18 July 2019

Weight Loss Institute of Arizona can help you take the first steps toward a healthier life

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if you've been struggling your whole

life with weight and you are fed up and ready to make a life-changing move to shed the pounds once and for all and then this woman should inspire you Pamela combs she weighs 235 pounds in this photo now wait for it take a look at Pamela today she is looking fabulous and feeling even better oh my goodness Pamela come on down join us here this is Ariel rent a registered dietitian from weight loss Institute of Arizona can you believe that the for photo it's shocking to me you look beautiful 105 pounds later you had the surgery about a year ago Ariel what did she do so the gastric sleeve is the surgical weight loss procedure that removes about 85% of the stomach and it creates this small little stomach pouch that helps you feel full and satisfied on small portions so we're gonna see an animation of exactly how this surgery is done Ariel I know when people come to weight loss Institute of Arizona you'd you do a full consultation who qualifies for this surgery so one of the main qualifications for surgery is based on your body mass index this is a weight to height ratio and so you do need to have a BMI of at least 40 or if you have a BMI between 35 and 40 you

need to have at least one chronic condition like type-2 diabetes high blood pressure or sleep apnea so after the surgery I can imagine their lives change forever definitely so how does it change well with the small stomach size our patients really have to relearn how to eat and get used to eating smaller portions that's probably the biggest adjustment all right so Pamela you said you were dealing with some medical issues a year ago and you said that was it why did you decide to do this I did yo-yo diets I read books I tried pills I lost weight I gained the weight back and even more so I said I need a permanent lifestyle change so I went to a seminar at weight loss Institute and said this is what I need yes so we're gonna look at that photo again of you you said you had some medical issues what were you dealing with medically I was pre-diabetic you were you want medication I was on medication over that blood test every three months and just couldn't get it down so how are you feeling today well I feel phenomenal absolutely phenomenal I can walk I could swim I can eat whatever

I want in smaller portions like Ariel has said so there's no there's no limitations afterwards yes and you love painting and you love knitting do you feel you're more energized oh absolutely yeah absolutely and Ariel I know you're still with Pamela because it's a team approach how critical is the aftercare yes definitely um support is so important for people to keep that weight off for good and it's a daily struggle I mean it's a constant struggle you have to keep making healthy choices and maintain on these healthy habits for the rest of your life so having that support system is so crucial Emily you still struggle if I I struggle every day you know what am I gonna eat and how am I gonna keep my calories down and what exercise am I going to do today and it's nice to have the weight loss Institute there because you can call them drop up a dime and they can help you and get you through the day they counsel you yeah you in this oh I would absolutely recommend this to anybody I talk to a lot of people and recommend it on a daily basis well we're gonna continue to cheer you on a 5-pound you look fantastic

weight loss institute of arizona they are offering you a free seminar just like the one Pamela went to you can sign up at wli az.com weight loss institute of arizona they have surgery centers in tempe gilbert west Phoenix Glendale and Tucson to book your appointment today call four eight zero eight two nine six one zero zero