09 January 2019

Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose 30 Pounds | Weight Loss Recipes

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hi guys good morning I hope everyone's

doing great happy Monday I'm doing a what I eat in a day video and it's just gonna kind of I guess be like vlog style we're just gonna like talk and hang out and talk about some cool things so I don't know why I'm sounding like such you're new to my channel the kind of food I eat it it's you know healthy food but food for weight loss and I'm not saying that I'm trying to lose any more weight but I am putting on more muscle on the bus now my legs but I want to stay me it's always a big day with your favorite mug is clean I love this mug because it does Elfie about thank you but it's like a big half-and-half with my coffee guys I have little strong you know I can't drink coffee with this job we ran out of straws too so if you're new to my channel I always start off with coffee and now this is the thing about me and like my diet plan I guess you can say I do have a diet plan on my website that you can follow if he need like extra guidance I count the macros for you and all that but I think one thing that I do that all have a little like or a lot of people comment about is I say don't count your morning coffee I know I do

think you should count it if you go to Starbucks or something and I don't think that you should even do that because it's so much sugar but I think if you want to use a creamer lay hold on I have one if you want to use a creamer like this a coffee me creamer look something really flavored okay this has 35 calories it has five carbs and five sugars first I don't think this is like gonna break your diet if you're having one cup in the morning and you put this in and that's a oh you know what I tried lastly I finally bought it because I always tell you guys I look at these but I'm like should I even buy it or should I just try to make it myself but I bought this up pavilions last night it's cucumber lemon mint water so good you know what I did so I got this last night I drank it off cuz like that's not a lot I I probably probably drink like 10 G's I took a lot of water in the day but anyways okay so I drink this last night all of it and then I'm just gonna be filling in I feel like like a day or two days like that's fine to do so if you see these at the grocery store just look at them and keep it going

so not super hungry for breakfast yet I'm gonna show you my one thing that I always have when I'm like I know I should eat because I'm kind of like almost hungry right here in this stage I feel like if you fall meow to institute snapchat you know I've been like loving beads okay all you need is like two or three first of all these are all loaded with carbs sugar but they also give you energy and they literally taste like candy these are like Earth's candy but the serving size from these is like one or two or maybe it's great something like that I don't know we're gonna eat through them and you might look at somebody might look at this and go that's not that's what you're gonna eat that's a snack there is enough calories in this and fats and carbs and sugars that this is a snack I think people don't realize that it's not about the about you eat its food with volume but before I go get ready we're gonna go to the grocery store I'm gonna break you guys before I go get ready if anybody is in there funky phase I call I'll tell you I'll explain funky bass funky phase is last week or the week

before or even a day ago you were super excited about your fitness journey yeah I got this you have all this momentum and almost excitement and then like a few things went wrong and now you're like I don't even want to eat health anymore I don't want about the gym you get like that funky baby so you feel like I have so many pounds to go when you stand up straight it naturally close your body and sit like be calm be one beat whatever but that's why I like yoga they make you you know yoga's all about the mind and body and I don't do it so I can't really talk much about it but I have taken yoga classes they want you to stand up straight kind of like a ballerina which I do have experience with so you stand straight roll your shoulders back just do this do this in the morning when you're in funky visions do this it helps I'm telling you it's gonna seem like whoa but it does you're gonna stand up straight and roll your shoulders back your ticket deep breath in then wait and think of your goals while you're breathing in that and breathe out all of your goals within just think about all the moves 20

pounds if that's your goal that you just declared back to the environment to your universe to anything you just declared that I'm gonna do it you just said that and sent that message this is what I do when I meditate in the morning I do I've been keeping up with my eating out of the day I have to be super the jeans are [Music] so we just got to the grocery store actually my favorite one in LA it's taking me a bit to find out like what's my spot because I just moved here in June if anyone's into my channel but um it's kind of like taking me a while to figure out like okay what is my grocery store and I found it finally so we're gonna go and we're going to get stuff to make a soup this chicken soup is so comforting angles I think super weird and like my arm is like really long it's guys I don't really vlog as you know if you watch my child but yeah I want to like start doing more what I eat in a day or like gym vlogs but like not at the gym like I would take you to my classes and stuff cuz I'm going to the gym anymore um some fitness youtuber uh but yeah I'm gonna go get the ingredients to make a low-carb chicken

