22 July 2019

Weight Loss Into (July 2019)

They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over but expecting different results.... Well, it's time to try again.

hey guys my name is Amy and this is the

intro video to my weight loss journey channel vlog thing I don't know I have kind of thought about doing this in the past I've actually I've actually made intro videos and obviously nothing ever happened cuz I'm still fat yeah so it's it's really time for me to kind of start this process again and and get healthy yes I want to lose weight but my big drive is to is to get healthy I have lost weight in the past I joined Weight Watchers a brief brief brief Reader's Digest version I joined Weight Watchers in November 2016 and I weighed 260 8.4 pounds a week into the program I weighed 260 9.4 260 9.4 is my highest weight ever and I vowed to never see that number again and to be honest I am super close to it as of this morning so I worked the program and about eight months in so mid-2017 I lost 55 pounds and I got down to 213 which is the lowest weight of my adult history probably it's the lowest before before high school I think I was in the 200s by high school so it was pretty impressive and then for me and then I decided to take a hiatus a little mental break if you will and a gained and I hovered in the 220 s4 for about a year

and to be honest with you I wasn't stoked about being in the to 20s but I was content there I was you know my clothes fit really nice like it was good it wasn't where I wanted to be but my anxiety was gone I I was good and then I started a new relationship and I maintained it for a bit and then my weight just I just put on the pounds I put on about 40 pounds in a year in change and um different factors you know a new relationship friendships and my boyfriend doesn't drink and I drank and I always had a DD so I was drinking more and then when I'm drinking I would make him stop to get food and it just you know is an endless cycle so my clothes were getting tighter and I had to like pick and choose my wardrobe instead of being able to wear anything in my closet and it really was just it's just getting to be too much it's just getting to be too much because I don't want to buy a brand-new wardrobe so especially because I'm buying a house right now so this morning well not this morning but the past couple weeks I've really been talking about getting back on track starting getting healthier again and I think my boyfriend is just so sick of

hearing me do it I decided you know I'm just going to do it and why not film one of these while I do it so um I stepped on the scale today and I weighed I weighed 260 5.4 pounds I was I am three pounds away from my starting weight watchers' weight in November 2016 and four pounds four pounds away for my heaviest weight that I've done no no no that's that's not okay it's not okay and so here I am so I'd like to say I have like this like great plan and I'm gonna do Weight Watchers I'm gonna count calories but the truth is I don't want to lose weight that I'm going to gain back I don't want to do it I don't want to do a fad diet I don't want to do a restrictive diet I just want to get healthy so for now this is tentative it's scheduled to change I don't know how long I'm going to do this but for right now I'm going to plan my meals on the weekend for the upcoming week I'm gonna plan breakfast lunch and dinner and I'm going to have three to four servings of fruits and two to three servings of vegetables and that's what I'm going to eat so I'm going to meal plan breakfast lunch dinner Monday through Thursday and Friday breakfast

and lunch cuz Fridays are date nights so so Friday dinners and Saturdays and Sundays are kind of open kind of up in the air but to be honest with you my weekends aren't my problem it's during the week so we'll see so I'm gonna at least be getting thirty minutes on the treadmill six days a week and at some point I'll be adding Beachbody home workouts into that mix but that's probably not gonna be until I move in September so we'll see right now I'm just really really know right now I just want to be aware of what I'm eating the portions and the nutrients I'm getting I am a vegetarian so I want to make sure I'm getting protein and like I said if it doesn't seem to work if all of a sudden in week two week three week four I'm not losing anything then I'm absolutely going to change it but I just I want to make this work for my lifestyle and not make my lifestyle work for my diet I guess is I just I just don't want to Caine I just don't want to lose weight I'm gonna gain again I just don't so we'll see we'll see where this goes I'm gonna be weighing in on Mondays so my plan is

to film like follow-up videos Monday after work to kind of you know talk about my week talk about my weight talk about that pisses me off I don't know but I am going to attempt to upload every Monday so here's here's another way lost journey they happen all the time okay that's it I'm done