating that try needed a lot of veggies trying to stay away from think we're gonna try to stay away from red meat so I can lean out but yeah it's been pretty well I can't talk it's been pretty good so let's go I think this since starting these videos I think this is the most I've went to the German probably in a whole year like uh previously I would go for like a week and then stop never again or go for a week and then the next week I've got a couple of days and then completely end it but it's going pretty well right now I still wish I had like a workout partner so they can film some of the stuff for me well last I don't everyone's busy Plus no one wants to come with me at almost 1 o'clock in the morning to the gym no way so I think I'm gonna start out with this

workout with my arms and upper body and all that continue doing cardio I'm gonna try to go for 30 minutes on either the elliptical or the treadmill kind of wish it wasn't cold dark I would go walking outside stuff but during this time here I would rather just go on treadmill or elliptical it's the best bag who first workout back from the first video it's all good whoo yeah like I said I think the last part of my last video I said I had the best workout ever and I think I just topped it holy how much I just lifted it also helps that you have I don't know for some reason if I have someone else lifting weights right next to me it makes me go harder and boy passed them and I think that's what's happened there's like a competitive thing in my head that's like I need to go longer I need to go faster I need to pull a lot more weight and that's exactly what I did and then the goal of running longer on the treadmill I did that whoo I had the greatest work out of my life right there let's continue that 2019 is about to be my year so back from the other workout where I had the best workout of my life and I just topped that by a lot

so for 2019 has been the best workout sessions of Iran I still don't know why but it is let's continue it so I just had my workout took a couple days break I don't know why I did but I did about to be back Dadu sent him out I don't think it's better than better or worse than well I did the past few other days on the vlog I think I did well she's got to continue it we got to make this in a habit let's get it [Music]