soup honestly I think mine I'm sure like most people say that about their cooking but like honestly I've seen people make chicken soup my mom my grandma Jared and Jared's mom I've seen all of them make chicken soup and they kind of like really complicated so I'm gonna show you like an easy like flavor girl like how it was you lazy girl meals and this doesn't have pasta so it's great for anybody trying to lose weight but you can easily add pasta if you if you want that so yeah I'm gonna go in grab the stuff come back out [Music] shopping done that's done now with to run home and pee because I have to pee so forgive that you know what you're like you already know when you get to the grocery store that you have to pee but then you start filling up your car and you're like oh should I put these things back or just try to hurry up that was me so we're gonna go pee oh I see okay no the groceries to show you this oh my god there's one thing in here that I never bought that I'm about to get my period and I was like screw it this vanilla almond crunch skinny cow company 190 calories per bar 19 carbs I think

that like 19 or whatever 17 cars slob saying that this is not providing nutritional value but luckily there's not many in the box so yeah if you're new on your weight-loss journey I wouldn't get crazy with these kinds of things but I'm having taken it yeah I'm gonna put all this away and then we're gonna make lunch I say I need a pecan crusted chicken oh my gosh guys it came out so good all in certainly the little clip here like how you actually read it and make it okay so you're going to line out three bowls this bowl has crushed pecans and some spices I'll put it down below this bowl has two eggs and then you whisk them together and then the third bowl just has pecans then you're going to take your chicken breast and you want to dip it in each bowl make sure you get both sides of the chicken and when you get to the Egg Bowl make sure to let it drip so after I take it and dunk it in both sides I'm just going to stand there and just let it drip a little before going into the last pecan Bowl then when you're done you're going to line this on a baking sheet make sure to coat your baking sheet with

butter or olive oil or something preheat the oven to 400 and you just bake each side for 12 minutes I just flip them over and I thought that for today like you can obviously eat it alone but I thought that I would put it in a salad and make my honey lemon dressing I think that'd be really good I have some onions that I chopped up I probably should I'll be eating onions and garlic because I have a meeting at 3:00 and we're having them come here I've never done a meeting at my own place it's for something other than like YouTube and social media is a business that me and Jerry would like to get into I went to school for finance so it's kind of like finance related and it's something that we we think we can do and we think we want to do then I'll share more on my oh sure more on my youtube channel on snapchat how good does that chicken look it's pecan-crusted so it has like a nice crunch to it and I put cucumbers onions mixed greens we're going to put a handful of cranberries we got that nice sugar in there damn tiny bit of honey on top you can see it a lot better in the light I'm going to take this outside and take a conference call another snack

while I edit some of this video before we go and make the soup so it's plain yogurt and this is actually from my meal plan clean yogurt with crushed graham cracker on top and then there's like little pebble ones like like nice crumbs all mixin in the bottom so good okay so now we're going to cook dinner and my top Kiku just in time the delivery buddy just brought this I ordered it from QVC and I'm so excited but I think come today pretty okay so I just made some chicken I baked it but a great thing about my chicken soup recipe is you can also use a rotisserie chicken so you're in college and you just want to like say baking time where you don't have an oven or use in a rush you don't feel like being chicken you can cut up a rotisserie chicken and that will work too so ready for my low-carb chicken I'm going to show you how to make vegetable we're using celery carrots onion garlic and diced tomatoes feel free to add anything else going to season garlic salt just a tiny bit so we're gonna be putting it in the soup too but this way it just kind of gets hotter and it tastes good so I'm first starting off

with olive oil in the pan and you just want to saute the onions garlic and celery then when that's all sauteed about five minutes later mix everything else in so your chicken your carrots your broth oregano garlic salt the diced tomatoes and you're going to let that boil for about 15 minutes and then you're all done so this is what we're having for dinner today a Moscow at least after all my cooking and hard work have it an ice cream thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you soon bye